7 Outstanding E-Commerce Admin Panel Templates That Is Perfect To Marketers


The use of E-Commerce Admin Panel Templates is a popular way for online businesses to manage their products, orders, and customers. These panels also allow marketers to control the look and feel of their website and make changes on the go without having to contact a developer. 

How Developers, Designers, and Agencies are related to the E-commerce Admin Panel?

Many e-commerce businesses are expanding rapidly, and it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends. Setting up a domain and e-commerce business doesn’t take a lot of time if you use a suitable template.

E-Commerce Admin Panel Templates include many elements, modules, and pages that make it easier for developers and admins to edit and add products.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best admin panel templates currently available on the market. These E-Commerce Admin Panel Templates are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that want to get up and running quickly and easily without sacrificing quality or usability.

Below are the 7 E-commerce Admin Panels Template which is perfect for every marketer –

1) Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Components Library

Hope UI is one of the biggest and most dynamic, Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Components Library. With its modish and clean style, you can design an eCommerce admin panel in a matter of minutes. Bundled with a complete collection of UI components, you can build an E-Commerce Admin Panel Templates for your online store to access information in seconds!

Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component contains unlimited features, an elegant design layout, a massive design system, and is fully responsive to every device. 

With an attractive design, it comes with widgets for customization, allowing you to customize as per your taste, without any coding expertise. 

Now the question is what Hope UI has that no other Admin Dashboard Template has? Or in what way does the Hope UI serve the community as it claims?

I am not saying that Hope UI is the only Bootstrap Admin Template, But I may say that Hope UI does a long period of research as a part of the community on what may benefit developers and designers, and after such thorough research, Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component has been created which would help out developers, designers, and creative agencies.

Resourceful Features

  • 100+ Elements 
  • 30+ Menu styles 
  • 3 Modes – Dark, light, and RTL 
  • Fonts Size Changer 
  • Responsive 
  • Well Documented 
  • Clean Design System 

Multiple Versions of Hope UI – 

Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Template is not like other Admin Panel Templates. We have every time come up with New Updates because Iqonic Design believes in serving the best of the community.

2) Xtreme 

Xtreme is a perfect choice for professional admins who want the spark in their e-commerce website admin panel as well as in their website designs. It packs a lot of UI elements along with an e-commerce setup and a lot of applications for managing an e-commerce business. 

You will find widgets that will show what products are available in the shop and what might need an update. You will be able to configure the datasheet with the template. 

3) Nice Admin 

NiceAdmin is the perfect template for creating a professional and modern admin panel. Featuring an elegant and stylish design, this template is perfect for any type of operation, including e-commerce analysis. 

With drag-and-drop components, NiceAdmin makes customizing your admin panel easy and fun. The taskbar gives you added flexibility and productivity so you can manage your projects with ease.

4) Quixlab

Quixlab is an e-commerce admin template that helps business owners to keep a watch on their product sales, stock, and profits. It has a user-friendly interface and comes with a variety of features such as dynamic charts, team management elements, and more. 

With Quixlab, business owners can easily monitor their e-commerce website and make the necessary changes/adjustments to ensure maximum profitability.

5) Pinlab 

Pinlab is an e-commerce admin template that makes it easy for you to design custom pages from scratch. 

Our easy-to-fill-up forms are perfect for registering and collecting data, and our tables and charts make it easy to see your exact data and findings. With dynamic forms that are easily programmable with simple tweaks, Pinlab is perfect for people who want to have a minimal look at their e-commerce admin templates.

6) Able 

If you’re looking for a template that can be used for any kind of project, then Able is the perfect option. With its beautiful and unique design aesthetic, as well as its user-friendly and intuitive interface, Able is sure to make your website look great and easy to use. 

And if you’re looking for an e-commerce template, Able has got you covered with special e-commerce pages set up with all the necessary features and parameters.

7) Minimal 

Minimal is an all-in-one website template that you can use to create stunning websites of any type. 

It comes with a versatile and easy-to-use design that makes it perfect for any type of website you want to create, whether it’s a personal blog, an online store, or a professional portfolio. With Minimal, you’ll get a library of UI elements that will let you build the perfect website for your needs


All the dashboard templates mentioned in the article feature the highest quality of code. You can start building the UI of your e-commerce admin panel by using, reusing arranging, and merging UI components and widgets to suit your dev requirements. 

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