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6 Latest eBook Flutter Apps of All Time To Snuff Up During Pandemic eBook Trend 2024


With the COVID-19 pandemic making people stay home, books are becoming the best resort for most of us. The best way to sell your book in 2024 is with the Latest eBook Flutter apps. Unlike a regular online book website, a Flutter eBook Reader App for WordPress with WooCommerce is focused on a singular most important aspect for all readers – user experience. The primary aim of your visitors is either to read the book on your mobile app or download the book and read it offline. This is why it is essential to launch an ebook Flutter App with a WooCommerce backend that ranks higher in loading speed and user-friendliness.

We know that creating an ebook from scratch can be painful, especially when you’re not a designer or naïve. Elements that are key to the success of your ebooks like content, typography, color scheme, combinations, and layouts can leave you overwhelmed. We have a few Latest eBook Flutter Apps under our way that are irresistibly great and inescapable.

Bookkart – Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce

Bookkart | Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce | Iqonic Design

As we have moved on to our smartphones to read literally from anywhere, BookkartFlutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce is perfectly suited for a quick start of the Best eBook mobile app. Bookkart is the Best online bookstore flutter app that transcends your reading experience to the next ultimate level. You can choose to read online or save books for offline reading when you are not connected to the internet. well as offline.

With this Best online bookstore flutter app mesmerizing and eye-soothing color palette and UI components, the Bookkart – Flutter Ebook App ensures that readers have the most engaging escapade. This stunning Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce supports all major types of PDF files i.e. epub, audio, and video files. It has the most simplified run-through and is super easy to provide readers with easy to browse and search for his/her favorite author, and build their wishlist, literally start reading from anywhere, anytime.

Granth – Flutter Ebook App with Admin Panel

Flutter Ebook App with Admin Panel | Granth | Iqonic Design

Creating an ebook for your business does not have to mean that you need to hire an expensive designer. Granth Flutter Ebook App with Admin Panel will save tons of time in building a modern, user-friendly, and appealing eBook mobile app. Granth – Flutter App-Ebook With Admin Panel is a great choice for eBook publishers, online library partners, literature writers and authors, and so on.

You can build your own eBook online retail website with the Granth-Flutter Ebook App. Skip all the hustle of researching the latest UI trends of mobile app design and get your hands on Granth – eBook Flutter App. With a feature of Admob integration, you can customize the ad experience of your eBook app and maximize your ad revenue. Moreover, Granth Flutter Ebook App with Admin Panel comes with a convenient login and Sign-up functionality to welcome your readers onboard.

Not to forget, there is a faster way to grow an online eBook store with a seamless Paytm payment gateway. Send personal, timely, and relevant push notifications to remind your readers. To add a cheery pie to the cake, Granth – Flutter Ebook With Admin Panel comes with Voice Search functionality. Take advantage of the advanced technology by asking questions, and commands, and find your favorite eBook.

Flutter Offline eBook App

Flutter Offline eBook App

Want to create a comprehensive eBook? Flutter Offline eBook App is the one. This eBook Flutter App helps you to build a gorgeous eBook in which you can stock multiple genres of books from spiritual and religious to country-specific laws and educational books for students. With its offline reading support, it allows its readers to work without an internet connection.

Flutter eBook comes with Search functionality that lets readers find any topic or content-based material right away. With a cool Auto-Scroll feature, you can scroll text for hands-free reading as well. This eBook app lets you change the color of the text to suit your preference.

Edu Ebook

Edu Ebook

Edu Ebook is a minimalistic Flutter Ebook App + Admin Panel app that can promote many ebooks of different categories. Your reader can purchase an ebook, give a rating to that specific ebook, read it offline at their convenience, even share what they are reading, and much more. Besides, this app has an in-app purchase with Stripe gateway which means your reader can buy by using his/her credit card.

Edu eBook comes with two themes, dark and light versions, every page has a different color scheme when you choose dark or light versions. It supports multiple languages and is easy to add more languages too. Currently, the Edu eBook App supports epub extension files only.

Flutter EBook App

Flutter EBook App

Flutter EBook App is a thoughtful Flutter/Android/IOS application to read books online as well as offline. Flutter eBook has a user-friendly UI interface and easy-to-get hands-on navigation. You can ask your readers can register, log in to the account, read the books, and even download books to read offline. You can search books and many more features within the Flutter EBook app.

Educational App

Quantum is a premium universal educational eBook mobile app. It comes with all the essential tools to create any academic or Theory (eBook) and quiz-based application without any coding knowledge. It also features a PHP Laravel Admin Panel, that lets you add your customized quizzes, different domain-specific texts, beautiful images, YouTube videos & more like so.

It has a minimalistic design to avoid any distractions while your readers read. There are two versions of Quantum – dark & light mode which appeal to readers the most. You can customize Quantum without any programming skills. There are a few integrations like Firebase, AdMob & Google Play Billing that let you tailor the app to your needs.


The way we read has evolved tremendously in the past few months. There is a fusion of print and digital publishing. The book fanatics love to keep a record of what they have read – either digitally or otherwise. By giving your readers the Best eBook Mobile app that incorporates all – audio, video, and interactive content you can provide them the best reading experience. Build your eBook Flutter App with any of these App templates and enhance the process of learning business or education into a fun and lively experience.

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