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Creating and promoting e-book is one of the growing traits amongst many marketers in the trendy virtual economy. With the recognition of e-books persevering with the upward push and the upward push of the e-book reader market, many marketers are turning to e-books for their very own business. This web blog will study the way to prepare an e-book app with a view to promote like crazy.

Below are the few features that should be kept in mind for having an E-book App that sells like crazy – 

Access to Multiple and Large Range of Books 

There are many different types of books to be found in libraries, and the same goes for e-book reading apps. Many aspiring developers choose to create mobile apps for reading and writing, resulting in a variety of such apps on different app stores.

Some of the most popular e-book apps in the USA are Wattpad, Bookkart, Libby, Kobo, etc. Out of these apps, Bookkart is a top-rated platform where readers can read books written by writers on Wattpad and writers can write.

Simpler Interface and easy experience for the user 

A good user interface is essential for all apps, as it determines how users experience the app. A simpler, more rich user interface makes using the app more convenient and gives users what they need from the app in an easily accessible way.

The same principle applies to reading and writing e-books; a smooth user interface provides a better reading and writing experience. For users to quickly adapt to using the app, there should be a hideable tutorial tab that can be accessed at any time needed. This will be very helpful!

Effective tools for a smooth experience

Tools that help with reading and writing are critical for getting the most out of those activities. With printed books, readers don’t have options like altering fonts, zooming in and out, or changing brightness. An e-book reading experience is much different because of the integrated reading tools; a user can change the font size to their preference. They can zoom in and out to see pictures and text more clearly. 

Moreover, readers can easily highlight the important texts of the book, bookmark the crucial pages, change the color of the text, and much more based on their likes and comfort level.

Reading tools must also include a dictionary that can help readers find the meaning of tricky words and idioms for better understanding. When it comes to writing, users should be given all the writing tools they generally have access to while writing via Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These include hundreds of font styles and sizes, the provision of adding images, and italicizing and bolding the texts. 

Personalized Library 

Every ebook app should have the essential feature of a personalized library. This library would allow users to create their sections for different types of books, as well as store and download any ebook in any format. This would be a great way for readers to keep track of their favorite books and authors, as well as find new reads based on their interests.

Secured Payment Gateway  

There are both kinds of e-books available on apps, free as well as paid. Paid books can only be accessed if the user pays the required amount, which is why a payment gateway is necessary.

A payment gateway is needed in almost all apps to perform in-app purchases, and so is the case for e-book apps. In addition to providing a payment gateway, it also needs to be secure and safeguard all the stored sensitive personal banking details. Therefore, the payment gateway needs to use two-step authentication and other credible security practices. 

Bookkart – Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress With WooCommerce

Bookkart - Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress With WooCommerce

Bookkart is an incredible Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce. It’s a very advanced and easy-to-use app that supports multiple ebook formats like PDF, ePUB, Audio, and Video files. Bookkart Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce is perfect for businesses and marketers who want an all-inclusive ebook solution. 

Bookkart offers an authentically designed app with the best user interface and user experience, making it the top online bookstore flutter app solution. Our Flutter Ebook Reader App For WordPress with WooCommerce is easy to use and has screens like Splash screen, Sign-in and Sign up screen, Social login, Categories, Purchase screen, Book details screen, Review and rating section, reader profile, and more.

What can be done with Bookkart – Flutter Ebook Reader App?

Bookkart - Flutter Ebook Reader App | Iqonic Design

Bookkart comes with dummy content and images that can be replaced easily. This smart Flutter Ebook App Reader App can be used to publish different genres of eBooks. It leaves enough room within the layout to create an ebook with interactive content for digital education. An Amazon Kindle-like ebook can be built where a reader can swiftly browse the variety of eBooks and find a great read in no time.

Top Bullet Points Bookkart Offers – 

  • Unique E-book Project 
  • Saving lots of time 
  • Promotional Strategy 
  • Easy to customize 
  • WooCommerce Support 
  • Nicely Written 


An e-book app can be a great way to promote your business. By creating an app that sells e-books, you can reach a wider audience and promote your business more effectively. This blog will show you how to create an e-book app and promote it effectively.

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