7 Amazing Web Design Trends Corporate Houses and Agencies Should Look At


It’s just half of 2019 and we have got so many great things happening in the world of web design. If you are planning to launch a website to boost promotions, this is the time to check out the latest 10 web design trends. If you are a business owner or an agency, an impressive and code-clean online project will help expand your reach and revenues. When making a website, ensure that the web design is in sync with the customized elements, text flow, styles, and layout. In this post, we are breaking down seven web design trends to make an incredible website for your brand.

7 Amazing Web Design Trends Corporate Houses and Agencies Should Look At

1. Mobile-first

Statistics show that 50% of global website traffic is driven through mobile. With the increase in mobile user base, visual effects, and search experience gain importance like never before. These two factors must be considered when you create your online impression with a website.

2. Hierarchy

Search engines are more attracted to the content than the design. So when it comes to developing a corporate or agency website, look for the typography style that is trending, for example, GT Haptik, Colfax, and Tiempos. Follow the standard content hierarchy;

  • 3 major headings with 1 sub-detail
  • 2 sub-headings with strong CTAs
  • 4 detailed content blocks

3. Speed

The mobile viewing experience is limited to just five seconds on a website. So, in these five seconds, your website is being judged. Since the Speed Update algorithm by Google, web designers need to decrease the page load time to improve the search engine rankings.

7 Amazing Web Design Trends Corporate Houses and Agencies Should Look At

4. Innovation

Innovation is a never-ending process. For a business website or an agency’s online project, innovation in web design is creating a compelling, vibrant, and seamless. Illustration design is a new web design trend that will soar high. Visual communication for modern websites and personalized illustrations are more appealing than just abstract text.

5. CSS3 Animation

Animation is making its way more rapidly than ever before. Forbes Web Design Trends showed the rise of animation trends in the UI field. It is a highly preferred trend among web designers. With CSS3 technology, conventional animation is revived and has become more conveying and lively.

6. Minimal but not Basic

A quick-loading, search-optimized, and robustly coded website is what 2019 online projects are all about. Where less is more is beautiful, web design trends highlight a well-designed CTA to make minimal themes stand out from the rest. To live up each page in a flash, minimal websites are desirable and advisable.

7. Vivid Gradient

Color gradation in web design plays an essential part. A rich layered structure with the help of gradients is pretty famous. With stunning colors and gradients, a website is created to look aesthetically pleasing on any device. Bright gradients attract all sharp pixels. This Web design trend is going to be hit in the UI world this year.


Web design trends have been evolving and so are businesses these days. With technology and software developments, we can choose the most interactive experience using one of the best web designs available in the market today. Shop from our premium collection here.

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