Social Proof: Add This Feature To Your WordPress Website To Drive Sales


The name of the game in digital products is — Social Proof. We are always skeptical about crowds; a horde of people when coming together has a horde of opinions with them. In 2019, all smart marketers are now investing time and effort to drag in the benefits of crowd opinions. From a brick-and-mortar business like a restaurant to a digital office like company/agency websites, the benefits can be pulled insignificantly. These benefits are trimmed and termed as online social proofs.

Social Proof: Add This Feature To Your WordPress Website To Drive Sales

Social proof serves as one of the most influential sources of funneling and converting website visitors to lead consumers. Haven’t you seen the bigwigs’ websites yet? Amazon, Flipkart, WordPress, and many others in different industries use social proof on their site. In today’s post, we are summing up what is social proof, its types, its influence on the conversion of sales, and its implications.

Social Proof: Add This Feature To Your WordPress Website To Drive Sales

Before we dive deep into the game of social proof, let us understand what is it in brief. As per the terminology, it is a situation where people conform to actions under the assumption that those actions reflect the appropriate behavior. Now, taking the terminology to the business… Social proof is convincing and urging the action of a potential lead in a way that one’s purchase becomes the other’s driving force to purchase.

It takes an immense effort to drive people from your website’s homepage to the pricing page. And that’s just the first step of the process. Now you have to convince those potential leads to hit the “Buy” button or Call To Action. Social proof is a new technique many small businesses are also leveraging to magnetize people.

How Does Social Proof Look?

Social Proof: Add This Feature To Your WordPress Website To Drive Sales

You must have come across one website that has this small notification that pops up saying some people have bought the product you are viewing or are in your cart. This is one type of website social proof. Simply put, when you add a social proof feature to your website, you’ll be able to show recent sales to encourage other website visitors to buy your product.

Types Of Social Proof

Consider social proof as a foundation for extensively scalable word-of-mouth. Generating and sharing social proof also doubles the visibility of your brand.

  1. Expert proof: When a business leader of the industry an influential blogger or any credible expert recommends the product, this social proof pulls in many website visitors.
  2. Celebrity proof: When a celebrity endorses a product, this social proof is comparatively more influential.
  3. Customer proof: Social proof like customer testimonials serve as one authentic form of winning other website visitor’s confidence in making a call to action.
  4. Certification proof: A third-party entity that is either a community badge when approves and recommends the product is justified under social proof.
  5. Subscriber proof: Visitors feel comfortable being a part of an already built-up space. The number of people subscribing to the newsletter will draw more people into the pool.


Social proof is a more powerful technique and there are many tools to put the bite on. 2019 is the perfect time to develop strategies to incorporate social proof into your website. Boost your online communication and remember to track your conversation rate before and after, so you can decide which tool of the strategy worked well for your company.

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