9 Best Page Animations and Transitions Plugins For Your Website


The UI web design has been through a revolution with the COVID-19 economic slowdown. Page animations and transitions plugins are rapidly used by the UI/UX designer in designing websites of all niches. Nowadays, we’re building “digital websites” with thousands of multi-particles, coordinated patterns, and moving parts. We will share our insights on page animations and transition plugins that will work magic on your website, helping it stand out and maximize your sales like boom.

What is Page Animation and Transitions? 

With modern web design trends, background animation on the site gets more attention than any other type. Having WordPress animation plugins will spice up your website with its subtle effects. Animation, in general, adds more life to web design. However, it is advised to be used strategically and should align with the overall style of the website. 

Why use the Page Animations and Transitions plugin on your site? 

Since technologies are changing particularly in the web world. Your customers do not prefer to see a back-dated site. Modern businesses need to exhibit their product/service portfolio wonderfully online which can pull in more attention and eventually convert into sales. 

Adding animation can have many benefits for your business.

Below are a few reasons good enough to get animation on your site: 

  • More engaging: Adding animation to your site content makes things more interesting so that you can easily engage with your audience on your site. Page animation and transitions make your site visually interesting.
  • Better SEO: Engaging your audience on your site means having them hover on your website. That being said, you can decrease your bounce rate and increase your page views. Hence, this can be a major factor in improving your SEO.
  • Maximize conversions: By engaging your audience with animations and page transitions, you can make your customers act as desired on your website. And this will gradually maximize your conversions.

So, with many such advantages of adding animation to your website, why wouldn’t you want to add them? That’s why we made a list of the best WordPress Elementor page animations and transition plugins that can make adding animation to your website a smoother process.

1. MarvyPro – Background Animations for Elementor

Page animations and transitions Plugins | Marvy Pro

MarvyPro – Background Animations for Elementor is the ultimate Elementor Animation add-on preset plugin. Shatter your Elementor theme with a modern time animation. MarvyPro – Background Animations for Elementor is the best solution for users who need beautiful animations for creative and professional projects. This Elementor plugin for animation contains lots of handy items in many different styles. You can quickly add animation to your design and get the best results with minimum effort. Marvy is carefully created to fit your needs. We bet this Animation plugin will be an extremely handy tool for your upcoming projects. Additionally, Marvy – Free Background Animations for Elementor is well organized and very easy to customize.

2. AnimeJS

AnimeJS is a versatile and powerful plugin that wouldn’t be out of place. AnimeJS will be powering HTML game animations. This project is available on GitHub. AnimeJS is also fast, small, and relatively easy to learn. In short, if you’re comfortable with a JavaScript animation solution, it’s hard to find reasons to ignore AnimeJS. AnimeJS is a lightweight JavaScript animation library with a simple, yet powerful API. It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes, and JavaScript Objects”. Pretty awesome.

3. Hover.css

Hover.css is a CSS animation library designed for use with buttons and other UI elements in your website. It has nice 2D transitions, along with a host of other well-crafted animations. Hover.css is best suited for animating discrete page elements such as buttons, logos, SVG components, or featured images rather than larger, complex page animations. Hover.css will let you easily apply animation effects to your elements, modify or just use them for inspiration.

4. WordPress Animator Free

This is an awesome instrument for the acknowledgment of your innovative thoughts. Without much of a stretch position the components on any piece of the screen, for instance, interfaces, pictures, standards, switches, running lines, and so forth, and apply Animation and tooltip to it. You can help social sharing on your site with this extraordinary module. Simply float a picture and diverse web-based social networking symbols show up. 

5. Page Animations and Transitions

Page animations and transitions that are accessible for nothing to utilize. The free animation WordPress plugins oblige you to embed your whole information set physically inside a short code, complete with the diagram sort, setups, and customization decisions. Choose whether to import pictures from a particular client, or give the specific hashtag, and the module will do the rest.

6. Master Slider 

Master Slider is a free responsive picture and substance slider with super smooth equipment-quickened moves. It’s a responsive gadget well-disposed slider that works impeccably in every single real gadget. The master slider is constructed utilizing WordPress best practices. It enables you to serve an alternate topic to clients on a cell phone, for example, an iPhone or Android telephone, giving an easy-to-use and little-screen improved rendition of your substance as opposed to driving portable clients to explore a desktop-orientated outline.

7. Animate It! 

Animate It! is a free WordPress animation plugin that lets you add cool animation effects to your content. With this plugin, you can have 50+ attention-grabbing animation effects that instantly engage your audience. It also offers options to apply animations when a user clicks on or hovers over a specific area on the website. You can create an animation sequence for your site with the delayed animation feature. The plugin supports German and Spanish, too. That means you can expand your reach to a broader audience. 

8. Typing Effect 

Typing Effect plugin allows you to generate simple shortcodes that type out words on your post or page, This plugin could be a great way to list the kind of photography you offer to your clients instead. 

9. GreenSock

GreenSock (or GSAP – GreenSock Animation Platform) is yet another fantastic web animation tool for sleek and sophisticated animations. You can animate anything, from DOM elements to SVGs, and its ecosystem includes some amazing plugins that let you do all sorts of fun stuff, e.g., morphing SVGs, drawing SVG strokes, scrolling functionality, scrambling text, and much more. It’s fast and cross-browser compatible, and its syntax is straightforward and intuitive. 


Creating animation with WordPress has become comfortable with the help of different free and premium page animations and transitions plugins in WordPress. A plugin can help you create an attractive website! If you have any questions, leave a comment below. 

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