How To Upload Your iOS App To App Store in 5 Steps


You have completed your first iOS mobile application; the next step you need to do is to submit your masterpiece to Apple’s App Store. Thinking about where to start? How do you do this? Is your application ready for submission? 

From our experience in design and development, let us tell you that applying is not as simple as sending Apple your application’s binary. With this post, we will provide you with a detailed map to get your application submitted to Apple’s App Store. We know this ambiguous feeling of excitement and anxiety when submitting your first app. Even for experienced iOS developers, applying to the App Store is often stressful. 

Pre-requisites to upload your iOS app on the App Store

  • Mac system with the latest version of macOS installed 
  • A valid credit card for the app submission fee. 
  • You would also need trusted and reliable development software, like Xcode, that supports Apple. You have the option to install Xcode software from the Mac App Store.

Getting started

If you are not a registered iOS developer, you can enroll in Apple’s iOS Developer Program by visiting the Apple Developer page and clicking the Enroll button. You need to be compliant with Apple’s app submission guidelines. Here’s what you need to make your app ready for submission: 

  • Make your app safe by securing user data. 
  • Submit the final version of your app (submit all test versions to Testflight ahead of time.)
  • Make a clear note for your users on all the in-app purchases. 
  • Offer the option of signing in with Apple to any 3rd party social service. 
  • Consider your users’ permission settings. 
  • Keep in mind to only include a user login if your app includes significant account-based features.

5 Steps To Launch Your iOS App on the App Store Successfully

Step 1: Creating Apple ID

  • Go to Apple developer account Login
  • Click on this Create Apple ID
  • Fill in the required information for Apple ID and click on Create Apple ID
  • Check your email ID which you have used as Apple ID and verify your email address, by clicking verify now.
  • Now Enter your Login credentials, and click Verify Address.
  • You will get an email address verified message.

Step 2: Register a Developer account

  • Go to Apple developer account Login 
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password and click Sign In
  • Review the agreement, Select the confirmation check box, and click submit.
  • Select your Entity Type (ex. individual, company/organization, government) and click Continue.
  • Fill out your contact information. Click Purchase to complete your purchase.
  • Enter your payment information and click Continue

Download the Certificate Signing Request (.CSR) by clicking on the download tab. Download (.CSR) file

Step 3. Download your .ipa file

  • Login into your Appy Pie account.
  • Go into your My Apps Area
  • Select your app and Click on the Golive Button
  • Then click on the iPhone tab
  • Download (.CSR) file Download (.CSR) file
  • Upload Distribution Certificate to Appy Pie (To learn how to create Apple’s Distribution Certificate, (refer to Part 3-A)
  • Upload Provisioning Profile to Appy Pie (To learn how to Provisioning Profile, (refer to Part 3-C)
  • Please provide the App’s Current Version. more information. 

Step 4: Create an app in iTunes Connect 

  • Click on my Apps
  • Click on the ‘+’ sign and Choose New App
  • Choose iOS. Copy the App name, choose lang, Choose the required Bundle ID (As on certificates), and Write SKU (e.g., SKU1324APPNAME)
  • Choose Category under App information
  • Go to Pricing -> Choose suitable pricing Tier
  • Upload screenshots, logo rating, and details.

Step 5. Upload your app from the Application Loader

  • On your Mac computer, open the Application Loader.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Click Next and click Deliver Your App.
  • Select the app you would like to submit and click Open. 
  • Wait for the application loader to upload your file, and for the green check mark to appear (this verifies that your app was received and submitted to Apple).


We know building an app is a task but publishing it onto the App Store can be the rewarding conclusion of your hard work. Follow our guide to get your app submitted into the App Store successfully. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions at

We wish you success!

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