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Was thinking about having WordPress plugins, which will help you to grow and evolve your business from 1 level to 100 level, but if you may know every year there are new plugins which are over 58,000, and for sure it is hard to pick the best plugin out of this much but to relieve you with it, I have come up with few of Best Free WordPress Plugins. 

Being the largest  WordPress resource site, thousands of experts are bringing in the best free and premium plugins, so we can make it easy for users to find the best solutions. 

But here in this below, I am only showing you a few of the Best Free Elementor Addons, and after looking at this you may get interested in our Best Premium WordPress Plugins Click Here to know more about these Premium WordPress plugins. 

Below are the Best Free WordPress Plugins:

Marvy – Free Background Animation Plugin WordPress

Best Free WordPress Plugins | Marvy Pro

Imagine if your site had no animations, not only if digitally there were no animations, it sounds boring and it wouldn’t be fun to scroll or spend your time digitally. So to bring some alive with the help of Elegant animations we came up with a Marvy – Free Elementor Animation Plugin that comes with an amazing toolset to create a mesmerizing background, scrolling, and moving animations.

Marvy is an open software web development community.

Marvy – Free Background Animation Plugin WordPress is an amazing cut for those who want to add an elegant, appealing site with unique background animations. It is a center for creative developers and professional projects. If you are a person who likes creative animations then Marvy – Background Animations for elementor. 

Here are a few catchy animations that Marvy provides:

1 – Ripple Animation 

2 – Rotate Animation 

3 – Drop Animation 

4 – Flying Objects Animation 

5 – Wave Animation 

6 – Rings Animation 

7 – Topology Animation

Marvy has passed down this theme for its creation:

Xamin – Data Science & Technology HubSpot Theme

Umetric – WordPress Dashboard, Reporting and Infographic Theme

Consultab – Consulting Business & Finance WordPress Theme

It is created for adding smooth background scrolling effects to clean, modern, and future-ready website developers. Marvy – Free Elementor Animation Plugin.


Nowadays everyone knows the hacker community is increasing day-by-day problems regarding digital, there is nothing worse than losing all your site’s content to a hacker, server crash, or other website malfunction. And everyone isn’t conscious about it and doesn’t keep their backup. 

That’s why we are bringing you an auto backup solution like Updraftplus is so important because it is one of the best WordPress Backup plugins. 

Features related to Updraftplus : 

1 – Automated Backups 

2 – Cloud Storage 

3 – Email Notifications 

4 – Instant Restore 

Graphina – Free Elementor Charts and Graphs

Graphina is a Free charts and graphs plugin that outputs unique charts and variations, a lot of data is a load for both – viewers as well as presenters. 

Data consumption and data visualization are essential for the site owner, so he is always updated about it. Graphina makes things far more easily operated and makes them look more appealing. 

Graphina – WordPress Chart Plugin Free gets developers a tool and utilizes it so that they display that data in the best visual format. It is versatile and highly customizable which is highly suitable to Graphina – Best WordPress Chart Plugin. 

A set of essential charts for business, professionals, and presentation purposes, can be used to prepare reports and statistics. It can also be operated by non-developers, with no coding knowledge. 

Add the required amount of data, adjust the grid display, and change the color as per your choice, fonts, padding, and margins for elements can be configured directly from the user’s elementor site interface.

Graphina – Free Elementor Charts and Graphs

Main Features: 

  • 12+ Unique Charts 
  • 100+ Chart Variations 
  • Easy to add multiple series to the chart 
  • Negative value chart 
  • Responsive 
  • Chart animation
  • Chart tooltips 
  • Chart label setting

KiviCare – Free Clinic and Patient Management Plugin

Kivicare is a medical-related Free Clinic and patient management plugin that assists clinics and hospitals and also monitors patient records effectively. It is developed for medical and healthcare professionals to keep an eye on bookings, invoices, and encounters at the clinic. 

Kivicare – Free EHR software WordPress can simplify administration roles by optimizing appointment booking for patients for doctors at the clinic, and that’s how you can ease your work and maintain the caring vibes of your patient with the help of our Free clinic management WordPress Plugin.

Save your everyday time and clinical records will be done by our Free EHR Software WordPress plugin, healthcare providers can make an informed decision and schedule clinic appointments easily and that’s how they can manage and service their patients. And there is a superior who can have an aerial view of everyday activities. 

5 hard reasons to have Kivicare – Free Clinical Management WordPress Plugin 

1- The approach for the Kivicare medical ecosystem is available with WordPress plugins and Mobile apps. 

2-  Kivicare is built with high-tech frameworks of cutting-edge power of VuJS, Webpack, and SAAS. 

3-  Remotely monitoring of patients, doctors, and clinical activities. 

4- Patient interface to have patient and details of a patient and increase efficiency and transparency for enhanced patient satisfaction. 

5- It provides EHR features by handling data from appointments, patient history, bills, and many more. 

Pretty Links 

If you use affiliate marketing on your site, then you know how ugly affiliate links can be. Pretty links will help you change those cloaking affiliate links by using your domain. 

Pretty links will help you track, shrink, beautify, manage, and share any URL on or off your WordPress site. It helps you to shorten your links, create your domain name, and also add clean links, pretty links track each hit on your URL and provide a full detailed report of where it came from. The browser, OS, and host. 


These are many useful WordPress Plugins that will help you to evolve your business sites and many more benefits. To gain more benefits visit Iqonic Design which provides free and premium WordPress plugins and for sure brings advantageous and favorable outcomes. 

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