5+ Free 3D Icon Packs For Cryptocurrency project/website 2024


As you know, there is a new trend for cryptocurrency. Everyone says that cryptocurrency is the new future currency that is going to take over real currency. 

And right now it is like that one crypto coin is worth way more than an average. Everyone is hoping for this cryptocurrency and anything related to cryptocurrency in marketing ways is touching the roof financially.

So to make your website look more appealing and get more possible clients. We are bringing you some of the best free 3D icon packs which will put your cryptocurrency website/project on another level with the help of its attractive icons. And the best part is that all about this cryptocurrency comes in digital marketing and the main benefit for us is that we provide most of the best 3D icon packs.

Spending no more time, below I present you some of the best free 3D icon packs

Blackgold 3D – Free 3D Icon Pack for Cryptocurrency 

Free 3D Icon pack for Cryptocurrency | BlackGold | Iqonic Design

BlackGold is a Free 3D icon pack for cryptocurrency websites/commercial projects. Use our free icons for enhancing your website/commercial project with the help of stunning layouts, website UI, mobile app UI, and presentation using these elegant icons.

Create a visually appealing cryptocurrency website with the help of our free BlackGold 3D icon pack

Our BlackGold Free 3D Icon Pack for Cryptocurrency contains more features like 50+ unique 3D icons each with multiple angles and 2 premade scenes to use in the website and presentations.

Wait a minute, one last thing as you saw above we have many features for  BlackGold Free 3D Icon Pack for Cryptocurrency, then imagine how many more features and how much more appealing your website/commercial website will look with the help of our premium BlackGold 3D Icon Pack for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency 3D Icon Pack Free

Cryptocurrency 3D Icon Pack Free

Cryptocurrency is designed to be modish, friendly, and acceptable in any other case, Every icon is reduced to its minimal form, which expresses important characteristics. 

Here we present you with a new set of icons that will help you boost your everyday workflow. Every little detail is elaborated in the nicest way possible and presents a perfect example of minimalism and attractiveness. 

They are crafted with pixel precision which helps them to look sharp on any screen size, which is applied with color styles. It has its components and is easy to swap or find. 

Cryptocurrency 3D icon pack is simple and easy to operate. Every icon is customizable as per your requirements and they were created using vector shapes. It’s a suitable choice to use for a website project, UI and UX design, mobile app, and more. 

We hope this collection helps your project to grow more than it is. Each icon is built in its specific and new style. 

Monochrome Icons 

Bitcoin Icon

If you want to create something big and ambitious, then you have to start with monochrome icons. Because our icons are magnetic and will make your website attract as many customers/clients. 

Bitcoin Solid and Bitcoin 2 – 2-packs were created by Iconsout where Bitcoin plays the first fiddle which provides a safe foundation and makes your creative vision turn into reality, and gain profit. 

The team has created a range of graphics that aim at popular concepts such as payment, analytics, and banking that are an excellent choice for any fintech project. 

These icons come with features like solid flat design, and refined hole shapes. Get access in 6 different formats (PNG, SVG, EPS, PDF, ICO, ICNS) 

This cryptocurrency icon covers coins and tokens in the market and illustrations that visualize basic concepts for creating blockchain-related interfaces.

Along with BTC, LTC, ETC icons. These graphics portray mining, transactions, eCommerce, and other essential terms from the crypto world. 

Inside the package, you will find up to 70+ items made in a thoroughly crafted line style and neutral black color. You can customize it as per your requirements and any type of appearance you want, In all of these three formats: AI, PDF, and SVG. 

Free Cryptocurrency 3D icons (PNG, BLEND) 

Cryptocurrency 3D Icons

Nowadays everything is going digital, even the global economy is also turning into a digital ecosystem. Everything is going paperless. 

There is a new type of digital payment sector which is cryptocurrency. Like everyone says cryptocurrency is the future of the digital ecosystem, so cryptocurrency is going to stay for a longer time. 

So to make it look more elegant and out of everyone’s league, we are bringing you this 55 set of 3D icons from iconscout. It has different features for different kinds of crypto in unique and magnetic colors from a perspective angle. You have two options PNG and BLEND formats, you can choose to use the icons as they come or make some tweaks to them. 

Use them in your artwork, blog posts, visual designs, and much more to set yourself a step ahead of trends.

3D Cryptocurrency Icon Pack 

3D cryptocurrency is an icon pack by Icon Scout. This cryptocurrency 3D contains 55 3D packs. These 3D packs are in PNG and blend formats. It also comes in high ultra-resolution, giving you great clarity along with hints of characteristics of reconfiguration. 

And you can get these icons for free for personal and commercial use. 

All of these credits go to iconscout for creating such an excellent pack. Make your website look more attractive and attentive to your visitors or future clients and make them a member of your crypto empire. 

DeFicons – Crypto 3D Icon Set

DeFicons – 3D icon pack is a perfectly pleasing scene for crypto, it can be fully customized and ready to render with C4D or blender. 

You have up to 13 different scenes with 2 camera angles, these 2 cameras have a front view and an isometric view. It has a mix and match of different objects to make your creative vision turn into reality. This helps to create your designs with the help of the 3D program. 

With the help of these eye-catching compositions, they help you tell a better description for your landing pages, websites, presentations, and others which helps you to gain more magnetic vibes from your site. 

Cryptocurrencies Icons Pack (AI, SVG, PNG)

An excellent pack of fintech concepts and metaphors delivered by Iconshock, here you will find depictions of the most relevant cryptocurrencies

Trending and highly demanded cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, stellar lumen, and black coin. As well as other current trends such as mining, blockchain, encryption, and decryption, etc.

This exclusive icons pack contains 50 flat icons designed in a 2.5-color style, a solid color, and a subtle gradient. Included you will find the vector source files in AI, SVG, and 8 PNG sizes. Don’t worry about your site look if you have downloaded the Cryptocurrencies Icons pack, we assure you that our icons will make your site look more appealing and interesting, which draws attention. 

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