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Create Marketing Reports For An Online Business Without Any Additional Coding



Create an interactive business reporting console without any additional coding chaos for a WordPress Website Owner to summarise all omnichannel marketing and content channels’ performance.

“An analysis of 20 studies conducted between 2010 to 2021 found that misleading business reports drop a company’s brand value to 75%.”

With the ‘go-digital or go dark’ dichotomy surfacing around, the major industries now need to maximize their omnichannel potential. The prime buzzword “Omnichannel marketing” puts many digital entrepreneurs in a dilemma due to its complexity of reporting and tracking. A multi-faceted marketing approach gives rise to dynamic and interactive business reporting needs.

interactive business reporting

An interactive business reporting system will comprise information, a relationship between marketing efforts and content success, business KPIs, and so on in a simplified and analytical way for Business and management as well as stakeholders and the general public in the form of business reports. Generating one does not necessarily have to be an analytics expert, without any coding expertise or experience in coding, there are a few data visualization tools that can help to create immersive and highly interactive business reports. 


Solving an omnichannel challenge is a real task for the online business owner as he ambiguously puts up marketing and content plans for omnichannel to increase the ultimate number of conversions. Providing details of what worked and how much it did becomes bothersome.

The major obstacles we saw were as follows – 

i) Cross-channel Integration: An online business website has a wide range of active social media handles, cross-channel integrated to roll out content simultaneously. 

ii) Integrated Customer Data and Analytics: All the information regarding customers is collected and shared with business teams like Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Management, etc in a disorganized way. 

iii) Franchises and Affiliates: Unable to identify the shopper and its unique profile and how exactly Franchises and Affiliates are adding up the revenues. 


As the main concern was meaningful reporting for an omnichannel marketing and content plan, interactive business reporting using infographics, data tables, charts, and graphs was proposed which will help close the omnichannel gaps. Below are our projected solutions for the above three challenges – 

i) Streamlining the performances of different social media platforms on a dynamic infographic representation will help resolve cross-channel integration errors. 

ii) Gauge the channel and content success through a reporting dashboard with interactive charts and graphs which makes understanding customer data more efficient. 

iii) Building a dynamic and highly classified customer demographic chart from the data collected from Franchises and affiliate sales. 


Irrespective of the coding knowledge or expertise, fortunately, there are ways one can launch dynamic data-driven Interactive Business reports. This immediately helps online business owners to see which channels are driving the best results and strategically plan future resource allocation. 

Key Takeaways and Recommendations: 

An interactive Business report offers a whole new way to look at any marketing channel. An easy-to-understand interactive Business report will help underline the results of multichannel marketing and content promotions performance and this eventually helps entrepreneurs to display efforts to their stakeholders and management in a uniform way and plan the next strategic plan for their business

As we know the power of content and channel is real, a Business report generated with defined data and duration at macro levels is like playing hardball. To play a big league, Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables plugin is designed by us. The powerful WordPress charts and Graphs plugin can create charts, graphs, and data tables for any Interactive Business report in a flash of time. 

Ready to rethink omnichannel reporting? Try Graphina Pro today!

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Jasmin M

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