Do’s and Don’ts Of Restaurant Promotions On Social Media


Social media is a great channel for restaurants to communicate with their customers. It’s the perfect way to let people know about daily specials, share new menu items and encourage them to come in for lunch or dinner.

As much as social media is important and showcasing your restaurant site is too. And to put your Restaurant site on another level we have gotcha a shortcut Gericht Restaurant WordPress Theme this theme will get you multiple home pages, multiple inner pages, one-click demo import, No coding knowledge required, fully responsive, 800+ Google Fonts. 

It’s not all about features, it’s about quality and presence too. And trust me on that you are going to have both quality and your restaurant site’s presence. 

Let’s talk no further now let me tell you the do’s and don’ts of Restaurant Promotions on social media.

Below are the do’s which are needed to be kept in mind for your restaurant’s promotions on social media

Start Using Social Media Platforms

In this era, social media is becoming a big part. And if you are starting up your new restaurant or maybe starting to make social media for your restaurant then it must happen. Because social media is one of the biggest platforms which makes everyone aware of your Restaurant, first start with Facebook because it has over 1 billion users, and then try Instagram because it is one of the most used daily social media. It is not only useful for customers but also with the help of social media you can be marketers, big-business man, advertisers, etc.

Manage Online Review

If you are going to start your Restaurant online business then you are going to get reviews from your customers. Some will be spam, some will be negative, some will be good. What you can do is remove spam reviews and then mix up your good and negative reviews. And in that negative and good review, you can reply in the good review you can show how appreciated you are from that review and in a negative review, you can show how you will try to change that and then that negative review will change into a good review. So that’s how you can manage your review on social media but the first thing it will show is your honesty.

Relevant Post

On social media, it is the most important thing to post, but those posts should be relevant and if one post is done, then it should do its charm. Post about Restaurant interior, some pics of your happy customers, some candid videos of your chef making food. Those posts should look appealing and attractive and should look professional. 

Restaurant online business

And while showcasing if social media is going to look professional then your site should look good too. And if you are worried about how you will manage to have such a good restaurant then do not worry I gotcha!  Gericht Restaurant WordPress Theme is the thing you are looking for and after you do not need to worry about features and how your site will look? Because I can assure you with that GerichtBest WordPress Theme for Restaurant will get you everything related to having a restaurant site. 

Below are the don’ts which are needed to be kept in mind for your restaurant’s promotions on social media:

Don’t just create social media accounts

If a restaurant’s social media account is made then it shouldn’t be just left cold like anything doing with it. It should be kept active and a story should be posted every now and then. Because any viewer of your account is your potential customer. 

Don’t leave social media posts without any response

It is a good thing if often posts are done on social media, but it won’t be a good thing if you won’t respond back on those posts to your customers, and if you respond back thoroughly on that then it would look more professional and it would feel good to your customers if you respond back.

Don’t Submit Fake Reviews

To make your business digitally known, this big bumper should be avoided which is fake reviews. Fake reviews wouldn’t get you more names and plus social media can spot the fake and genuine reviews which are posted. 

Don’t be rude

Avoid this thing, it’s the most important thing if anyone has left any query or any review then being rude should be avoided. Being polite & having patience should be the key to it and then you can keep this thing and can respond friendly. 

Just again a friendly reminder if you are looking for a site too, which will look as good as your dishes then I would suggest you should try Gericht Restaurant WordPress Theme, and trust me you won’t have to find other places for the site or go to any developer. And that’s how easily you will handle both your Restaurant site and social media


Make Sure to follow these do’s and don’ts and of course, the result will be impeccable. The results will be seen ASAP and it will be seen through your feedback and your reviews. 

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