8 Design Features That Will Attract Customers To Your Restaurant Website


Restaurant websites are often created with the sole purpose of luring customers into their physical location. This is done by having a website that has a strong focus on the restaurant’s virtual presence. Features like menus make it easy for consumers to order take out or delivery, and allow them to choose what they want without visiting the actual place.

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Below are the features which you need to keep in mind if you are going to start your own Restaurant website: 

1 – Allow customers to make an online reservation

Allow your customers to have an opportunity to make an online reservation which will give them a guaranteed seat which they do not need to worry about. This is an important and easy feature that can be used for a website. If they have already booked once, then they won’t go out looking for other options. 

2 – Social Media Integration

With the assistance of social media posts and stories, you can showcase your dishes and boosts your orders, because social media is a visual platform and your online Restaurant is all about visuals only. 

Start sharing attractive and delicious-looking pics of your food, and include customers’ pics too if they permit it. And remember to highlight photos and videos of your staff your menu and your chef too. One candid video of your chef talking about dishes or show your Restaurant with a tour small video. 

The key is to really shine your Restaurant on Social media, and the benefit is this you can attract more youngsters too with the help of Social media. 

3 – Responsive

As lots of customers are going to visit your site, not everyone is going to have the same device. They are going to have different types of devices, from an iPad to iPhone, from Samsung to tablets, and also google pixels. 

While operating from all these different devices and only one site, then it should be responsive. It should fit the screen of every device and it should also be running smoothly. Without anything lacking. 

4 – Focus on SEO 

SEO means search engine optimization, it helps you keep you in the top results in Google, Bing, or yahoo for a specific keyword phrase, which are used by the user like for example someone might search “Italian restaurant”. Then your SEO has to be optimized by your whole landing page and then they have to embed it into title tags, meta descriptions, tags, and many other things. Below are the steps before you contact an SEO company includes: 

  • Define a niche of yours (i.e. romantic-looking interior of an Italian restaurant, award-winning vegetarian restaurant). 
  • Have your contact information like your restaurant name, address, phone.
  • Have your customers review your restaurants on Google Business
  • Make sure your info is structured in the nicest way so Google knows what is what.

5 – About US

About us is a page where you can show your real intentions to your users, and tell them what is your motive behind everything and all for the business. 

On the about us page, everything you fill in according to and related to your Restaurant. It’s moreover like a background check. And every user comes to read about us, and at that time you have to show your honesty and make your favourable outcome out of all of that. 

6 – Contact Page 

Make sure to put your contact page, where they can contact if they have any problems or if they want to give your review by contacting you, and that’s when the contact page is very useful. 

In contact put your multiple pieces of information with the help of that they can contact you like your email, your contact number, your social media handles. And then you can also put other information but for the contact page, it’s enough. If you have your Youtube channel for your Restaurant then you can put that too. 

7 – Location easily traceable 

With a mobile site, they can start GPS and can come to the Restaurant easily by going for the locations and it will be giving them directions to your Restaurant from where they are. 

8 – Imagery 

Make sure to keep your website filled with images of your food, which will for sure attract foodies, because delicious dishes pics say thousands of words to a foodie even though a pic doesn’t speak. Images should be clicked by professionals and should know where to portray what type of pics and what type of videos. Use some candid videos of chefs making food, or your customers eating or enjoying food, and many more things. 

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As seen before, steps are given to improve your Restaurant business digitally and deliver food in the fastest way and easiest way possible, follow these simple steps and you will see your result you will be able to kickstart your Restaurant sales and stand out unique way far than others. 

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