What ‘FEATURES’ Makes An Interior Designer Website Successful


If you want to learn how to build a Interior Designer Website, there are some things you should know beforehand. You need to have an idea of the purpose of your website and who it is aimed at. 

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the design and layout of your website. The below features are mentioned to let you have an outstanding interior designing website. But before sharing with you the important features required for an interior designer website, I know your time is precious and I do not want you to waste your time and trust me, so I can sort you out with this without worrying about the features and you will get it whole in one pack.

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Below are the features which are to be kept in mind for making your architect website more successful: 

1 – It should look amazing 

As everyone knows, the first impression is the most important and effective impression. To make that first impression the strongest your site has to look amazing. Because if your potential clients are coming to you for the first through your website then for sure you need a site which is more appealing and attentive, and as I said before you can get an attractive site with the assistance of StudioArch WordPress – Best WordPress Theme for Architects Click-here to get it. 

2 – It should showcase your interior design portfolio 

As your Interior design is not the main thing of your designing business, but still, though it is a part of your company and you can showcase your work portfolio on your site, start with the videos and images of your work. Especially show the before and after of your work. So that your potential clients can know how good and experienced you are at your work.  

3 – An alluring images 

As your potential clients, you should start posting images that look and showcase your creativity with the help of images. So from now on, you can then post the images with high pixels and can fit any screen size which will look good on any device even if it is a high-screen monitor or small or large screen mobile.

4 – Better than your competitors

When your whole focus is on serving your clients and working on your interior design business, it is important to keep an eye out on market too, eye on your competitors. Search on google about your clients and see how they move on in the market. Observe on their sites may have features and qualities that you use in your site or you gain benefit from making unique features in your site. This will help you stand out as unique in the market. 

5 – It should be easy on the eyes

When we say a website should be attentive and catchy on the eyes. In these days of overloaded information, visitors will reach your site and after looking at those long entries they will feel like they need to work for information too. These long sentences will just make them bored and make them quit on it. Keep your users in mind at all times, and don’t burden them with information overload, or competitive information that makes them confused about where to focus. You will want visitors to your site to feel a sense of ease, which will convey the feeling that you’ll be easy to work with.

6 – Good Meta Descriptions 

Your site might be beautiful to look at and needed to be easily readable for humans, but search engines are not humans. They are the ones who are reading the code behind the scenes. That is why meta descriptions are an important part of your content. In addition, properly naming your image files makes it easier for the search engines to understand the content you are presenting. Since you are working in the visual industry, it is important to properly name your image files so you give your work the added opportunity of coming up with image-only search results.

7 – About Us 

In this modern era, you can self-publish yourself with the help of social media, the internet, and many more things. If you have a whole team, then the about us page is a must. As per facts, the About Us page is the most visited page on the whole site. You can portray you about us page in a friendly or even in a formal way too, it depends on you on how you want to be with your users. 

8 – Client Reviews 

Satisfied Customers can be the best salespeople. Because if they are satisfied with your work, then your clients will go out and will sing your praises. Written testimonials by clients are really impactful, and if you are allowed to add a client photo. You can try something new by doing video testimonials about how satisfied they are with your work. Once a project is done, you will be getting video footage of the final product, and your customers may answer about how it is really helpful. 

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As you have read before these are the features that are the important ones to make your site go from 0 to 100 real quick and to get a kickstart if you are starting your own Architect Website

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