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What is OTT?

Broadcast TV and OTT services will eventually converge. This is because Internet Protocol networks are becoming better at distributing video content. Industry experts predict that all TV will eventually be distributed through OTT.

The OTT industry is maturing. Technologies that support VOD and live streaming are becoming more stable. While there may not be any major changes on the horizon, the industry is still evolving, with new offerings from major players and changing consumer behavior.

1) Immersive Technology

4K video streaming takes up a lot of internet bandwidth, so you need at least double the bandwidth available if you want to live-stream video. Unfortunately, not many people have that kind of bandwidth available. However, 5G will soon be available, and it will enable an explosion in streaming video quality.

4K video streaming will be possible with the extra video bandwidth. 360 live streaming and VR streaming will also become more common because of the network connections. The overall streaming experience will be much more immersive in the next 1-2 years.

VR technology is popular among consumers and is slowly making its way into different industries. These trends are likely to grow as technology becomes more accessible.

2) Growth of OTT due to Covid-19

The pandemic brought mixed blessings to the business world. But for the OTT platform, it brought about new changes for the better. Due to the pandemic, people were forced to stay at home and travel less often than before.

This change caused viewers to seek out on-demand video content in different ways. As a result, the popularity of OTT platforms increased significantly during this period. People began subscribing to video streaming services and accessing content anytime they wanted, which drove sales of OTT platforms even higher.

3) Localization in OTT Content

OTT platforms have been able to attract viewers from developing nations due to improved internet penetration. OTT viewership has grown beyond urban metropolitan cities, with many viewers coming from Tier II and Tier III cities.

To cater to this diverse audience, it’s important to understand the tastes and preferences of different segments of the population as well as develop regional content that resonates with the aspirations and struggles of young people in smaller towns and villages.

The trend of creating high-quality content based in small cities has already caught on in India. OTT platforms are creating relatable content, with characters that speak in regional dialects. This focus on Hindi heartland storytelling is gaining popularity.

4) Personalization to Viewers’ Habit 

OTT platforms are popping up all over the place, and retaining viewers will be a challenge for all of them. Offering good subscription packages and great, original content won’t be enough – platforms need to have intuitive interfaces, intelligent search options, and personalized content recommendations to stay ahead of the curve.

Now is the time to launch your OTT platform by leveraging machine learning to analyze subscriber viewing habits and preferences. With artificial intelligence, you can identify relationships between content that wouldn’t be organically related. Make sure the platform delivers a great user experience on different devices.

5) Multiple and Sharing Options 

Multi-view and shared viewing were two of the most popular ways of streaming content in 2024. Multi-view allows viewers to watch streams from different angles, creating an immersive experience.

Shared viewing allowed people to enjoy content together, even if they weren’t in the same location. These types of streaming experiences became a standard expectation for viewers and will continue to be developed with more features in the future.

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Streamit – Flutter full app for Video Streaming with WordPress Backend

Streamit - Flutter full app for Video Streaming with WordPress Backend | Iqonic Design

Are you looking for a ready-to-use Netflix-like mobile app to launch an OTT video streaming service? Look no further, because Streamit has you covered. This powerful app comes with a WordPress version and an HTML version, so you can choose the platform that best suits your needs. Plus, our exclusive Membership and Content Restriction plugin lets you manage and promote your content like a pro.

There are several pre-designed screens and essential screens with Streamit – Flutter Full App For Video Streaming with WordPress Backend. This app has everything you need to make it stand out as the most popular Flutter mobile app. Screens like Profile, create an Account, Preview, Trailer, and Watchlist to let subscribers save a lot of their favorite movies/shows, and Smart Search functionality make Netflix like Flutter Mobile App quickly become the most popular choice for developers.

This plugin can be customized for streaming video content for viewers. It comes with a Streamit Admin panel that has smart integration with the MAS video plugin. This allows you to add custom banner images that will appeal to your target audience.

With Streamit, you can create a high-quality media streaming mobile app for both iOS and Android within minutes. It’s optimized to land full responsive screens for retagging the best app user viewing experience.

Why Streamit – Best Video Streaming App?

Streamit - Best Video Streaming App | Iqonic Design

This Netflix-like Flutter Mobile App is a great example of a video streaming app. You can use it to launch an app like a Video On Demand Service, Advertising video on demand mobile app, Subscription video-on-demand app, Freemium, and Transactional video on demand mobile app. It has everything you need to stream web series and popular shows. Streamit is an excellent OTT streaming Flutter Full App For Video Streaming with WordPress Backend

If you’re looking to launch a project like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hotstar, Sony Liv, Voot, TVFPlay, HBO, ZEE5, and so on, then Streaming Best Video Streaming App is the perfect place for you. We can provide you with all the tools and resources you need to get started.

  • Free UI Kit comes with the Flutter app. 
  • Dynamic Dashboard is customizable easily. 
  • Embedding multiple videos from multiple sources. 
  • Searching becomes easy and fun 
  • Multiple Home Page versions 
  • UI UX trends

Streamit – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

Streamit is also available in WordPress theme, the Streamit – Video Streaming WordPress Theme enables you to build a complete OTT business within $100. The mega update of this OTT WordPress theme comes with a few powerful features like a Merchandise store, WooCommerce support, restricted content, a download button, and so on. The Netflix-like WordPress theme Streamit 2.0 is a perfect choice for businesses who want a completely running OTT brand of their own. 


This article discusses the future of OTT app providers and how they will need to adapt to changes to remain competitive. Industry experts believe that broadcast TV and OTT services will eventually converge, as IP networks become better at distributing video content. OTT providers need to offer new and innovative services to remain competitive, and they need to be aware of changing consumer behavior.

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