How to Build Your First Architect Portfolio Website


“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness” – Frank Gehry

As an architect, you design for the present with an awareness of the past and an essentially unknown future. Yet you do your work with perfection, for this dedication, an amazing website is a must. We understand that it’s a challenging job to create your portfolio website’s Best WordPress theme for Architects as your target is to convert others.

Even if we assume that developing a website is going to be easy and lenient then promoting your product/service to the exact right set of customers is a quite difficult job to do.

Don’t worry as we’re here to help you with your very first portfolio website keeping in mind that it’s oriented to architecture.

Let’s begin our learning by understanding, what is a portfolio website.

A portfolio website is a medium that helps you to exhibit your development projects and communicate your achievements with visitors to acquire you for future projects. By building one, you’ll be able to impress a recruiter and stand out from the crowd. Your work will speak for itself and make you achieve milestones.

An enchanting set of creation and bewitching portfolios will make your potential clients stay on your website for a longer time. The more they observe you the better the chances for hiring. Once you start gaining exposure in the ocean of amazement, you’ll achieve the position of attraction.

The developers and authorities will consider you as a worthy person to contract.

Now, let’s move to the question, “What to put in a portfolio website”

What to Put in a Portfolio Website

Do you want your potential clients to develop a sense of faith in your presentation? Then, never be exaggerating!

It’s the thumb rule, for building a relationship with anyone. Don’t be silly, and write a long paragraph about yourself as viewers are taking a look at your website and building an Idea. If they have to learn about you, and your knowledge then they’ll simply go to your blog section.

Crisp and precise! That’s the type of vibe. Talk convincingly, about your educational background, skills, achievements, and experience. After a certain point be friendly with the visitor by sharing some of your personal information like hobbies, set of interests, and passion to follow.

Devote a particular column to prior projects that add value to your portfolio and maintain essential social proof. This is the most important part of convincing a contractor for acquisition. For an architect, skills must be displayed well and elaborated to make the other person aware of his/her strengths.

Check job listings, to make sure that you emphasize the required skills. Provide easy-to-find contacts, as hiring an architect is not as simple as purchasing an online course. It isn’t as simple as just looking at the points and done, it requires research and effective communication. So, it’s better if you’re available to them effortlessly.

So, we can now move to the point that it must be mentioned on your portfolio website.

Points that Must be Mentioned on Your Portfolio Website

First, a photo with an enthusiastic face, a glimmering smile, and a leader personality. Make your visitors stop and stare at your work gallery, make them fascinated by your doing.

Secondly, add your educational background. Your college degree, name of your prestigious colleges, diploma certificates, course certificates, endorsements, achievements, awards and recognition, and many more. All these points will add credibility to your work.

Third, add social media handles to your website. Add backlinks to them, gain exposure, and bring traffic to your website instantly. Looking at your social media handles the potential contractors will understand your personality beyond the bio or about the information you provide on your website.

Fourth, a downloadable resume. If a person is not a recruiter but is well aware of the fact that his/her company is looking for an architect. Then they can share that resume with concerned authorities and you might get a chance of winning the game.

Fifth, special recognition. You’re starting your venture and that’s special in its way. Feature that and make the world aware of that.

You’re amazing! Just believe in yourself and your work.

Let’s move to the main part, which is “How to build a web development portfolio.”

How to Build a Web Development Portfolio

1) Make a Stunning Website!

It’s not necessary that you are an expert in web development, in your initial stages you may or may not hire a developer too. So, what we suggest is that you should go for a free or paid UI kit, website template, or website builder to ensure that you get a stunning website out of it.

The best WordPress theme for Architects and Interior designers is StudioArch, we’ll cover that further in great detail.

Best WordPress theme for Architects | StudioArch | Iqonic Design

2) Clearly Mention your Services!

As soon as a visitor lands on your website, he/she must be able to tell what you’re offering and what your website is all about. It must be comprehensive and crystal clear. If a user can understand the page, then it’s sure that he/she will stay for a bit longer time. Moreover, it increases your chances of conversion.

Get creative with your portfolio, your website is your personal space make optimum use of it. Forget about those classic resumes.

It’s time to be classy, not classic!

Make your resume so alluring that it directly admires the other person towards your work.

Best WordPress theme for Architects | StudioArch | Iqonic Design

3) Ensure a Great User Experience!

User experience is the most important part of a website and a portfolio website is none other than that. Your website should cater to the needs of a visitor and provide value to them. With great UI conventions, conversions can easily take place. All you need to focus on is a consistent typography hierarchy, highlight the important links, and take essential measures.

If a website is user-friendly, then your website’s search engine ranking will automatically improve. Your portfolio website’s job is to gain exposure and clients to you. That can only be done, through ranking on the search engine results page.

Best WordPress theme for Architects | StudioArch | Iqonic Design

We would like to introduce an appealing architect portfolio WordPress theme, “StudioArch“.

StudioArch – Best WordPress Theme for Architects

Best WordPress Theme for Architects | StudioArch | Iqonic Design

StudioArch is an extensive, modern, best WordPress theme for Architects and Interior designers. the most effective design WordPress theme comes with high-quality demos for making a prosperous designer service and skilled WordPress websites.

The premium-designed Architect WordPress theme is versatile and simply accessible as per the website requirement. The StudioArch – Best Architecture WordPress Theme lays a solid foundation for launching future-ready and advanced architect and interior coming up with connected websites.

The Best WordPress theme for Architects includes 3 home demos to pick out from like Main Home for business architectural projects and companies, Home Two with a large video slider style to influence and showcase luxury, and Home Three which exhibits block vogue styles to draw in modernized living and housing websites.

StudioArch – Best Architecture WordPress Theme is additionally out there is a free version for digital entrepreneurs. explore StudioArch Lite – Free WordPress theme for Architects.

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