9 Best Free & Premium Inventory Management Admin Template for your business


Inventory Management is essential for any business, especially for online businesses which are at a constantly rising level and has to maintain a good level of influence. And for maintaining a good amount of influence in business everyone wants a stronghold on Inventory management. 

If an order is missed or left out then there is a customer who is not satisfied. Because customer demand has not been supplied. 

Now I know what you would think “I have a WordPress design that cannot maintain or have a good Inventory management” 

Then let me reassure you that we are getting you the Inventory management which will work with WordPress-based businesses too. Every online business can catch up to the highest potential from our Inventory management. 

Now Stick till the end with me so that I can show you how advantageous it is for you and how much you can gain from it.

1) Ebazar 

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template ebazar

eBazar is a next-level eCommerce template that is built with a modish and clean framework of bootstrap 5 dashboards utilizing this responsive and minimal design. With being fully responsive and built with the framework of SASS preprocessor, HTML 5, CSS3, and many more.

2) HUD

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

HUD is a popular admin template that is built on HUD UI design with a bootstrap framework. It is fully responsive and neatly designed. 


  • Built with Bootstrap 5.1.3
  • jQuery demo and startup version
  • Super clean design
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Extended Bootstrap 5 UI Components
  • Gulp with live reload + SCSS Support

3) Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Template

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component is gorgeously designed and its framework is based upon the Bootstrap admin template. Its responsiveness and user-friendly type will allow users to operate this dashboard effortlessly. 

Now start your project in minimal time without spending long hours on developmental time. Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Components Library is highly pre-designed and solutions with panel layouts, and libraries to keep information and data, and perform informed performance insights. 

What is Hope UI the best Bootstrap 5 Admin Template made up of? 

Hope UI – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template is a finely created and fully packed with 100+ UI elements, multiple styles of the menu, sets of graphs and charts, lively icons, and Live Customizer, that helps you on creating the project as per your visions and suitable to your project. 

Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Template will make a strong base for developers, designers, and startups or Creators on handling web applications. 

4) POSDash Lite- Free HTML Inventory Admin Template

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

POSdash lite version has a neat and simple styled Free HTML Inventory Admin Template.

This significant Free HTML template for inventory management system offers survey key performance indicators and also operational business processes which will manage, modify and optimize inventory most efficiently. 

Your process will be done faster and time can be saved with the help of SASS, Gulp, and handlebars’ latest technology. 

Three Demos are ready for usage 

1 – Dashboard Admin Template 

2 – Product List Free Admin templates

3 – Report admin template 

It is a full package for industrial as well as corporate inventory management and reporting roles. 

The neat and modish is dominant with its utility-driven inner pages products to enlist the offers. The sales page for getting vital details about the sales of the company.

Purchase page for purchase check and inventory management, categories page with appropriate categorization, for managing and monitoring returns their return pages, report page for analyzing the performance of the other areas of department and company. The reporting dashboard will bring the user interface for creating a report of sales and analyzing bestsellers and high-performing products. 

What can you achieve with POSDash LIte – Free HTML Inventory Admin Template? 

POSDash is a lite Free HTML inventory Admin Template that has been created for any stock management firm, products warehouses, inventory storage, sales management agency, point of a sales web application, and related industry domain. 

4+ benefits you can gain from POSDash lite – Free Template for inventory system!

  1. POSDash will save your development time and costs to inspect company performance without having to run complicated software. 
  1. Its components are performing in such a way that you can easily match specific project requirements.
  1. POSDash lite is an HTML template that can be integrated into existing systems without hard work. 
  1. It is the free version of the Free Admin Template with all features and functionality which are required. 
  1. A fully packed and with more advantages there is a premium version of the inventory admin template available. 

5) Midone

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Midone is an admin template that is responsive, fully-featured, and powered by the utility-first CSS framework TailwindCSS 3+. If you are a developer looking for an admin dashboard that has ready-made Tailwind components, is developer-friendly, and is highly customizable, then Midone is one of the best on the market. Even if you are not familiar with the framework, the template’s UI components can be easily customized without leaving the HTML code.

6) Vuero

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Vuero is a hybrid design system. It is fully built with Vue 3 composition API. It will create a ready-made page for your web application in minimal time. You can also bring your own taste to the page by using elements that Vuero provides. Whatever you need for a startup vuero provides dashboards, forms, layouts, profiles, elements, and components. 

7) Inventual 

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Inventual is a creative design system built with the framework of angular 12 and angular CLI. With its base on tailwind, Inventual is a very responsive angular admin template. Inventual is a very responsive admin template that fits every screen size or browser type and Inventual will assist you in running your site with no interruption. As it assures a fast optimization and utilizes clean code that is well documented.

8) Metronic

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Metronic is one of the cleanest and most well-developed design themes. The CSS style of metronic is a very neat and clean theme that is designed. Metronic is also easy to customize and can be done given your taste. You will see how messy it is with the coding for customizing but not with metronic you can customize without messing with the coding. 

Metronic’s top 7 features – 

  • 7 account pages
  • 20+ Widgets 
  • Tailored Boostrap 5 
  • Superb Documentation 
  • Ultra adaptive and responsive 
  • Multiple components 
  • No designing skills are required. 

9) Vuexy 

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Vuexy is the most developmental-friendly and highly customizable admin dashboard template based on multiple technologies like Bootstrap 5, Vue JS, and React. 

A developer looking for an admin dashboard has now a got cut with Vuexy, highly rich features, and highly customizable without touching the single code of line. Now built with your own application without any kind of hassle. 


We are aiming and peaking towards the top and for the highly AI-first world and at this peak time for us and for tech and for software start-ups to make a mark. With this IT Solutions and Technology-Driven WordPress Theme. We are sure you will be ahead of every tech- trend, and you will know what your future website will look like. 

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