How to Easily Add DYNAMIC Counters in WordPress



WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems on the internet. It powers over a quarter of all existing websites and the number is still growing. In this article, we will look at what counters are and how to use them in WordPress.

As we saw earlier what is dynamic data and commonly used data sources is a time to use them. In this blog, we will add our static Counter to the dynamic.

  • Follow the below steps for learning how to add Dynamic Counters in WordPress – 

Step 1 – Selection of Counter

Open Graphina – WordPress chart plugin and select the Counter where you want to display the dynamic data. 

For example,  choose the first counter 

Step 2 – Changing Data Option from Manual to Dynamic

Go to the chart data option and change the time from “manual” to “dynamic Go to the chart data option and change the type from “manual” to “dynamic” and we can see the message of no data available that’s because we have not selected the data source till now.

Step 3 – Adding Dynamic Counters in WordPress 

So now go to the dynamic data option for “get data from” select the Google sheet in that 

Now you will already have a Google sheet.  

So simply go to files and then share 

And now select “publish to web” 

Then change to CSV in this dropbox and copy the link 

Paste the given box. 

And you can see the changes in the counter

The data from Google Sheets will be displayed on the counter with the least amount of effort.

That’s all for the counters in dynamic data 

As we have seen many commonly used data sources in the previous blogs, we will see all of that one by one nicely and how to use it in Graphina – WordPress charts and Graph plugin.

Hereby, now you have learned easy and neat steps on how to easily add a DYNAMIC counter in WordPress


Now that you know how to easily add a DYNAMIC Counter in WordPress You will learn more with us, while you have the nicest product of our Graphina – WordPress Plugin

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