How To Host A Website For Virtual Live Music Concert


Hosting a site for a virtual live music concert is a very good marketing strategy as it will help to promote your business and generate leads. This can be done by using the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, etc. which are used to host websites in order to showcase the talents of musicians in an easy manner.

But when you host through this site, there is a huge chance for you to have a big name in your market. Because millions of people are going to visit your site and during this period you have to make your name as big as possible. Because you may have heard that line that your “First Impression is the last impression”

Ain’t I speaking facts! You agree with me, Right? Ok, then I will tell you the head points on what are the reasons which are to be kept in mind on How To Host A Website For Virtual Live Music Concert. 

Below are the Head Points:

A unique and attractive website 

Do you know why I am telling you About having a unique and attractive website? I am telling you that because whoever is going to visit your Virtual live music concert the first step or anything they will do is visit your site. And for that, you need to have an amazing site that should be eye-appealing for the visitor. 

Now you may say, “I do not know what type of site should I make?” Then let’s solve that question too! shall we?

Presenting an eye-appealing site for your virtual live music concert that is Ereignis – Music Concert WordPress Theme this Ereignis – Best WordPress theme for musicians has a dark and attractive layout with the most amazing features is becoming a favorable music concert WordPress theme for music producers, singers, and for hosters. With the purpose of connecting a large amount of audience to the musicians Ereignis – Music Concert WordPress Theme is built with the below amazing features: 

Multiple Pre-built Home Pages –

  • Dark Looking theme is built with home pages that have three pages that are below:

Live Music Concert – On this page, you will gain information about the shows which are going on in a most appealing way and intense joyful looking pictures. 

Music Festival – Details about the music festivals which the schedule is given from time to time, artist names and their genre, Glimpse of concerts, best music blogs, Ticket booking, and reviews. 

Classic Record – This page is the same as the Music festival but it also shows the classic records of the artist with their short description about it. 

Stunning Inner Pages

  • Going further into the inner pages it has multiple pages that are below:

About Concert – This page is about acknowledging the top concerts and furthermore, it also shows what concert is about going to be on which day, date and genre for example like a rap battle, Rock music, live music, etc. 

Apply for an artist – If you are an artist then Ereignis – Music Concert WordPress Theme is giving you an opportunity to show your creation out in public, that’s what apply for an artist page is all about you as an artist by just giving your name, your email and your message on what is your purpose behind being an artist and then you submit it 

Registration – Register on the site by confirming your password, email, and your name and be a part of Ereignis – Music Concert WordPress Theme

Schedule Table – Schedule table is all about showing the information on how, when, location, and which artist is going to be in the concert. 

Ticket Packages – This page is all about ticket prices and how much the price is going to be monthly. 

Drag & Drop Elementor

  • With the famous elementor drag & drop builder, you can customize as per your requirement, watch your customization live with a single line of code and you can customize your site as per the trend and your music concert WordPress theme can be set in trend regularly. 


  • Ereignis – Music Concert WordPress Theme will fit on any screen and can still maintain to be one of the most gorgeous looking music concert WordPress themes. 

Fool! Do you think that this is it, No more features Ereignis – Music Concert WordPress Theme can give you? Then you are wrong because there are 5+ features that Ereignis – Best WordPress theme for musicians provides that are given below: 

  • Bootstrap 4 
  • Revolution Slider 
  • Cross Browser
  • Contact Form 7 
  • Quick Support 
  • No coding 

Now you get my point right? That is why your Website should be the impeccable one, then think no further and Click-here to get Best WordPress theme for musicians and be a part of our 20k+ Iqonic Family till the end. 

Give fans more personalized experiences

Every fan who visits this concert has come to watch the concert with expectations. There are many types of expectations, which they have come for many of them they could personally talk with the artist. At the end as close as the time comes for the concert the expectations of the fan become more and more.

So if you want them to stay hooked to your concert then you need to make your fan’s wish come true sometime. As per you are going to a virtual live concert for their favorite artist and you can use this thing for the marketing like you can make your clothing brand promotion of your company or you can collaborate with the artist clothing brand. You can try to tell that the first 25 buyers can get the personal video call from the artist, and can chat with them. And another buyer who is in the top 50 will get an autographed poster from the singer.

Online Ticketing 

Online ticketing is the most effective way for the virtual concert to know and by this, it will also help you a lot in knowing by looking at the graphs and by that you will know that what makes the change in the data, what hypes the fans in getting to know more about detail in concert and after that, you can know that what helps the fans and what makes them more curious. 

That’s not it, with just a few clicks the data will be shown and everything will be there about how much revenue has peaked and gone down. How many numbers of tickets have been sold and how many of the tickets have not been. More so this will help you gain all the information within a few seconds. 

Social media 

Spread the word on social media about having your virtual concert, post constant stories on it, how your live concert is going to be! Telling them the name of the artist who is going to perform in the live concert. Tease them with some surprise guests who are going to attain your concert. It will bring some intense vibes and also help you hold on to intense vibes. And also news on social media spreads faster than the light. So yeah Social media will be one of the most important keys which you shouldn’t miss.

There are many other things and some of them are below ones which are to be kept in mind: 

  • Look out for the right time to stream 
  • Charity box 
  • Sponsors 
  • Do a test stream 

If you are stressed about this all and think like “Gosh! Please give me something which makes my stress less” then let’s cut this sh*t out and let me give you something which will lessen your stress. You read about it above and yeah you thought was correct about what WordPress Theme I am talking about. Ereignis Music Concert WordPress Theme is what I am talking about, Yeah you really got interested after knowing of gaining so many things in just one Best WordPress theme for musicians than just Click-here to get Ereignis – Best WordPress theme for musicians. 


Really looking forward to hosting a website for a music concert, then here are some tips for that and the Best WordPress theme for musicians.

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