5 Super Website Features To Instantly Convert Those Abandoned Carts


I have got a question to ask, Did you start your eCommerce site? Yes? Then I am sure you would be having the problem of getting shopping carts abandoned. For sure this is the big thing that affects your site the most. But in the end as an entrepreneur you want your customers to stick with you all the time. 

Customers are needed to be stuck with your site not just till they choose products and put them in the cart, but also stick with them till they buy the product. That’s not your site’s problem! It is the major factor of 75% of eCommerce sites. And that is the biggest problem that needs to be resolved and for that, we have got some of the features which assist you to get you organic and long-term customers which will be your eCommerce site and will also share with you some of the best WordPress WooCommerce Themes. And out of those  Premium WooCommerce compatible WordPress themes are the most favorable ones, which have an impact just by the name only. 

Let’s look at some of the features that will help you to turn those  abandoned carts instantly: 

Exit-Intent overlays 

This technology is all about encouraging your customer to stay till the end, and not let them abandon carts. It tries to analyze the behavior of the customers and give them the type of results which they want and then encourage them to stay till the end. 

For example, if a customer has made it to the checkout page, and if they have bought products and made it to the high price. Then this Exit-Intent overlays technology helps gather all the information and give them the option for free shipping, and this helps a lot to the buyer because it triggers them and thinks that your site is taking care of them, that’s why it is giving the option of having free shipping. And this is one of the most important which makes your eCommerce site one of the best WordPress WooCommerce Themes. 

Retargeting Ads 

Advertisement is the key to getting your potential clients on your landing page and this will help them. Because when the ads popup it will remind them of the things which they want. And after retargeting the ads, definitely need to make sure that the ad should look attention-seeking and make sure that it should trigger them subconsciously about the product. 

And the majority of the customers will definitely click on that ad and that’s how the retargeting will help the customers to get back on their abandoned cart

Social Proofs

Social proofs are like the proofs which will make your way to earn your customer’s trust. 

Social proofs will show your potential clients that they are buying their product from safe hands. When they are at the checkout page time you can show your social proofs this factor will hit them and make them trust your site more because if they have any trust issues then it could be cleared out and this prevents your carts from getting abandoned. 

Transparent Checkout

The multi-step checkout process is a long process, it could create confusion and uncertainty within, so to avoid this uncertainty and confusion you can make them feel secure by showing a bar on the screen showing how close they are to completing their processor or where they are in the process.

Everything keeping aside, checkout is the significant factor of the checkout process and it might get customers to feel irritated and they might give up so this bar will help them and keep massaging their patience and tell them how far they have come.

Payment Options

Given respect to the current era of technology, there are different types of customers going to come at checkout with different types of payment methods

Some may come up with the COD option, some may want to have the credit card or debit card option, or some may want an EMI option if they are there for a large purchase. So considering all these payment methods if there is no method that would not satisfy customers then they would for sure abandon the carts at the end if they do not have the options for having the payment as per their way. 

So giving multiple options for payment will make your abandoned carts less.

As the upper facts are the things which are the key things and to be kept in upcoming projects which will reduce the abandoned carts percentage and take your profit value higher: 

Now you a reader who is reading this right now is probably a businessman/woman who wants to have the solutions for your abandoned carts, and if you are smart a*s like someone with big ideas, a doctor, or maybe even a farmer. 

Then I am here to give out something which will help you out with your eCommerce site and also with it’s magnetic vibes will attract more potential clients. 

Firstly we will start a gorgeous and elegant looking Woocommerce theme which looks as charming as its name 🙂 that is 

Slainte – Winery & Wine Store WooCommerce Theme

Slainte | Winery & Wine Store WooCommerceTheme | best WordPress WooCommerce Themes Iqonic Design

Slainte is a Winery and Wine Store WooCommerce WordPress theme is for wine stores that want to start eCommerce. Slainte – Wine Shop WooCommerce website template is a multiple purpose Wine Store responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme with multiple home-pages with unique designs, pre-designed layouts, and functions for creating an online store. 

Slainte – Wine Shop WooCommerce website template has multiple inner pages like: 

1. About the company/business 

2. Brand Story 

3. Team

4. Visit page,

5. Pricing page

6. Club Membership page 

7. FAQ page

8. Contact pages

Come on! That’s it did you really think that Slainte – Winery and Wine Store WooCommerce WordPress theme has only this many features then wait, you are about to drown with some good features of Slainte – Wine Shop WooCommerce website template that is Modish design, Responsive, Elementor, one-click demo import, Customizable, 800+ Google fonts, Browser compatibility, HTML 5 & CSS3 validated, clean code and many more. 

Secondly, We will take a step for Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) which is Kivicare – video consultancy clinic management plugin.  

Kivicare – Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)

Kivicare | Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) | Iqonic Design

Kivicare is a Zoom Video patient Consultancy plugin which helps you to reach out to your Doctor whenever you need them, and plus it cuts out all the distance between patient and the doctor even though both are on the opposite side of the world with video consultancy clinic management plugin. 

With a video consultancy clinic management plugin that is Kivicare – Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) has the high quality of video features which has high-quality zoom integration for conducting zoom sessions. 

Kivicare – Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) assistance can launch your medical billing software platforms Telemedicine suite service providers.medical practice management software, Electronic Health Records project and many more projects which will can be done with Kivicare –  Video consultancy clinic management plugin. 

Thirdly, we can end with a Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme which will help our heroes our farmers and the name of that  Best WordPress WooCommerce Themes

Farmin – Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme 

Farmin | Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme  | Iqonic Design

Farmin is a Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme is warmly built by our Professional Designers. 

Farmin –  Agriculture Farming WordPress Theme that comes with 3 home demos and gallery options. Farmin – Organic Farm WordPress Theme is new related products and service entrepreneurs. Farmin –  Agriculture Farming WordPress Theme is powered with elementor that helps to create custom pages in real time with the famous drag & drop elementor builder plugin. 

3 home demos of Farmin – Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme are below: 

  • Farm House and plantations
  • Cultivation
  • Farming-related home landing pages 

Farmin Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme has multiple inner pages like Contact us page, FAQ page, Team page on a website, and About page. Farmin – Agriculture and Indoor Farming WooCommerce Theme also comes with many more features which makes it one of the most likeable and most favourable one  Agriculture Farming WordPress Theme. 

So this is it? Nah bro we still have many more Premium WooCommerce compatible WordPress themes which are mostly known by many and utilised by many. Click-Here to see what you’re missing and checkout so many different varieties of Premium WooCommerce compatible WordPress themes are their and given by Iqonic

I mean Best WordPress WooCommerce Themes are just a few clicks away from you and be part of our 19k+ Satisfied and be a part of our Iqonic Family. 


This blog will consume your time for sure, but it will be worth it because it shows you how to reduce the percentage for abandoned carts and also shows some of the amazing products which are an evolution of Woocommerce themes

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