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Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the cornfield.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower.

We understand your hardship, dedication, and persistence. An occupation that contributes to real wealth, good morals, and happiness is the wisest pursuit. It is the noblest of all alchemy, as it transforms our earth into gold.

If you’re planning to expand your reach and develop your platform to another milestone, then going online is the right choice. For that, you’ll require a perpetual glorying website. We recommend you go for an ingenious approach, with Farmin.

It is an advanced, agriculture WordPress theme for agriculture-related products and services start-ups. If you’re a perfect fit for this WordPress theme, then go through this blog for sure. As it really contains some amazing ideas and implementation that will help you at the time of acquisition.

Let’s start with the study of the theme, Farmin


This agriculture WordPress theme comes with a large number of UI elements, that can be customized as per the project requirements. It’s a versatile theme that can be utilized to build various types of websites such as an online farming store, online equipment store, online slot booking store, and many more.

Your startup is unique, so why shouldn’t your website be?

Finalize your idea, as this website is even easier to implement. It is powered by Elementor, which helps to create custom pages in real-time preview with the easy drag-drop page builder plugin.

Farmin – agriculture WordPress theme is the best revolutionary WordPress theme for massively evolving occupations. It includes three different home demos Farm House and plantation, Cultivation, and farming-related home landing pages. The types of files that are included in this theme are CSS Files, HTML (+HubL), JS Files, and PHP Files.

We’re now all set to learn about this stunning Website design in detail. Hope you’ll love this experience and implement it in your entrepreneurial journey. We also offer some dope discounts for our lucky clients, want to be one? Stay tuned till the end!

Let’s go through them,

The Approach

Let’s begin with our HOME PAGE!


agriculture WordPress theme

The innovative approach is highlighted from the very beginning, the top menu bar contains sensitive information to get in touch with you like, “Address”, “E-mail address”, “Social Media Handles”, and the “Contact Number” below that.

Then, on the top-left corner, we have your enterprise logo in a beautiful texture plant-green color. Then, the main segregation of slides with HOME, PAGES, SERVICES, BLOGS, SHOP, and CONTACT US.

To make the content reachable and easy to find, we have provided a search toolbar. Click on that, enter the text, and find your ideal results.

Tip for innovative minds – Use recommendations to navigate your audience towards the best-selling product. This will increase your reach and expand your conversions.

The home page is enough to grab the attention of your visitors as it features an environmental wallpaper, it captures users’ minds and takes them on a beautiful journey. Whenever we talk about nature then our mind automatically reaches calmness and prosperity. So, will your website impact the visitors?

Feature your top saying in the main wallpaper, with an appealing headline as, “Quality Products” or “100% Guarantee”.

After this,

It’s time to feature your blogs. You must have written with immense loyalty, research, and perseverance. Keep it in front of the people to directly get their eye on it. We have used various transitions to make it look attractive. When you hover your mouse cursor over that then the respective area will change its colour to parrot green.

To add even more to the aesthetic, we have given the slide button an autumn leaf color palette.

Sounds Vibrant, Right?

Introduce your brand, later in the “About” section. With the perfect use of animation and environment blend. It’s highlighted a portrait of the owners and a strong message from them to you!

Don’t forget, to mention the contact details! As here you’re directly in touch with them.

Let’s talk about the various sets of products you’re offering to them.

Your enterprise is not an average Start-Up. Feature your products beautifully with the elegance of this agriculture WordPress theme. Provide the necessary details such as, “Price”, “product collage”, “Add to cart option” and a “Wishlist tool”.

This will ease the efforts to go and search for a particular product when it’s actually present right before your eyes.

Do you also provide services? Not just regular products.

That’s great! Mention it on the home page itself. We know not all the products and services will be mentioned on the home page, that’s why we have given a button to navigate them to the specific product and service page.

Share your client’s review with the audience in the next section as this will help them to learn about you! How you function, how your services help them to nourish the crops, how reliable your products and services are, and God knows what else!

Everything under the sun is just yours!

Help your visitors to share valuable feedback with you, this can turn out to be a great method to develop too. You might ask them for some suggestions, advice, requirements, demands, and much more. Tell them about your social proof, by letting them know your expansion. This can be done by no. of farmers in your jurisdiction, no. of clients you’ve served, the total no. of products covered, and up to you.

You live in the aesthetic world, so why not make the best use of it by building up an amazing gallery?

Attach your photos here and feature them with the animated brief description. People will love it, we bet!

Your team members are your organization’s soul. Give them enough fame and recognition by featuring them on your website. People will get a spark of personal touch.

With this, we’re moving to our next segment which is integrated pages, “About Us, “Our Team”, “Gallery”, and “Frequently Asked Questions”. Here, the call to innovate relies upon you. Ask some amazingly intriguing questions to your visitors so that they immediately buy your products or services.

Use hyperlinks to move them to the service page.


Farming can be of multiple types, starting with Vegan, Herbs, Organic, Gardening, and Plantation. Don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered.

Now feature your crops with bewildering appearance. Attach a welcome photo to the wallpaper and share your videos with planning and strategies measures. Make your website resourceful. Worth staying and learning.

It must be really acknowledged, that your services should speak for themselves and stand apart from the crowd. When any eyes land on your services/product it should pitch to get converted. The same goes here!



You all are well aware of its importance in a website. Probably a user comes to your website from them. Write them so convincingly that the user gets excited to buy your product. We all want to nurture and earn the best. Show some love to this one too, by sharing it with your friends and family members.

To add some more aesthetic, we’ve given multiple looks to it namely, “TWO-THREE COLUMN BLOG”, “LEFT SIDEBAR COLUMN 1”, “LEFT SIDEBAR COLUMN 2”, “RIGHT SIDEBAR COLUMN 1”, “RIGHT SIDEBAR COLUMN 2”. Have a look at them all.

Coming up next we have,


It’s the same as we mentioned earlier but on a broader level, you can opt for several other designs too from the panel. We’ve also provided various other pages such as, “Wishlist”, “Check-out”, “Cart”, etc.

Surprise your customers with amazing offers!



This is the most precious page as from here only your offline presence will increase. Make this page the best.

Although, we have done it for you already. From Address, E-mail, Phone Number, and Opening Hours, to a virtual Map. Each prospect is covered. Even to add a sensible touch, we’ve given the option to Message you!

Quick tip for entrepreneurs- Provide various templates that ultimately promote your products, in this way, you can increase the chances of converting your best product.

Now, with all these features there are still many left so let’s go through them. One by one-

Main Features

  • Creative and Modern Design
  • The powerful Theme Options panel
  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Elementor Builder Included
  • Customizable
  • No coding knowledge required
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Validated
  • Google Fonts Included
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Customizable Contact Forms with Contact Form 7 support
  • Custom Build Theme & Page Options
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Clean Code
  • XML File with Demo Content
  • Big custom shortcode collection
  • Multiple homepage examples
  • Powered by the Redux framework, bring to you unlimited color and Google fonts options
  • Google Maps
  • Blog List widget

And so Much More…

Now to conclude,

A Quick Summary!

Farmin – Organic Farm WordPress theme additionally offers custom build theme and page options, customizable Contact type with Contact type seven support, and quite 800+ Google fonts. The best agriculture WordPress theme offers a one-click demo import that will get your website up and running in the most convenient and developer-friendly way.

The creative, farming WordPress theme supports the most recent WordPress version and is compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Start your journey to this online world with Farmin

Thank you for staying till the end, we value your time and efforts. Feel free to acquire any assistance from our team. Our executives will be delighted to solve your queries and ensure secure payments.

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