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9+ Best Premium & Free WordPress Plugins That Useful for any Website

You were wondering exactly about the plugins you need to start with when setting up and managing your WordPress website. Something you can put on your website to make it secure, fast-loading, SEO-friendly, and so on.

When the majority of the task is done, it’s easy to think about customization and custom functionality.

You will find a plethora of fantastic best free WordPress plugins that bring a variety of essential features to your WordPress site without having to look too hard. Plugins like these can help you develop better content, market your site more efficiently, and keep it running smoothly… You can do all of this without spending a dime.

We’ve collected what we consider to be the best free and premium WordPress plugins of all time, based on both personal experience and user reviews/popularity on WordPress.org. As a thank you to the generous developers who made these plugins — and to help you discover some great free WordPress plugins for your site.

You should find some fantastic best free elementor plugins on our list, whether you’re a casual user or someone who enjoys dealing with custom fields and post types.

You’re in luck because we’ve already finished that task for you!

Let’s get started…

Best Free & Premium WordPress Plugins useful for any website

WPMultiHost | WordPress Site with Multiple Domains

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WPMultiHost is a multi-domain WordPress site that is both effective and adaptive. Users can utilize numerous domains for the same WordPress site using this plugin.

WPMultiHost is a multi-domain WordPress plugin.  WPMultiHost is a WordPress plugin that allows users to use NGROK and other tunnel domains with WordPress.

WPMultiHost WordPress Site with Multiple Domains simplifies things for WordPress site developers and makes it easier for them to work.

When you have a website development team in one place and a monitoring or review team on the other, WPMultiHost several domains for the same WordPress site is a legendary solution to use.

If you’re creating a site for a client who is far away, accessing it will need tunneling, resetting the site’s creation, and other technical troubleshooting procedures, all of which waste time and energy that could be better spent on the site’s development. This is where the WPMultiHost Multiple Domain WordPress plugin comes in useful.

WPMultiHost WordPress Site with Multiple Domains streamlines and facilitates the work of WordPress site developers.

WPMultiHost is a multi-domain WordPress site dedicated to helping the rapidly increasing WordPress development community.

KiviCare – Free Clinic and Patient Management Plugin (EHR)

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The KiviCare system is a free medical clinic and patient management plugin that makes it simple for clinics and hospitals to share, preserve, and monitor patient records.

The free clinic and patient management plugin are designed to help medical and healthcare experts keep track of appointments, bills, and encounters at their clinic or center.

Users of KiviCare, a free EHR software, WordPress can help with administration by allowing individuals to book healthcare appointments at the clinic. With this free clinic management WordPress plugin, you can simplify your everyday workflow and improve patient management.

Aside from digitization of hospital or clinical records, the Free EHR Software WordPress system continuously evaluates the data for any potential for improvement.

Using KiviCare, a free clinic and patient site, healthcare experts and professionals may make informed decisions, manage and optimise daily visits, and provide the top healthcare services to their patients.

This free clinic management service is ideal for multi-specialty facilities. The WordPress plugin prioritizes privacy by keeping doctor appointments private from other doctors.

Another strong feature of KiviCare — a free clinic and patient management plugin – is its flexibility. Appointments for healthcare providers with similar professional backgrounds — orthopedists, pediatricians, dentists, heart specialists, and others – are now simple to schedule.

Streamit – Live Video Streaming Player WordPress Plugin

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Streamit is a video streaming player that streams live video. WordPress Plugin is a robust responsive video player for any WordPress theme, including Mas Videos and Streamit – Video Streaming WordPress themes, that can play videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, and other third-party resources.

In addition, you will receive FREE upgrades for the rest of your life! With each update, we strive to make your experience even better. Get all of the most recent updates for free.

WP Roadmap | Free Product Feedback Board

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WP Roadmap is the most complete, free Product Feedback Board plugin for WordPress. Boosting productivity and performance within the team with this project roadmap and feedback plugin, as well as ensuring that the efforts are matched with the company.

WP Roadmap is the best WordPress Product Feedback Board. Users can easily add a product roadmap and comment to the product for free on a website or blog. For product teams or companies who need a scalable visual tool to explain product strategy or exhibit alignment.

WP Roadmap – free product feedback board is a WordPress Plugin that provides sophisticated project communication capabilities for product managers to align numerous professionals and teams around the company’s vision. The sales team can lead product development by using a product feedback board or a project plan.

Graphina Firebase (Add-on)

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Graphina Pro is a WordPress chart and graph plugin that is extremely simple to use. This is an excellent plugin for displaying data and numbers in attractive, dynamic graphs and charts. It’s a flexible WordPress plugin that lets you make a variety of graphs and charts for a well-organized and understandable data display on your site.

Graphina Pro is based on the famous Apex charts and features Dynamic data and new counters, a data table, mixed chart, and nested column chart, as well as a large range of charts and adaptability. Graphs can be used to display a variety of reports or statistics.

Graphina Firebase supports in dynamically retrieving data from Firebase’s real-time database. This enables you to display real-time data from the most up-to-date technology on your website.

All modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge, are compatible with Graphina. It has a visually attractive interactive and animated interface, is simple to use, has a variety of chart kinds, and much more. The absolute best! Get all of the most latest updates totally free.

KiviCare Pro | Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add-on)

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KiviCare Pro, a cloud-based EHR Management System for WordPress site solutions for small to large clinics, hospitals, or multi-specialty healthcare centres, is an advanced Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add-on).

KiviCare Pro – Doctor-Patient Clinic Appointment Plugin WordPress is built specifically for medical practises and includes features such as multi-language support, multi-clinic support, RTL support, SMS Notifications (Twilio, Google Calendar, and more.

KiviCare Pro is a WooCommerce plugin that permits clients to run a web-based clinical stock store just as specialist-patient center visits.

KiviCare Pro – Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add-on) enables clients to modify patient appointments, invoices, and prescriptions. Patients may make appointments, pay for services via the convenient payment gateway, and shop at the current WooCommerce-powered online store.

This Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add-on) also comes with a free version that gives healthcare providers basic access. Manage clinics from anywhere in the world and keep track of invoices and stock using the internet.

With KiviCare Pro – EHR Management System for WordPress RTL support, interacting with patients in different parts of the country is easier. With the Kivicare Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin, KiviCare Pro also enables telemedicine services (Add-on).

Marvy – Free Background Animation Plugin WordPress

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You can use Marvy – Free Elementor Animation Plugin WordPress to provide a strong toolkit for creating amazing background, scrolling, and moving animations. Use this free Elementor animation plugin to add animation effects like waves and dropping particles to your site.

Marvy — Free Background Animations for Elementor is open-source web development software that is free to use. Users can make an appealing expansion to the site by using the Free Elementor Animation Plugin on scroll, drift, and click. 

This free Elementor animation plugin is packed with effects that can take users to a next-level web experience while they are on the site, following the rule of thumb and maintaining user experience in the core of the development.

Marvy – Free Background Animation Plugin for WordPress is the perfect answer for people who want to utilize background animations to make their beautiful website even more appealing.

Creative WordPress developers and professional projects can be found in this Free Background Animations for Elementor. Furthermore, this free Elementor animation plugin gives users access to a wide range of effects in a number of styles. Marvy demands the least amount of work when it comes to getting hands-on.

Here’s a collection of eye-catching background animations that you’ll get after activating the Free Elementor Animation Plugin:

  • Ripple Animation
  • Rotate Animation
  • Drop Animation
  • Flying Objects Animation
  • Wave Animation
  • Rings Animation
  • Topology Animation
  • Gradient Animation
  • Snow Animation

Elementor Page Builder has been added to provide users the freedom and speed they need to build and develop the best site possible. Every animation in Marvy is fully responsive, ensuring that your website looks great on any mobile device.

MarvyPro – Background Animations for Elementor

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Marvy is the perfect animation add-on preset plugin for Elementor. A trendy time animation will shatter your Elementor theme. Marvy is the best option for people that require stunning animations for personal or commercial projects. This Elementor animation plugin includes a variety of useful elements in a variety of styles. You can easily integrate animation into your design and achieve the best results with the least amount of effort. 

Marvy has been thoughtfully designed to meet your requirements. We’re confident that this Animation plugin will come in helpful for your upcoming projects. Furthermore, Marvy is well-organized and simple to configure.

Graphina Pro | Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, & Datatables

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Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables plugin GraphinaPro is a must-have for WordPress sites. GraphinaPro, as the best Data Visualization WordPress Plugin, can generate amazing charts and graphs with an easy-to-customize, data integration-enabled style.

GraphinaPro transforms raw data into useful data visualization pieces, allowing site visitors or clients to see the data in the most appealing way possible. Each graph template in this collection of Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables has been carefully crafted to appeal to the intended audience and potential visitors.

GraphinaPro is a WordPress module for Apex diagrams, Elementor charts, and charts for present-day information-driven sites.  Users can choose from a selection of modern fonts and vibrant color palettes to upgrade the ready-to-use graph and chart templates in GraphinaPro.

Create or relaunch a website/blog with modern, original, and highly engaging charts and graphs to attract more attention.


Our list of the Best Free & Premium WordPress Plugins for any Website wraps up.

You may not need to apply all of the WordPress plugins and tools on our list, depending on your business, but most of our readers end up using at least 9+ of the solutions we recommend.

We strongly advise you to download the plugins directly from the WordPress.org plugin directory. Please avoid any websites that offer nulled WordPress plugins or themes because they may affect your site.

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