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Last Update: May 7, 2021
Created:May 7, 2021
Category: WordPress Plugins
Technology: PHP, WordPress

WPMultiHost | WordPress Site with Multiple Domains

WPMultiHost is an effective and accommodating WordPress Site with Multiple Domains sites. This plugin allows users to work with multiple domains for the same WordPress site.

WPMultiHost – multiple domain plugin WordPress is open-source software. This extremely useful WordPress plugin accredits WordPress developers to share the local site on a domain.

It enables the WordPress site to be accessed from multiple domains simultaneously. WPMultiHost – multiple domain plugin WordPress extends users to work with NGROK and any other tunnel domains. 

WordPress supports only one domain while you are working and at times, it becomes rampant to be unable to access your WordPress creation from another domain.

The process of site development is time-consuming and sharing the incremental progress on the development with a client sharing the site on third party or multiple domains should not make the process more difficult.

WPMultiHost WordPress Site with Multiple Domains helps ease the busy WordPress site developers and work smarter. 

WPMultiHost multiple domains for same WordPress site is a legendary tool to work when you have a website development happening in one place and a monitoring or review team on the development at the other end.

If you are developing a site for your client who is remotely located, accessing the site will not be possible without tunneling, resetting the site creation, and all technical troubleshooting tasks which waste a lot of time and energy that could have been used in further development of the site. And this is when the WPMultiHost Multiple domain plugin WordPress comes to the rescue. 

WordPress developers turn to WPMultiHost multiple domains for same WordPress site to meet the requirement of sharing their WordPress site on numerous popular domains like .org, .edu, .net, and so on – all without sacrificing the quality of work.

WPMultiHost WordPress site with multiple domains is passionately carved to contribute to the highly growing WordPress development community. 

Using the WPMultiHost plugin is a cakewalk and we mean it!

  1. Upload the WPMultiHost plugin – Multiple Domains for Same WordPress Site and activate it (alternatively, you can install it through the WordPress admin console.)
  2. Go to Tools and select from the sub-menu “Host Changer”
  3. Add ‘Allow Host’ and save the settings.
  4. And that is about it. Start building WordPress sites using WPMultiHost. 

Using NGROK:

As NGROK exposes local servers behind NATs and firewalls to open internet over the secure tunnel, a developer can use WPMultiHost WordPress Site with Multiple Domains using it effectively by following this download & setup guide