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Everything is getting digital now with the help of apps you can get whatever you want digitally, some apps will update you with everyday news in audio or visual ways. In this era, everyone is trying to bring out new news app which keeps everyone updated. 

To create an excellent news app you have to watch out for some of the most know news applications, and see how it has been developed. Before we are going to look for some of the features which make the news app a boot for startup 

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1 – Categories 

News is changed every single second so, the news is updated almost every minute. With this infinite news flow, the user should always be provided with the information that interests him/her in that present moment. And that’s why it is highly necessary to think through the functions of sorting news using categories and tags. 

It is relevant to test these algorithms in the final product and make sure that everything works as per your strategy, and watch out for how and why? you don’t have news or articles that appear in the different categories.

2 – Search and filters 

Do not stop after implementing categories and tags according to a news feed. Impact your visitors with the help of the filters and search functions, and show them what they are interested in.

3 – Push Notifications 

Push Notifications will allure your user’s attention by utilizing alerts, even if it’s just for a couple of seconds. 

Even though push notifications intend to complement almost every modish app, it is practically important in the news app. In the end, users would always want to know the latest news.

4 – Engagement Tools 

News resources such as applications and sites simply require implementing a commenting system, where readers can talk about the news. Even though keep in mind that many users can be rude or cruel, and it is worth giving a thought to algorithms that will allow you to block offensive comments and spams too. 

The most known solutions to this problem are to allow users to log in via social media and to be able to leave them with a comment or use ready-made results from third parties. 

5 – Social Media Integration

We have talked about a social network in the previous paragraph, now let’s talk about this in brief on this subject. The integration of social media in a news application is not all about leaving with a comment only. 

And with many other different types of business for news resources, social media, and within essential marketing channels. So when users share their favourite and trending news or articles on social media, it assists in increasing engagement naturally on your app. It also brings free traffic sources and organic leads and advertising.

6 – Registration and Personal Profiles 

Apart from integrating social media and third-party solutions, an additional option for users of yours is to register the application. Saving their time, and for sure they don’t want to fill out long registration forms which will take a long time to fill up. So find yourself with a limitation on inevitable fields. Give them an allowance to join with their social media accounts, Google account, or through their Apple ID

These features not only help you with random comments but also allows you to know your target audience in a better way and you can showcase them your next time in their favourite way.

7 – Personalized Feed 

In this modish world, every second new news is generated, with the help of categories and filters facilitates you with the use of news resource But there are more options and one of them is personal feed. 

Whenever users logs in, he/she does not have to search up or set up his/her own news feed they are interested in. Machine learning technology will assist you to develop personalized user experiences. Remember to use a machine learning app that analyzes the preference of users and show them on their feed. 

You will see this feature in most popular applications, such as Twitter and Instagram.

8 – Options to interact with Content 

For continuously alluring their attention give them different options for interacting with an article. 

Beneath the features of likes and comments, we should keep one step further and give users a benefit that makes their attention more strong. Give them an allowance of saving their preferred articles, which can be viewed at any time from their profile. The same feature is available on Instagram where you can save your preferred posts.  

Medium has a feature that you can also try, you maybe have noticed that Medium allows you to select any area of the text and you can share only that part, It is very clear because it enables the users to avoid reposting the entire boring link and can only share the part and can only share the part which is more interesting. This can change the sharing on social media to a new level.

“Lies travel faster than the truth, show reality, and travel faster through your News App.” 


As seen before, steps are given to start up your own News app in the fastest way and easiest way possible, follow these simple steps before starting your own News App, you will be able to kickstart your app and stand out unique way far than others. 

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