Easy steps to Create an Online Multipurpose Ecommerce Shopping App


”As a businesman/woman you need to be an extreme example of what an average man/woman with a great focus can achieve”

“As a legitimate businessman/woman in this Internet era! Conduct your strategies because you can start up your own online Multipurpose  Ecommerce Shopping app with ambition because you can benefit from this internet.”

Get every little thing with the help of the internet: your shoes, your sweatshirt, your t-shirt, your shirt, your glasses, and many more things related to shopping. 

And this not it you can start up your own Android E-commerce full app for woocommerce which will help you to startup your own online business.

Here are the few steps which will help you to kickstart your own ecommerce store app

Step 1 – Research

You cannot make perfect strategy for business if you do not have enough knowledge about online market. That is why we put the research stage on first step. During this point we look out for competitors and user interviews and research on them.

which are in need for analyzing the air flow of market and patterns of the target audience. It also assists define the right universal woocommerce app platform and the feature set as relatable as possible for our target audience. 

Step 2 – Targeting Goals

The foundation of an eCommerce mobile app evolvement lies in targeting the goals for your online business. Here are the 3 questions that help you set your goals: 

1. How can i solve this problem?

2. My target audience and their needs?

3. How do i know that i am going in right direction?

Step 3 – Choose the Right Platform

I tip you to get to know all of the in and out of your business before thinking  on what technology to use while eCommerce woocommerce app development. Keep a record on the development cost, inventory, and select the database, scalable framework, and CMS.

With this knowledge at your hands, it is much flowy to decide whether you want to launch an Android app, an iOS app, or both. It goes without saying that the device usage of your target audience is a highlight point. 

Step 4 – Define Feature Set

Since you are going to have your end users feedback, trends, expert opinions, and then you will one step ahead from your competitors, you may now understand, what problems your product needs to be solved with and which features can comfort this end-user.

To help you decide which product feature makes the top spot on the list, you may use popular prioritization frameworks and strategies.

Step 5 – Create UX&UI design

As mentioned before, the knowledge in eCommerce apps must go beyond in-person shopping, and UX&UI design in such a way you eCommerce app stand unique from other competitors. Design is going to be your business stamp for the target audience.

Color schemes, attractive visuals, and buttery transitions from one page to another page which will make an impeccable impression on your target audience. 

Step 6 – Build MVP

Remember I told you about the product features which somehow always come first? MVP stage is that period when you are need to have unbreakable focus on the features of your eCommerce app. Instead of implementing a full-fledged product right away, I tip you to be going for a continuous evaluation of the product.

MVP aims to acknowledge what end-users think of the product, save development time, less risks, and allocate resources more efficiently. 

Step 7 – Gather Feedback

When the MVP is released, your duty is to start gathering feedback from customers. It is a process of checking how end users feedbacking with your app, capture feedback, and evolve more. Feedback collection is must because it helps you figure out what affects your target audience and whatnot.

Step 8 – Literate

Last but not least, Liberating. Look at the high players in the eCommerce app market, we can see that design is always changing. Instead, it is continuously evolving and adapting to market/user needs.

Here is a friendlier reminder from one app, as per my suggestion which you can startup with, because it has unique and catchy layouts which seeks attention, Proshop – Multipurpose E-commerce Android Full Mobile App + Kotlin to know more about it. 

Proshop Dokan Multivendor – Android E-commerce Full app for Woocommerce to know more about it in details. 

“As a businessman/woman you need to be aware of your surroundings and bring favourable outcome from all of them, and then in the end somehow you will gain even from bad situations.”

“Your hand will be bigger everytime a card is shown, if you as a businessman/woman are your own evolution.”


As seen before, steps ar given to startup your own eCommerce app in fastest way and easiest way possible, follow this simple steps before starting your own eCommerce App, you will be able to kickstart your app and stand out unique way far than others. 

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