15+ Free Coded Resources for Developers


As known for the fact, there are many Free coded Designed resources that can be utilized for the benefits of the site which brings you more advantageous and favorable outcomes. 

Below are considered as Free Coded Resources for Developers: 

  • Best Free WordPress Themes
  • Free Bootstrap Admin Templates
  • Free Admin Dashboard Templates
  • Best Free Website Templates
  • Best Free WordPress Plugins 
  • Flutter UI Kit Free 
  • Best Free 3D Icon Packs

All of the above Designs are giving an effective return result, and it is more often used by Developers, Creative Agencies, and designers too. 

Below are the designs which are beneficial: 

Knost Lite – Best Free Creative Agency and Digital Studio WordPress Theme

Knost is a Free Elementor WordPress Theme for Creative Agency, Creative ones like you can utilize this modish WordPress Theme. 

Knost comes up with new styles and innovative designs, which helps them to keep up with trends. Design agencies and creative agencies have to keep up with the trend, and trend changes constantly. 

Knost – Best Free Creative Agency and Digital Studio WordPress Theme

Knost is designed in such a way that it showcases the portfolio in a nice way and works on pre-designed web pages. Knost – Free Responsive WordPress Theme for Creative Digital Agency has logo placement, clean and elegant looking sliders, Call to action buttons, and has focused on web design trends and essential features to launch a business website. 

With a classic drag and drop page builder, the WordPress Plugin elementor gives easy customization options in real-time preview. Knost – Free Responsive WordPress Theme for Creative Agency is perfect for small to mid-sized agency websites. 

Catchy Brand colors, and iconography this free is an inviting and impressive theme. It allows you to represent content in an eye-catching way. 


Kata is a multipurpose WordPress Theme that allows you to help make your vision come to reality by building a type of WordPress that you can imagine. Lots of different features of this theme are developed to make a smooth user experience.

Styler is the most important key for kata which assists you to customize your site by using a simple and straightforward user interface. Fonts, background, color, and almost any other thing can be changed using the existing element styler. CSS codes are also available. 

Live Editing is all edits are live and can be seen in real-time.

HOPE UI Admin – Free Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template

Hope UI – Free Open source Bootstrap Admin Template is a finely built pre-designed admin dashboard template. Hope UI is fully responsive and user-friendly allowing users to work effortlessly. 

Being easily adaptable and flexible, Hope UI can be used to manage different types and sizes of data and information in one place. This business-specific website can be adopted for an HTML website template. 

Without Spending time on the development you can create a penetrable admin dashboard. 

Hope UI – Free HTML Admin Template

Hope UI has pre-built solutions, such as panel layouts and libraries to keep data and information and a dashboard to manage and monitor meaningful performance insights. 

Without having knowledge of coding, you customize with the single code of line and can also straightly launch your project and promote it. Hope UI – Free open source admin template is ready-made and can serve as a starting point for any application or website developer.

It has handcrafted UI elements, multiple styles of the menu, a set of graphs, and animated icons. Developers, designers, and startups or creators bring consistency and act as a strong foundation to manage a successful web or app project. 

SocialV Lite – Free Social Network HTML Admin Dashboard Template

SocialV lite is functional. The Free Social Network Bootstrap Admin Template is one of the most user-oriented and easy-to-use admin templates. It comes with a high-quality dashboard design and an attractive user interface. 

Free Social Network HTML admin dashboard template has ready-to-use web app templates like calendar and chat for any digital services. It is meant to achieve a clean and professional-looking admin look for advanced online service owners. 

Built using SASS preprocessor, HTML 5, CSS3, and jQuery powerful plugins that make SocialV – Free Social Network HTML admin dashboard template that makes it fully responsive. 

With reusable UI components, dashboard cards and widgets, sidebar menu, one page capable, navigation layout, colored tables, theme settings, blog and social media, cards, and widgets. 

Santa 3D – Best Free 3D Christmas Models

A big festival is around the corner, yes Christmas is coming and here a new 3D pack is coming with elegant and free Santa 3D models. 

Santa – Best Free 3D Christmas Model is made with a festive spirit and collecting of Free Santa 3D models

Free 3D Christmas models pack is designed in such a way that it elevates the social media and UI/UX activities of agencies and companies. 

Free 3D Christmas Model Pack comes with pre-made scenes with multiple angles, which can be integrated into multiple design formats. Offering beautiful visual 3D objects, this collection has a creative set for promotional UI/UX in motion. 

Synced with your marketing and action plans with the festive feels, with the unique elements. Santa – Free 3D Christmas Model Pack, whether you are using it for social media or using it for your blog slider this Free Santa 3D model will make it all look more attractive. 

Glossy Icon Free

Glossy Icon is a free 3D icon pack it has, each is designed in such a way that it is designed in the simplest form, modish, friendly, and adaptive in different cases. 

It is thorough for devices and for different sites, UI/UX design, mobile apps, and many more. 

Glossy is a highly comprehensible icon pack designed purposefully for minimal user interface design and development. Icons can be customized as per your requirement and can use vector shapes.  It is created with pixel precision so that they look sharp on any screen. 

Quiz – Quiz App Flutter UI Kit Free

Quiz – Quiz App Flutter UI Kit free is newly beneficial who are looking to build a mobile app for fun entertainment games mobile app. Flutter Quiz App Template is designed in such a way that it will give you a strong base. 

Quiz is designed to offer a Flutter Quiz app UI that is presented in such a way that it can be appealed to a larger audience.

As one of the things, visitors are attracted towards mobile usability. You can easily the pre-designed layouts and sections of the mobile screen using plenty of editing tools. 

Extend profiles, share an acquaintance base quiz app, online course and tutoring-related mobile app, games and entertainment-related mobile app, and similar trending mobile app using Flutter Quiz App Template. 

TikTok Clone

TikTok contains 31+ screens and has UI components, this kit will help save your time to code all front-end layouts. It backups both platforms Android and IOS. 

Change colors, Customize, graphics, and many more. 


1 – Null safety support

2 – 30+ Screens 

3 – Native Splash Screen Record 

4 – Clean Codebase 

5 – Responsive Design 

WP Multi-Host – WordPress Site with Multiple Domains

WP Multihost is a WordPress Site with Multiple Domains sites. This Plugin allows users to work with multiple domains for the same WordPress Site. WP MultiHost is open-source software. 

It enables WordPress to work at the same time. WordPress only supports one domain while you are working at other times, it is not possible to access your WordPress

Time is necessary for the process of site development and sharing the development and sharing the incremental process on the site on third party or multiple domains should not make the process more difficult. 

WP MultiHost is the best tool to work when you have 


TablePress allows you to easily manage and create tables. You can join the tables into pages, posts, or text widgets with an easy Shortcode. 

You can edit in a spreadsheet-like interface, so no coding is necessary. Tables can contain different types of data, even formulas that can be evaluated. Features like filtering, sorting, pagination, and more for visitors. Tables can be imported and exported from/to HTML, Excel, CSV, and JSON files.

Cosmic 3D – Space Station 3D Model Free

Cosmic is a Free 3D icon pack space station theme like it gives a dark and universe look that looks as beautiful as bright stars in dark night sky. 

Cosmic has multi-angled 3D icons which can be integrated within just a clicks if you have a landing page, an online website or mobile app, or UI/UX design which is super handy. 

It engages attention from the starting point and keeps its attention constantly to the ending point. Using a 3D icons layout, and transparent PNG files, it can be quickly adapted and has a unique business design. 

It has 4+ features that make Cosmic worth outstanding:

  • 3 camera angles 
  • 40+ Objects in the pack
  • High Resolutions 
  • Blender File
  • Dark Mode


If you want your website to really stand out, you need just this look. Botiga will make that simple to achieve.

This complete e-commerce theme is an elegant and sleek design that makes showcasing your store’s products. It’s perfect for any business size. It includes three product page gallery designs, five header types, multiple checkout styles, and also product card customization features.

Botiga also lets you have a blog, choose from six different layouts, and select from multiple styles to promote products.

Flix App – Movie Streaming Flutter UI Kit Free

Flix is an easily operated Movie Streaming Flutter UI Kit Free for download. It comes with a precoded design. 

Flix is a modish Free Movie Streaming Mobile UI Kit for startup and streaming businesses. This Best Movie Streaming Flutter UI Kit template free and comes with predesigned pages for users, and upcoming, featured, and settings. welcome screen, series, films, and popular movies for subscribers. 

Multiple screens  in a gorgeous color palette to appeal to movieholics

With a common interface to popular movie streaming mobile apps like amazon prime, this Free Movie Streaming Mobile UI Kit allows free startups and entrepreneurs to upload movies, tv shows, and OTT platforms. 

Flutter E-book App

If you really like to read and gain knowledge from every little book, and every page of the book. Then this is the best Free app for you,  you can operate this app for free.  Simple flutter app to read and download books. 


1 – Download E-books

2 –  Read E-books

3 – Favorites 

4 – Dark Mode 

5 – Swipe to delete downloads


To pitch up more clients and potential visitors to your site we have created this free 3D icon that will do that work for you. These 3D icons are uniquely designed which are more appealing and elegant in every angle and have a unique color and attractive way. 

It has 4 predefined color styles, 3 camera angles, an HQ render, 120+ Icons preview, and 3D icons in action. 

Free Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Free Figma Bootstrap UI Kit comprising 300+ organized Bootstrap 5 components built with atomic design system & auto layout. Kickstart your next Figma project Just drag and drop pre-made components from the Assets panel. Configure them in the right sidebar. Fast and simple, as should be.

It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Figma Library with organized components & atoms. Furthermore, it is by far one of the best Free Figma UI kits to use. It includes Bootstrap’s colors, grids, and typography so that you can easily customize it to fit your brand or product. 


  • Design and Dev Consistency 
  • Effortless Resizing 
  • Design with auto layout
  • 300+ Organized Components 
  • Easy to customize


As you read above these are the free Coded resource that will help you from going 0 to 100 real quick, and these all free coded resources will for sure help you with the free startup. So make your best outcome and you can use this opportunity to make your favorable outcome with the help of Free Coded Designed Resources 

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