Make Your Life Easier With Live Customizer in Hope UI


Now building a lack-free and easily customizable front-end from scratch has become very time-consuming. But nowadays now and then new Admin dashboards are launched. 

Developers, Designers, and creative agencies appreciate a lot for this kind of Admin dashboard which saves them a lot of developing time. But not every one of those Admin Dashboards is effective and beneficial to them. 

After doing hard research about the community what type of admin dashboard they are asking for? What would be most beneficial? Keeping both questions in mind we have come up with an effective and beneficial Bootstrap Admin Template for the Developers, Designers, and startups that are Hope UI. 

What is Hope UI?

Hope UI is an Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component that saves your hardcore developmental time for creating a front-end of your sites and web applications from scratch without any hesitation. 

Prepared-to-utilize and administrator formats accompany pre-planned areas, prepared-to-utilize administrator layout accompanies arrangements, board designs, and libraries to keep an enormous measure of information and data, and an Admin Dashboard to oversee and screen high-appraised execution.

Easy to use and Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component that accompanies pre-designed sections, unique layout, and libraries to keep many UI components for every part of the application. 

Hope UI is a Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Components Library that is stuffed with the most beneficial features, 7+ Startup apps, available in 8 different versions, neatly and cleanly coded, responsive, elegant, user-friendly, well documented, purposeful pre-designed sections, UI elements, Components and many more. 

Beneficial features of Hope UI

Live Customizer

Only 2 easy steps to customize your application!!

Step 1 – Copy

Step 2 – paste

Now as you read in the title of this article Make Your Life Easier With Live Customizer in Hope UI! 

Yes! we meant it, once you have a Hope UI in your hands you are out of messing with those codes anymore. Your stress on dealing with code every time is relieved.

Now let me elaborate on how you can customize your whole Admin Dashboard as per your project requirement without knowing the coding.

This feature of Hope UI will always bring an accurate outcome to your Admin Dashboard

As you can see in the above fanatic image, Live Customizer features can be seen. 

Below that, you can see multiple high-tech options that will assist you to customize your application as per your requirements. 

3 Modes: Light, Dark, And Auto

As you can see in the image, there are three modes for setting up your Admin Dashboard with that is Dark, Light, and Auto

For Example, in the above image, I have turned my Dashboard into Dark Mode. 

RTL & LTR Mode

In the Above Image, I have turned my dashboard from LTR (Left to Right) to RTL (Right To Left). 

Color Customizer

In the above Image, I have turned my Presets into different colors. 

You also have the option to set your Presets into other likable colors by clicking on custom. 

Menu Color 

In the above Image, multiple options for menu color can be seen, where you can see I have turned my menu color to Transparent. 

Menu Style

In the above image, you can see there are different styles for a menu, and I have changed my menu style to Boxed. 

Active Menu Style

In the above image, you can see multiple active menu styles and from that, I have chosen one Pill on one side. 

Now there you can also see the option of Left Bordered that comes with the Pro version of Hope UI. 

The Left Bordered menu style option would look like the one below image. 

Navbar Styles

In this image, you can see the multiple styles available in the navbar style, and out of those, I have tried the Glass Navbar Style. 

Now going further you can see above that many other Advanced features Hope UI premium Offers.

App Name 

In the above image, you can see that there is an advanced feature that will allow you to change your app name!  

And now as an example, you can see I changed my app to Hii Cutie!

Yes! I flirted with you indirectly! LOL!


Now as you can see in this image, there is an option of changing your body fonts and heading fonts. 

Page Style

An option for changing your page style is also available as shown in this image. 

Style Appearance

An option for having a style appearance that will bring a brief look. 

Now that our whole customized Dashboard is ready, here is the cut that only Hope UI offers, and your dashboard will be ready in just two steps without messing with the coding. 

If you want to understand this feature more in a videography way then I suggest you visit our YouTube about this impeccable feature. 

Click the above video to visit our YouTube video. 


Hope UI’s responsiveness is like water, just like how water takes shape in any vessel.

That’s how Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Template is. It will adapt to any screen size and will work lack free, be user-friendly, and will still look elegant.


Creating a custom front-end for your website or application can be a daunting task. But with tools like Hope UI, it can be a lot easier. Hope UI is an admin dashboard template and UI component that provides a large number of pre-designed sections, layouts, and libraries. This makes it easy to create a custom front-end without having to start from scratch.

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