The Major Admin Dashboard Alternatives: Hope UI vs AdminLTE


As more and more web creators are realizing the importance of clean coded and modern designed admin dashboards, it becomes vital to narrow down the best admin dashboard template. With hundreds of admin dashboards coming up on searching the term in Google, finding the one that’s flexible, scalable, accessible, and easy to use takes center stage. 

We continue to break down your favorite Hope UI – Open Source Admin Dashboard Template with some of the popular and premium admin dashboards available in the marketplace today. In this article, we are trying to take a quick glance at one such admin dashboard – AdminLTE. 

What is the Hope UI Admin Dashboard? 

Catering to the needs of a modern UI UX dev community, Hope UI is the ultimate free open-source admin dashboard template developed for contemporary businesses of various industry domains.

The Bootstrap admin dashboard is created with a bloat-free and all-essential set of features and tools to empower creators to speed up their development process and launch a unique project that’s professional and elegant to use. 

With pre-designed dashboards and layouts, Hope UI – Open Source Admin Dashboard Template helps webmasters quickly start the project by saving endless hours of research.

Additionally, HOPE UI is developed in multiple technologies like VueJs, Tailwind, Laravel, and so on which will help developers select the framework they wish to work on. Hope UI is not just another admin dashboard template but it is THE admin dashboard with a design system for designer community champions to spear all the hustle. 

Loaded with production-ready layouts, plugins, UI components, elements, widgets, and tools, HOPE UI makes a strong, unbeatable stride that makes it impossible to not be addictive.

What is the AdminLTE Admin Dashboard? 

AdminLTE Admin Dashboard

AdminLTE is a web-based admin dashboard and control panel template. It is a great open-source admin dashboard & control panel theme for admin projects. Built on top of Bootstrap, AdminLTE is packed with a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components.

The PRO version of AdminLTE is popular for its high-quality Bootstrap admin dashboard templates based on Vue, Angular, React, jQuery, and HTML technologies. These are easily customizable and flexible to use.

Key features of Hope UI Admin Dashboard 

  • 400+ components
  • 100% responsive 
  • 60+ Menu styles
  • Entire Design System 
  • Doc Viewers – PDF, Excel, etc
  • 360 product view
  • 3D – Threejs
  • Image Customizer
  • Kanban
  • Signature plugin
  • Drag and Drop File Upload
  • Light and Dark Mode 
  • RTL support 

Supporting features: 

  • Cross-Browser compatible
  • Multiple pages 
  • Hover effects
  • 8 Dashboards
  • Collapsible navigation bar 
  • Multiple customizable layouts
  • Various form types
  • Google Maps
  • Authentication pages
  • Error pages
  • Set of utilities 
  • Widgets 
  • Search setting
  • Owl carousel 
  • Font Awesome 
  • Google fonts

Key features of AdminLTE Admin Dashboard 

  • Premium Admin Dashboards 
  • Meaningful plugins
  • Highly customizable pages
  • Documentation 

What do you get in the Hope UI Admin Dashboard package?

  • All dashboard demos
  • Design System
  • All technology framework versions
  • All HTML files
  • JavaScript source files
  • Library and plugin files

What do you get in the AdminLTE Admin Dashboard package?

  • Pre-built pages
  • Customizable layouts
  • Numerous components
    – Header
    – Sidebar
    – Card
    – Info-box
    – Direct chat
    – Timeline
    – Ribbons
  • High-quality development and more!

Libraries & plugins of Hope UI Admin Dashboard

Bootstrap 4

Font Awesome 

Google fonts 


Libraries & plugins of AdminLTE Admin Dashboard







Bootstrap color picker

Bootstrap Slider

FontAwesome 5

Date Range Picker

Here are three recommended free Bootstrap Admin templates for you 

CloudBox Lite – Cloud Storage Website Template Free

Hope UI Tailwind – Tailwind CSS Admin Template Free

Logik Lite – Free IT Solutions and Technology HTML Admin Template

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