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The 5 Strategic E-commerce Vendor Admin Dashboard Mistakes (And What To Do Instead)!


Vendor management is a critical piece of an eCommerce company’s success, as it can directly impact everything from customer experience to inventory management. However, all too often strategic mistakes are made when it comes to managing eCommerce vendors. To help you avoid these missteps, we put together a list of the 5 strategies for E-commerce vendor admin dashboard mistakes and what you can do instead – 

Top 5 mistakes to avoid in E-commerce Vendor Admin Dashboard

1) Trying to please all users

E-commerce vendor admin dashboard | Iqonic Design

There is an old and wise saying that you can’t please everyone. This saying is true when it comes to dashboard design. To create a successful dashboard, you should target a specific user group and design the dashboard based on their needs and goals. Trying to make everyone happy will only result in less satisfaction from everyone involved.

2) Skipping Introduction Story

Skipping Introduction Story

The first thing of dashboard design is to bring everyone to the same page! 

It won’t be effective if the visitor is looking at misplaced puzzles or loose holes in your site. Don’t miss out on these questions while Storyboarding in the designing process – 

  • What goal is within you for starting this web application? 
  • Who are you,r users or visitors? 
  • Features that would be beneficial to your users or visitors! 

3) Including too many details

Including too many details

As designers, you often feel pressure to quickly produce a colorful prototype that will please your users. However, ideally, a wireframe should not use color at all. It is created in such a way that it will showcase a visual representation of strategic requirements. Including different colors in a wireframe can trigger concerns based on the personal preferences of users. This can lead to a never-ending argument about color choice.

4) Data Without context

Data Without context

Numbers can be pretty meaningless without context. They interfere with people’s thinking and mean different to them. For example, ‘last week’s sales’ might look good to someone in an operational role, because it meets their weekly goals. But for marketing or tactical roles, that data might not tell them whether or not their marketing campaign was successful, or if they’re falling behind the competition. Paying attention to the context of your data is essential for creating insightful and actionable dashboards.

5) Don’t use similar colors multiple time

Don’t use similar colors multiple time

When creating a dashboard, it’s important to use no more than 3 distinct colors. While it may be tempting to go for flashy looks or copy another dashboard’s style, remember that UI elements should not take away from data visualization and other insights. Your colors need to serve a clearly defined purpose. The tip is to utilize a maximum of 3 different colors in a dashboard.

Top 5 strategies to apply in eCommerce Vendor Admin Dashboard –

1) Research Your Target Audience

To sell products from multiple vendors, you need to understand your target audience and their buying behavior. This will help you to figure out which products resonate with a good chunk of the buyer group. If you target the right audience in terms of demographics such as age, gender, and education, you will start seeing lots of sales right away.

2) Difficulty Reduction

Using a single vendor for your project guarantees compatibility between components. With multiple vendors, there’s always the risk that different components or solutions may not work well together.

3) Workflow Optimization

With one vendor, you can establish communication processes that will make coordinating and communicating with them smoother in the future. Coordinating, approving tasks, and communicating about issues will be quicker and easier with a single vendor than with multiple vendors.

4) Instant entry into the market

Team speed can be faster than individual speeds for a variety of reasons- communication and coordination take less time when there are fewer people, and often one team is delayed because another team has yet to finish their tasks. Such factors can influence the release speed.

5) Cost Reduction

There are many benefits to outsourcing to a single vendor. First, it is often more cost-effective. It is also simpler to negotiate terms with one vendor and agree on schemes for discounts.

Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Template

Hope UI - Bootstrap Admin Template | Iqonic Design

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Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component also comes with 6+ Starters apps that are pre-built by professionals. With ready-to-use components, friendly UI elements, Multiple Font styles, Lively Icons, and Eye-Catching infographics.

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E-commerce companies rely on their vendors to help them manage inventory, customer experience, and more. However, all too often strategic mistakes are made when it comes to managing these vendors. To help you avoid these missteps, we put together a list of the 5 strategies for E-commerce vendor admin dashboard mistakes and what you can do instead.

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