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Optimize Trading Data With Candle Charts In WordPress Using Graphina


What is a candle chart?

A candle chart is a type of financial chart that depicts price changes in currencies, securities, or derivatives. With a vertical rectangle and wicks at the top and bottom, it resembles a candlestick. The open and closed prices are shown at the top and bottom of the candlestick, respectively. 

The top of the wick represents the high price, while the bottom represents the cheap price. Candlestick charts have been present since the 1700s when they were devised by a Japanese man named Homma. He noticed there was a link between rice prices, supply and demand, and the emotions of rice dealers. He created a chart in which each candlestick indicated one of the four trading period dimensions: open, high, close, and low. The West caught up with him a century later, and the rest is history.

These graphs depict market volatility and patterns, and they can be a useful tool for investors and traders who want to do complete research before making a decision. Candlestick analysis is an important aspect of every trader’s strategy for choosing when to enter and exit transactions.

Candlestick Patterns

A candlestick pattern is generated when the price of an asset rises and falls. While technical charts may appear to exhibit random patterns, traders employ certain patterns as a buy or sell indication. It’s important to note that these patterns are only suggestions, not promises.

Bullish and bearish patterns are the two most common types. Bullish patterns indicate that the price is expected to rise, while bearish patterns indicate that the price is likely to decline.

How to Use a Candlestick Chart to Your Advantage

Candlestick charts also teach you to think in terms of open and closed prices, which is a crucial lesson. While stock prices aren’t fixed, financial media pay more attention to daily open and close prices, making these figures appear more relevant than they are. Many long-term investors trade solely on the daily open and close prices, with little regard for intraday trading’s “noise.” Day traders search for signals of price action in the opening and last half-hour of each trading day to take advantage of this.


  • Candlestick charts are very different from typical bar charts.
  • Traders favor candlestick charts for day trading because they provide a pleasing visual representation of price.
  • To use candlestick chart analysis in a trading strategy, you must first comprehend the key components of a candle and what they mean.

Candle Charts In WordPress Using Graphina

One of the Best Data visualization WordPress plugin extensions for elementor is Graphina. It is important to keep a tap on growth. 

  • It gives you graphical representations of your data to help you comprehend it better.
  • It has 13+ different chart styles, giving you a wide range of options.
  • 50+ plus styles to add more attention to your presentation. Graphina contains all the necessary elements. 
  • It is not only customized for candle charts but also area charts, bar charts, pie charts,s and many more are add-ons to this product. 

Steps to use Graphina-Candle Chart

Step 1 – 

Open Graphina you will see various options, choose a candle graph and drag it to your page.

Step 2 –

Now go to chart settings where you have multiple options, you can also resize the chart by changing the values. You can also turn the toolbar on and off as per your requirement. 

Step 3 –

In the Fill settings option, you can change the colors of the candle chart, and make it view opaque, you can also select upward and downward colors as per your requirement. 

Step 4 –

You can also use the animation tool for animation settings to make it more lively. Also, the speed of the animation can be controlled by you. 

Step 5 –

Elements category in which you can add data to the chart. Set values like open, high, and close values of the chart. 

That’s all you need to do for a candle chart using Graphina. Just 5 easy simple steps and you are done with your job.   


The market feelings are better visualized via the candlestick chart. It is a cost-effective and efficient method of studying investor emotions while also interpreting prices.

It indicates the market trend since investors may tell if the market is becoming bullish or bearish by looking at the color and length of the candlestick.

It also shows the reversal trend, which is when a bullish pattern becomes a bearish pattern and vice versa. Any other chart pattern is unlikely to be able to interpret it. Graphina – WordPress charts and graphs have every advantage, including access to all types of charts, not just candle charts.

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