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One of the most commonly used charts in data visualization is pie charts because they are as easy to create as to easily understand. 

A pie chart is a statistical graph for numerical proportions. Variables are added in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction on the circular motion of the graph. The variables are set according to the length of the arc on the border of the graph. The radial line can be utilized to connect the arcs to the center of the circle so that it divides the pie into slices.

Utilizations of Pie chart

Pie chart  - Graphina | Iqonic Design

1) For an analyzing section, pie charts are more accurate than the column chart and bar charts. They are also easily understandable by even users who do not have a statistical background and therefore are preferred for showcasing data.

2) Only needed simple proportions and not specific values. When being compared between approximations is enough for a discussion and yet does not need to get into the specifics. Pie charts aren’t just visually appealing but also satisfy just a ‘single view’ of data visualization better than other charts while studying it.

3) The small number of categories makes it easy to deduce information from the given sample pie chart. This is because it is easy to assess the proportion of each category when there are only four of them. Therefore, data analysis becomes much simpler. Usually, it is recommended to use pie charts when the number of categories is three or less.

Limitations of a pie chart

  • Your data values are not separated, data analysis utilizing a pie chart comes with a certain limit while dealing with data points of similar sizes. 
  • Now showcase specific data values and facilitate a partial comparison. 
  • Your data progresses in real time.
  • Comparing data appropriately with more than one metric. 

Graphina – Best Data Visualization Plugin 

Graphina - Best Data Visualization Plugin | Iqonic Design

Graphina is one of the best elementor charts and graphs plugins that allows you to create all sorts of unique charts and graphs. Consumption of good data and data visualization for any site owner is necessary. Now make data more appealing in an infographic manner with one of the best WordPress chart plugins – Graphina 

Graphina is known as a dominant WordPress chart plugin that makes it easy for developers to display data in a visually appealing way. Elementor charts and graphs are easily customizable as per your project requirement and allow the dev community to create the accurate perfect graph or chart for their site. 

Apex charts, Graphina and elementor charts, and graphs are considered to be the correct options for creating Data visualization on web pages. These plugins are essential for business professionals during presentations and the ones who are responsible for creating reports and statistics. 

  • 1000+ Variations 
  • 15+ Unique Charts 
  • 100+ Customization Options 
  • Data-Driven 
  • User-Friendly 
  • No coding Knowledge Required 
  • Multiple Google Fonts 
  • Real-time Customization 

Why you should choose Graphina? 

Looking for an advanced set of graphs and charts for empowering your data-driven site, look no further than Graphina – WordPress chart plugin. This plugin offers a wide range of tools that are perfect for any site and are needed to make the most out of its data. 

Creating Graphs and charts is quite a difficult task, but not with Graphina. Do you know why? Graphina – Data visualization WordPress plugin turns your raw data into visually appealing displays. This WordPress plugin has a free version too and is user-friendly. That makes it a great choice for bloggers and businesses alike. With Graphina – Data visualization WordPress plugin you can quickly create graphs and charts in multiple varieties of styles. 

Graphina – WordPress charts and graphs have amazingly responsive and animated charts that look great no matter how you take a look at them. 

Graphina – WordPress chart plugin is a library of charts and data visualization that allows end-users to embed charts into articles without having a piece of knowledge about coding. With Graphina – Data visualization WordPress plugin you can quickly create beautiful, informative charts for your site.


As data continues to expand, advanced technologies are becoming increasingly tangible. WordPress Data Visualisation plugins come in handy in such situations, as humans are better at processing visual data than reading numbers or spreadsheets. With this Data visualization WordPress plugin, it is possible to display and communicate data effectively. We hope this article has helped inform you of the powerful WordPress Data Visualisation plugins available. 

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