The Best Free 3D Icon Pack to Download in 2024


Free 3D icon packs are the thing that will make your template look more catchy and become self-centered with the help of its 3D icons. With the help of its icon packs, your website will be elevated from down level to upper level and this is what makes your presentation look more appealing to your clients. 

As we know, “First impression is the last impression.” 

So these free 3D icons packs will assist you to drop an impeccable impression of your own clients, and of course, if your first impression has a good impact on your clients then you don’t need to overthink how it is going to end. 

And this is not it, we are bringing this amazing 3D icon pack at a free rate, a Free 3D icons pack.

Cosmic 3D – Space Station 3D Model Free

Cosmic 3D | Space Station 3D Model Free | Iqonic Design

Cosmic is a Free 3D icon pack that has a space station 3D Model Free theme like it gives a space look that looks as beautiful as bright stars in dark night sky. 

Cosmic has a creative collection of multi-angled 3D icons that can be integrated within just a few clicks if you have a landing page, an online website or mobile app, or UI/UX design which is super handy. 

It engages attention from the starting point and keeps its attention continuous to the ending point. Using different 3D icon layouts, transparent PNG files, it can be quickly adapted and has a unique business design. 

It has 4+ features that make Cosmic worth outstanding:

3 camera angles – It has 3 different angles so that you can see a different perspective of the icons.

40+ Objects in the pack  It has 40+ different elegant icons that come only in one pack.

High Resolutions – It has images with high pixels of 2000x2000px, which helps it to make it look more appealing.

Blender File – It helps you to blend your file or PNG easily as per your requirement.

Dark Mode – It has a space station theme that’s why dark mode looks better in it!

Free Social Media 3D Icon Pack

Free Social Media 3D Icon Pack

Nowadays everyone is using social media, and for sure social media holds a lot of unity power.

Everyone has its own opinion and all of them are shared on social media with others. And as the global pandemic hit us we all have seen how much social media usage has grown from last year. 

So for this type of fluctuation of social media from down-level to top-level, that is why we are bringing you the icons for social media which are very magnetic and attention-luring icons that you can use for upcoming social media. This social media that we are providing are customizable and resizable as per your requirements.

You can customize this icon as per your needs and you can resize it on whatever type of size you want to get it. This has unique designs and styles and that too file formats like PNG and BLEND. These icons have high resolutions and are easily configurable.

SalesGiving 3D – Best Free 3D Icon Pack and Stickers for Black Friday

SalesGiving 3D - Best Free 3D Icon Pack and Stickers for Black Friday

SalesGiving is an impeccably designed free 3D icon pack and stickers for black Friday. To boost your marketing campaign for the long run then use this Free 3D icon pack for your UI/UX design. 

It is most assisting when shopping websites or mobile app projects. We have a popup template to go on your site to attract more clients. 

With more elegant icons and multi-angled icons, SalesGiving helps eCommerce and mortar stores for an outstanding sales offer and pitch to multiply sales and conversion. 

You can also upgrade from lite version to PRO version to gain more benefits from our Best 3D icon and sticker pack for Black Friday.



Handz is a 3D gestures icon to create an elegant graphic design. You can utilize Handz for Social media posts, Landing Pages, blogs, newsletters, etc. 

Under the license of CCO for free version. This means it’s free for commercial and personal use. You are receiving source files, 320+ PNG’s files rendered, 9 color skins, 3 variations of sleeves.

Marka Matte – Best Free Matte 3D Icon Pack for Brands and Logos

Marka Matte - Best Free Matte 3D Icon Pack for Brands and Logos

Marka is bringing the Matte trend which is evolving in the design world. It comes with a cool, and eye-catching layout. And it started gaining fame in PRO web solutions. 

With the soft stroke of matte on UI/UX creators can try it for a classic matte look using these free matte 3D UI elements for brands and logos. Matte icons add a gentle touch of sophistication and elegance to any web or app project. 

Freelancers, business owners, as well as UI/UX creators even with no icon designing or coding experience. 


As seen before this is one of the most amazing 3D icons, Nothing but these Free 3D icon Packs will make your site look more impeccable as you have read this far, I am sure you are impressed by our 3D icons. Grab it! Think no further!

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