The Major Admin Dashboard Alternatives: Hope UI vs Metronic


Not convinced that you need an admin dashboard template for your organization? You might have the wrong impression. As an admin dashboard displays the critical information needed to run an organization or any business from a single spot – on one page or one screen, we have come across one of the amazing admin dashboard alternatives to check with the highly acclaimed Hope UI – Free Open Source Admin Dashboard Template.

Some admin dashboards are graphically inclined, a few admin dashboard templates are driven toward tables and data, while others are focused on status indicators. To run a modern business, an admin dashboard with a combination of all of these is essential to sustain. A great admin dashboard holds massive information that’s key to leaders and decision-makers. So that being said, decisions are based on performance, do you need to keep a check on it? Do you need an admin dashboard that makes it easier and crystal clear for you? Our incontrovertible reply is YES!

In this article, we are comparing Hope UI – Open Source Admin Dashboard Template with the widely popular Admin Dashboard template Metronic. Here we are attempting to come up with some of the highlight-worthy points to help you decide the best suitable admin dashboard template for you.

What is the Hope UI Admin Dashboard? 

Hope UI – Free Open Source Admin Dashboard Template | Iqonic Design

An organization lives in different departments and multiple teams and to ease communication and hold up all essential information, an HOPE UI admin dashboard was created. Understanding the idea of boosting dev speed and saving designing iterations, Hope UI – Free Open Source Admin Dashboard Template is introduced.

Bundled with the pre-designed admin dashboard templates, UI design system kit, and comprehensive list of UI components, Hope UI speaks modern business and organization’s voice. A smartly customizable admin dashboard template not only allows ease of editing but also offers flexibility.

Launched in multiple framework versions like Vue Js, React, Tailwind, Laravel, Bootstrap, and modern and contemporary designed Design Systems like Figma, XD, and Sketch – Hope UI is a godfather of the admin dashboard.

Each design layout is built with business-efficient and production-ready pages. The grand admin dashboard template also comes with powerful plugins, widgets, tools, and sections that can be used individually and in combination to roll out the best and most appropriate admin dashboard for any business today.

What is the Metronic Admin Dashboard? 

Metronic Admin Dashboard

Metronic Admin Dashboard template is a super responsive and multifunctional admin framework backed by Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.7 and AngularJS 1.5. Metronic is designed to apply to a wide range of web apps and bespoke admin panels, admin dashboards, eCommerce backend functions, and CMS. CRM, and SaaS business applications. Featuring a sleek and clean appearance, Metronic admin dashboard is created with an intuitive and flat-balanced design, making your project appear stunning and user-friendly.

Metronic is curated to speed up development by three times and cut down the QA issues by 50%. The reduced need for designing, time, and resources will eventually raise the dev speed and bagging hundreds of dollars on a single project.

The latest version of Metronic admin dashboard comes with predefined admin dashboards like the Bidding dashboard, Podcast, Projects, React demo, Vue Demo, Angular demo, and so on.

Key features of the Hope UI Admin Dashboard (Free + Pro version)

  • 400+ components
  • 100% responsive 
  • 60+ Menu styles
  • Entire Design System 
  • Doc Viewers – PDF, Excel, etc
  • 360 product view
  • 3D – Threejs
  • Image Customizer
  • Kanban 
  • Signature plugin
  • Drag and Drop files Upload
  • Light and Dark Mode 
  • RTL support 
  • Supporting features: 
  • Cross-Browser compatible
  • Multiple pages 
  • Hover effects
  • 8 Dashboards
  • Collapsible navigation bar 
  • Multiple customizable layouts
  • Various form types
  • Google Maps
  • Authentication pages
  • Error pages
  • Set of utilities 
  • Widgets 
  • Search setting
  • Owl carousel 
  • Font Awesome 
  • Google fonts

Key features of the Metronic Admin Dashboard 

  • 30 default components
  • Superfast loading pages
  • Adaptive and responsive layouts
  • Gulp & Webpack build tools
  • No designing skills required
  • Tailored Bootstrap framework and more!

What do you get in the Hope UI Admin Dashboard package?

  • All dashboard demos
  • Design System
  • All technology framework versions
  • All HTML files
  • JavaScript source files
  • Library and plugin files

What do you get in the Metronic Admin Dashboard package?

  • 150+ functional pages
  • Default & advanced searches
  • 7 Account pages
  • Horizontal wizards
  • Vertical wizards
  • Horizontal Menus
  • Projects App Flow
  • 6 User Profile pages
  • 20+ New widgets
  • 6 Brand new toolbars Forms Wizard 

Libraries & plugins of the Hope UI Admin Dashboard

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Font Awesome 
  • Google fonts 
  • jQuery 

Major Libraries & plugins of the Metronic Admin Dashboard

  • Alerts
  • Badges
  • Cards
  • Pagination
  • Popovers
  • Rating
  • Separator
  • Clipboard
  • Flatpickr
  • noUiSlider
  • reCaptcha
  • CKEditor
  • AmCharts
  • ApexCharts
  • Datatables
  • Full Calendar
  • Smooth Scroll 
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