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The Major Admin Dashboard Alternatives: Hope UI vs Stisla


Designing an admin dashboard UI that your users will love takes time, tons of research, and re-works and testing. Fortunately, we do have considerable alternatives to find the perfect admin dashboard template that can match modern business requirements. 

With numerous admin dashboard designs coming frequently, UI UX creators have built clever admin dashboards to meet the specific preferences of web projects today.

As businesses dream of a simple interface to access all information, trends, tricky areas, updates, and more, having an admin dashboard template that is accessible, easy to understand, and scalable makes it the top choice.  

While designing an admin dashboard can be a nightmare, if it is not based on a clear concept, all the research and development is in vain. Designing the admin dashboard is a huge task.

You will run out of time just thinking about what components you need to create the admin dashboard for your specific project. Having a powerful and flexible set of components in the admin dashboard template is a blessing that saves time, effort, and energy and gives a brilliant base to begin. 

This article compares Hope UI – Open Source Admin Dashboard Template with a clean and professionally built free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template – Sistla. Both of these admin dashboard templates are designed with mobile-first layouts and come with pre-designed pages.

Let us go through some of the highlight-worthy points to help you decide which admin dashboard template helps you build your web project faster and flawlessly. 

What is the Hope UI Admin Dashboard Template?

Hope UI | Admin Dashboard Template | Iqonic Design

Exceptional design, modern UI UX driven, contemporary structure, and so on – Hope UI is the latest, advanced, and brilliant Open Source Admin Dashboard template available in the marketplace.

Developed with predefined pages, ready-to-use dashboards, and numerous customizable UI components, Hope UI is a free Open-source for UI UX community fans, followers, and lovers. 

Putting ease of use at its center, Hope UI – free bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template developed with meticulous attention to code and a bloat-free framework to launch modern-day web projects at lightning-fast speed.

Hope UI – free Figma bootstrap 5 UI kit is available in major development technologies like Bootstrap, VueJS, ReactJS, Laravel, Tailwind, and more; so that development preferences do not get compromised. With all mobile-responsive and production-ready pages, Hope UI – Best Free Open Source Dashboard UI Kit and Template is as ambitious and aspirational as its name.  

What is the Stisla Admin Dashboard Template?

stisla  | Admin Dasjboard Template

Stisla is a free Bootstrap admin template to help UI UX developers speed up web projects. Integrated with more than 30+ third-party libraries, Stisla comes with various UI components that can be altered to launch a unique dashboard. Stisla is written with HTML5 and CSS3 and it supports most modern browsers. 

With a clean dashboard interface, Stisla admin dashboard saves a lot of time and research for creators in creating a successful web project. The free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard template Stisla comes with only a free version for users where they get the freedom to build a web project of their requirement. 

Key Features of Hope UI Admin Dashboard (Free + Pro)

Best Free Open Source Dashboard UI Kit and Template | Hope UI | Iqonic Design
  • 400+ components
  • 100% responsive 
  • 60+ Menu styles
  • Entire Design System 
  • Doc Viewers – PDF, Excel, etc
  • 360 product view
  • 3D – Threejs
  • Image Customizer
  • Kanban 
  • Signature plugin
  • Drag and Drop File Upload
  • Light and Dark Mode 
  • RTL support 

Supporting Features: 

  • Cross-Browser compatible
  • Multiple pages 
  • Hover effects
  • 8 Dashboards
  • Collapsible navigation bar 
  • Multiple customizable layouts
  • Various form types
  • Google Maps
  • Authentication pages
  • Error pages
  • Set of utilities 
  • Widgets 
  • Search setting
  • Owl carousel 
  • Font Awesome 
  • Google fonts

Key Features of the Stisla Admin Dashboard 

  • Responsive design
  • Verified by W3C
  • Javascript APIs
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4

What Do You Get in the Hope UI Admin Dashboard Package?

  • All dashboard demos
  • Design System
  • All technology framework versions
  • All HTML files
  • JavaScript source files
  • Library and plugin files

What do you get in the Stisla Admin Dashboard package?

  • Pre-built dashboards
  • Pre-designed pages
  • Bootstrap
  • Layouts
  • Components 
  • Third-party libraries 
  • Auth pages
  • Utility pages like Contact, Invoice, Subscribe 
  • Error pages and more! 

Libraries & Plugins of the Hope UI Admin Dashboard

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Font Awesome 
  • Google fonts 
  • jQuery 

Libraries & plugins of the Stisla Admin Dashboard

  • Calendar
  • ChartJS
  • DataTables
  • Flag
  • Font Awesome
  • Ion Icns
  • Owl Carousel
  • Sparkline
  • Sweet Alert 
  • Toastr
  • Vector Ma
  • Weather Icon 
  • Google Maps
  • Forms 
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