10+ Best Premium and Free Admin Dashboard Templates 2023


With these best premium and free admin templates, you can speed up your process and save a tone of time.

You can now design a stunning user experience for your web projects without having to put in a lot of time and effort. Utilize ready-to-use templates to manage your websites and apps like the big fish.

You can start tweaking and scaling up the outcomes once you have everything under control and a thorough picture of your project.

Each page in this collection of Premium and Free Admin Dashboard Templates has a gorgeous layout that can be customized to fit as per needs. These tools are not only useful in terms of functions, but they are also beautifully designed. This simply adds to the enjoyment of using them.

A template that follows recent design trends and has amazing features can’t go wrong. However, it all boils down to your individual choices and needs.

Create a Dashboard Template Free and Powerful to your requirements

We have many variations of the Premium and Free Bootstrap Admin Templates for you to choose from so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. Some are more specific, while others are broader. However, as your project grows to new heights, you may find that you need to upgrade the admin.

In most cases, free versions are accompanied by a premium upgrade. If you are not looking for free versions, you can take a look and headstart with a collection of the Free Bootstrap Admin Templates right away.

If you’re starting a new project and need an admin dashboard, we’ve got you covered. We have got you all covered with a free tool or get right off and choose a premium admin template.

The template you choose from Best Premium and Free Admin Dashboard Templates is responsive in both cases and includes several features that you will find useful. Take action right now to create fantastic web apps.

Best Premium and Free Admin Dashboards Templates For You

Hope UI – Free Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template

Free Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template | Hope UI | Iqonic Design

Knowing how exactly your web project is doing is important and this free Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template HOPE UI is one of the brilliant creation. The best free Bootstrap 5 Admin template comes with predefined tools to build a practical and easy-to-understand admin panel for any web project.

With this free HTML Admin Template bundle, you can get access to more than 100+ elements, 30+ Menu styles to create an impressive Menu for the website, Light and Dark mode, RTL, Special authentication pages, and a rich Design System in Figma, Sketch, and XD.

Available in multiple framework versions, Hope UI – Free Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template comes in – Vuejs, Laravel, Reactjs, and Tailwind. The feature-rich and smartly customizable, Hope UI – Free Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template is not just any other admin template.

The extensive domain-driven pre-designed demos, special authentication pages, UI elements to quickly customize allow infinite possibilities to build unique web apps in matter of minutes.

POSDash Lite – Free VueJS HTML Inventory Admin Template

PosDash – Free VueJS HTML Inventory Admin Template is a modern and clean Admin UI Template for inventory and point of sale applications. This free VueJs HTML template for inventory system is intended for web developers and business owners who are developing inventory and sales web applications. It distinguishes itself with its uniquely designed utility Pages. It is a “ modern ” and able to adapt dashboard with a variety of ready-to-use pages.

This Free Admin Template‘s design and super clean appearance will make your backend app look fabulous and classy. It runs smoothly on all major web browsers, tablets, and smartphones. This Free Dashboard Template has some amazing pages such as Dashboard, Products, Categories, Sales, Purchases, People, Returns, and much more. Each prebuilt is responsive and retina-ready, ensuring your design will look amazing on any device.

WebKit – Free Admin Template HTML for Project Management

The Webkit – Free Admin Template HTML for Project Management is a one from the Best Free Admin Dashboard Templates which is clean, up-to-date Admin UI template for web application project management. This project management HTML admin template free is designed for web developers and business entrepreneurs who create a Project Management application based on the cloud. Their uniquely designed utility pages are outstanding. This free admin template is modern and versatile and contains several ready-to-use pages.

Your backend app looks beautiful and elegant with its design and super clean looks. All major Web browsers, tablets, and phones function seamlessly. Each page is reactive and ready for the retina, making every device look good.


ArchitectUI is an excellent and simple admin dashboard template for all kinds of applications and projects. If you are looking to create a nice Admin Panel Template, make sure you don’t miss the ArchitectUI checkout. You will discover all the equipment necessary to achieve your idea quickly. There are nine prepared demos in the bundle, which you can use out of the box or adapt to your preferences. However, this is only the beginning of the entire design ArchitectUI collection.

More than 50 handy elements, more than 30 variations in chart boxes, plug-ins, widgets and parts, tables, various icons, are available as well. ArchitectUI is, normally, also fully responsive and compatible with cross-browsers. In all other words, the admin works perfectly irrespective of your device or platform.


Kero has two different models, one with a horizontal layout and one with a sideboard, which can be reduced to a minimum to make space for other components. Gulp as well as Bootstrap 4 are powered by it. The common design language of all components and elements is integrated with SASS perfectly.

Simplicity and ease are Kero’s two core features. However, this admin template still has a lot more than that. The canvas comes in horizontal and vertical structures of nine different shows. Kero also contains nine different color schemes for the elements, which give you a wide range of possibilities without spending too much time.

Let’s dig deeper still. Kero has 25 button types, clean application samples, and over 10 card styles with unique navigation menus. Even if you use the available information exactly as it remains, with Kero you still see fantastic results. Avoid the complications and keep things with Kero professional and easy.

Marketing Dashboard

A modern admin template for all the marketers and agencies is the Marketing Dashboard. Whether you work on your campaigns or customers, it is important to keep track of everything for success. With the right admin, you can make the right decisions based on statistically valuable data.

You can monitor your user’s steps when they go through their conversion funnel with the Marketing Dashboard. You can test, optimize, and evaluate what works. Manage and maintain campaigns like a champion and, thanks to the dashboard, keep everything as organized as possible.

Analytic Dashboard

An analytic dashboard is a type of Dashboard Template, containing a wide range of data that is created and used for executives by analysts. They come from having an overview of data and medium-sized management is a key component of their use. You can now create one exclusive for your needs instead of using third-party platforms. You can default monitor all kinds of metrics, but it can also be modified and expanded using new features.

The layout is mobile and cross-browser friendly, ensuring outstanding performance for each user. Some more features include back-to-top, sticky sidebar navigation, drop-downs, animations, and much more.

At the intersection of the strategic and operational dashboard can also be found the analytical dashboard. They are made up of various modules which can have a positive impact on a business’s performance if properly used. Obviously, first of all, you can preview it, view it fully, and go there.

User Management Dashboard

It is much easier than you think that user management is at the next level. You need the User Management Dashboard for a period to do this comfortably and effectively. This admin template has great features to get your project started.

The dashboard for user management is a stylish dashboard based on the Bootstrap framework that has long been expected. This interactive dashboard includes the user details, product details, measurements, listings, events, and sales figures of the entire organization. This view of each aspect of your user portfolio allows you to quickly and easily take a complete picture of your operations with no valuable information wasted.

It uses all the newest technologies for web development and it has dozens of components ready to be used in your product.

It is easy for any Web app, SaaS, or website to set, customize and use.


The Bootstrap Admin template can be used free of charge. In addition to a number of powerful jQuery plugins and tools, it uses the default bootstrap 4 styles to create an effective framework for admin panels or back-end dashboards. Since the layout and all elements are built and ready to use, you will save time.

No need for an admin from scratch design and development in the Bootstrap admin template. The theme uses a spread of libraries for charts, calendar, form validation, wizard-style interface, navigation off-canvas navigation menu, text forms, date range, upload area, form autocomplete, range slider, progress bars, notifications, and more.

Gentelella is flexible, ready to use, and adapted for any screen, mobile, tablet, and desktop size, because of its Bootstrap framework. The tool also includes several jQuery plugins that are extremely useful to track data in order to optimize your project online. Charts, calendars, off-canvas, progress bars, and a bunch of other elements you need in order to create the desired admin panel.


Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template  – is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable template based on Bootstrap 5. If you’re a developer looking for a Bootstrap 5 Admin Template enriched with features and a highly customizable look no further than Materio. Besides, the highest industry standards are considered to bring you the very best admin template that is not just fast and easy to use, but highly scalable. Offering ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build whatever application you want without any hassle.

Furthermore, you can use this Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin template to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing single-page applications. Besides, your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they’ll look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


  • Based on Bootstrap 5
  • Vertical & Horizontal layouts
  • Default, Bordered & Semi-dark themes
  • Light & Dark mode support
  • Internationalization/i18n & RTL Ready
  • Layout Generator
  • Theme Config: Customize our template without sweat.
  • 3 Dashboard
  • 2 Chart libraries
  • SASS Powered and Many more.


The Metronic admin template is one of the popular admin dashboard templates. This includes many variations in layout and works as HTML and Angular 7 native templates. Metronic is a powerful and convenient tool that is perfect for beginners and advanced users. In the first place, you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of an admin dashboard in working with Metronic. This dashboard is mobile-friendly and flexible. Each layout of Metronic is retina-ready, making your creation look beautiful on modern web browsers.

Metronic also provides video tutorials to simplify the process for anyone who sets up a custom admin. In addition, the author routinely keeps the template up-to-date so that your Bootstrap admin can stand the time test. Metronic includes a cool layout builder to help you change and adjust the look to your preferences. Look no further, start taking action now, without breaking a single drop of sweat.


Admindek HTML is a long-awaited Bootstrap-based Admin Dashboard Template. Admindek is a clean and impactful free admin template that looks minimal for the upcoming application and for other projects online. If the last piece of the puzzle is a dashboard, here you have a spectacular one that will take care of your requirements and display all the information, stats, and other whatnots superbly and stunningly.

Admindek, of course, is also 100% responsive and mobile, appearing smoothly on various devices. It adapts to modern web browsers instantly and acclimates like a charm.

Moreover, Admindek has many useful widgets that cover all your project segments. In addition, the look and the elements can be comfortably adjusted to your needs. This is an Admin Template based on Bootstrap, with a massive overall collection of UI elements and even predefined pages to suit you.

So you got it there, people! 10+ Best Free Admin Templates to select. They are all great, but you have to choose which one will best suit you. Better backend monitoring here!

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