Top 5 E-commerce Plugins For WordPress Data Visualization In 2024


The e-commerce industry is booming, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. To capitalize on this growth, online stores need to employ the right tools and technologies. Luckily for them, there are several excellent eCommerce plugins available.

Developers, Designers, and creative agencies Would Relate to this – 

There are many WordPress eCommerce plugins in the market. However, not all of them have the features you need for your specific use case.

Now as a Developer, Designer, and creative agency many clients would come to you with multiple demands they would want a WordPress Data Visualization plugin that is multi-purpose and also serves in multiple ways of presenting data in an infographic way.

As discussed earlier, about the clients with multiple demands for the Data Visualization WordPress Plugin below are the plugins that are flexible and have been known for their service in the E-commerce world – 

1) Graphina – Elementor Charts and Graphs

Graphina | Elementor Charts and Graphs | Iqonic Design

You know as I said earlier, that clients come with multiple demands regarding features and customization. The solution to that is Graphina because it offers many features and all customization as per their requirement without touching any single code of line. 

In 2024, Graphina will be one of the top 5 eCommerce plugins. It’s a free Elementor Charts and Graphs plugin that produces a wide range of WordPress charts and graphs. Processing large amounts of data can be a real pain for both viewers and presenters.

Data consumption and data visualization are essential for any site owner. Using a great WordPress chart plugin can allow you to turn your raw data into a very appealing infographic way.

Pros of Using Graphina 


Nowadays customization options are available with every plugin, but you know that not every plugin offers customization without knowing how to code. But with Graphina you can customize zero percent coding knowledge. 

With Graphina you can customize your eCommerce site from header to footer, main pages to inner pages, and many more. 

Safe Data Keeper

It will keep itself updated with real-time sales. It will keep you safe and known to you and accessible to you only. It shows you your monthly record in an infographic way using multiple appealing Graphs and charts


If you are at a startup then Graphina is the best because operating is easy peasy. You can use every bit of it with ease because it has a famous Elemenor Drag & Drops option where you just pick your favorite Graphs and Chart and drop it. 


Graphina is just like water as it would take shape in any vessel. Just like that Graphina is it would fit on any screen device and would operate smoothly without any lacking. 


Graphina comes with many appealing WordPress charts and graphs plugins. which would assist you in presenting Data. 

  • 15+ Powerful Charts & Graphs 
  • 100+ Customization options 
  • 1000+ Variations 

And many more features are available. 

2) Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce

In 2024, WooCommerce is going to be the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. Its popularity comes from its association with WordPress and the number of add-ons and themes available for it. WooCommerce also has a very active developer community. 

Recently, several hosting companies have started creating specialized Plugins. 

3) Big Commerce

BigCommerce is a great eCommerce platform because it is fully hosted and offers seamless integration with WordPress. This allows you to use a scalable eCommerce platform while using WordPress to manage your content and run your website. It has a powerful integration plugin for WordPress which makes it very easy to embed your products in WordPress.

4) Tableau Public

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a great data visualization tool for non-developers. Its maps, graphs, and charts make it easy to understand data. However, there are some limitations to using Tableau Public. For example, you can’t save data locally or refresh it. Any visualizations you create will be accessible to the public. 

5) High Charts

High Charts

Highcharts offers a range of great data visualization tools, like charts and maps. And if you’re not up for coding your visuals with JavaScript, don’t worry—Highcharts has you covered with a bunch of helpful plugins. Plus, Highcharts is free for personal use, school projects, and non-profit organizations. 


In this article, we took a look at the top 5 eCommerce plugins for WordPress data visualization in 2024. These plugins will help online stores manage and process their data more efficiently, allowing them to make more informed and precise decisions and better understand their customers. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the competition, make sure to implement one of these plugins into your eCommerce store today!

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