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Top 5 Sales & Marketing Dashboard Sorted For You


While the benefits of using a CRM Dashboard for sales and marketing are many, there is still one important question every business needs to ask themselves before committing to a product: Which Sales & Marketing Dashboard solution is right for my business? If you’re not sure what factors will help your business make the right decision, we’ve compiled a list of questions that should help you evaluate your options to get you a Best Sales Dashboard

Below are the 5 key & superior things which are important and not to be taken lightly to make sure it is in your CRM Report :- 

1) Closed Sales 

At the end of the day, the superior should have every information about how many have been closed by the sales team through the CRM Report. Tons of leads are managed by the sales team, and in the end, they are left with organic leads. And if these leads won’t bring any genuine and organic leads then the manager should keep this in mind and have a look at their agents who need to bring genuine and organic leads that should be changed. 

2) Weekly Reports 

“Weekly a report, will always keep you updated about sales” for sure it will be good for the superior one and they will have a sense of which one is the key thing for their sales agents. CRM Dashboard will give them information about who is more determined which agent can go beyond their limits in a good way and which agent can improve or need to improve. 

3) Sales Activity Reports 

Superior should keep information about how their leads, agents, and opportunities are linking with each other through Marketing Dashboard. Leads and opportunities evolution is done by personalized experiences. Superiors should know their favorable language of communication in order to improve the customer experience and increase the sales number. 

4) Activity Calendar

Tracking every activity and event is a key for superior who needs their team to play a more active role with their communities, customer and leads. If an important meeting or video conference to that has a high possibility of increasing revenue, then shoot for long because the ball is in your court. 

5) Team Collaboration 

“A group of mentally strong members can even make physically strong members weak on their knees” But for that, the whole team needs to have the same mindset and have one goal. Having all this information at one time on the Marketing dashboard is a great way for a superior to see what his/her team is up to how & what type of data has been gathered and what benefits can be gained from using data via CRM Dashboard. If there’s any mistake then they directly let them know in the CRM Dashboard. 

Now you may say, that I have the client who wants to have their CRM Dashboard which helps them to do their evolution on another level a Marketing dashboard that will venture, then don’t you worry we have gotcha with one of the Sales Dashboard which has been known the most like by many and made it one of the Best Sales Dashboard. 

Here I am bringing you one of the Best Sales Dashboards which is Datum – React, Vue, Laravel, HTML CRM Admin Dashboard Template.

Datum – CRM Admin Dashboard Template

Datum | CRM Admin Dashboard Template | Iqonic Design

Datum – CRM admin dashboard template is a clean and modish CRM Dashboard. Datum – CRM Admin dashboard template is a suitable enterprise product, designed and created to manage and scale business data.

Datum – Bootstrap admin dashboard comes with React, VueJS and laravel framework. Datum – React, Vue, Laravel, HTML CRM Admin Dashboard Template has metrics like Sales, Production, Profit, Products and many others. 

Datum – CRM Admin Template is build with advanced technologies like Handlebars, Gulp and SaSS comes with Multiple intellectual Home Pages and gorgeous inner pages like Customer Page, Chart Page, User Profile Page, Pricing Page and many more. 

Datum React, Vue, Laravel, HTML CRM Admin Dashboard Template has multiple UI components and chart modules which allows you to present and tools to showcase data in an appealing way and plan the optimization strategy. 

Datum – Best Sales Dashboard is one of the most known and choose by many. Datum – CRM Admin Template brings you moveable effects, hover effects, free google fonts, and much more. 

5+ features that is served by Datum – CRM Admin Template and relevant ones – 

  • Built with HTML, SaaS, Handlebars & Gulp
  • Easy to customize 
  • Cross Browser Optimisation 
  • Fully Responsive 
  • Hover Effects 
  • Lifetime Free Support by expert & customer support. 

With all this things coming in only one thing is Datum – CRM Dashboard which will assist to create and boost your projects like Startup system,Marketing Dashboard, Exhaustive business suite for Customer Relations, Customer Management Projects, Scaling and sales planning admin dashboard projects, and many more. 


Follow the above things and grab the opportunity the grab one of the finest CRM Dashboard and venture Sales & Marketing Via Datum – Best Sales Dashboard

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