Top 8+ Codeigniter Admin Dashboard Template For Better Admin Panels


Looking for an amazing Codeigniter admin dashboard template? Well! Here is the article, for you that will fit and complete all the needs of your project. 

This set of Codeigniter admin frameworks is excellent! It is simple but still has all of the features that you need to create top-notch web applications. Plus, these Codeigniter admin templates are gorgeous!

Now, Codeigniter is one of the top-quality platforms that allow developers easily to create websites and applications. Additionally, It is quite famous among PHP web developers because of its various features and it’s beneficial to create a strong web application in PHP.

Codeigniter has become one of the best platforms for developers to create websites and applications, due to its various features. The Codeigniter admin panel is also quite popular among PHP web developers because it is so beneficial in creating strong web applications. 

Without further do, we will go to the Top 8+ Codeigniter Admin Dashboard Template For Better Admin Panels – 

1) Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component

Hope UI - Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component | Codeigniter Admin Dashboard Template | Iqonic Design

With Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Components Library, you don’t need to be a coding whiz to create stunning visualizations of your data! This makes this Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component extremely user-friendly for those who want to create gorgeous, functional web applications, without learning to code from scratch.

If you’re in search of a Bootstrap admin template that will truly make an impact, Hope UI is most certainly worth your while. It comes equipped with an array of plugins, widgets, tools, and diverse UI components – all of which are based on the latest Bootstrap framework. This makes Hope UI an immensely powerful and flexible toolkit for website creation. 

With Hope UI, you can take your project to new heights. It uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as VueJs, Laravel, ReactJs, and Tailwind, and its top-notch design system is unrivaled. Plus, with Figma, Sketch, and XD design files, Hope UI is a breeze to use and you’re bound to get the outcome you want.

Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Components Library features – 

  • 400+ components
  • 100% responsive 
  • 60+ Menu styles
  • Entire Design System 
  • 360 product view
  • Cross-Browser compatible
  • Multiple customizable layouts 
  • 8 Dashboards

2) Vuexy 


Vuexy is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable Admin Dashboard Template based on Bootstrap 4 & 5, Bootstrap Vue & Reactstrap.

Vuexy is the perfect admin dashboard template for developers who are looking for a developer-friendly, feature-rich, and highly customizable solution. We have followed the highest industry standards to bring you an admin template that is not only fast and easy to use but also scalable. With Vuexy, you will be able to build any type of application you want with minimal effort.

3) Materialize


Materialize is an excellent resource for anyone looking to find material design widgets and UI elements. The website is user-friendly and fun to use, making it a great option for anyone looking for a great user experience.

You can build any type of web application with Materialize, including:

  • SaaS platforms
  • Project management apps
  • Ecommerce backends
  • CRM systems
  • Analytics apps
  • Banking apps
  • Education apps
  • Fitness apps
  • many more

4) Skote


Skote CodeIgniter admin dashboard template is an excellent choice for those looking for a responsive and feature-rich admin dashboard template. Its design files are compatible with Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. Additionally, it uses modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

This carefully designed admin template comes with a range of dark and light layouts, as well as RTL options, meaning it can be easily tailored to any web application you’re working on, be it a Saas-based interface, an eCommerce platform, a cryptocurrency project, a CRM or CMS system, or a simple project management app. It’s also highly customizable and features easily understandable code, making it a breeze to work with.

5) Pick 


Pick is a bootstrap admin dashboard template built with the Twitter Bootstrap 4 Framework. It has a great collection of reusable UI components. jQuery plugins are also integrated into the design. The most recent Codeigniter 4 version was incorporated into the bundle.

It is also easy to use and customize, making it perfect for your needs. You can tailor the template to your specific needs and requirements for projects. You can also use it for multiple purposes, for example, Project Management systems, CRM, HRMS, Real Estate, Ecommerce, etc.

6) NOA


NOA – Codeigniter admin Template is an excellent admin and dashboard template because it is built with bootstrap 5 and Codeigniter. It also has different layouts that SCSS manages and auto-generated CSS.

Noa is an amazing responsive design that is perfect for any type of web application. The dark and light layout options are both stunning and make it easy to customize to your specific needs. You can use the PHP Codeigniter admin template to easily develop beautiful and functional admin panels.

7) Veltrix


Veltrix – CodeIgniter is an admin dashboard template that has been designed with great care and attention to detail, resulting in a clean and minimal end design. The Dark and Light Layouts come with RTL options making this template perfect for any web application, including Saas-based interfaces, eCommerce, CRM, CMS, Project management apps, Admin Panels, and more.

Here at Veltrix, we are constantly striving to improve our product. We have added lots of new design widgets and 12 different types of layouts to ensure that our product is responsive on all screens. Our code is also developer-friendly and written with performance in mind. We truly believe that our product is top-notch and easy to use.

8) Sash


Our CodeIgniter admin template, Sash, allows you to quickly and easily create stunning dashboards that will wow your users. With this template, you can customize your dashboard in no time, without having to start from scratch or do any coding. We pride ourselves on making our templates in a very professional manner so that our clients are always satisfied.

9) Nowa


Nowa is an exemplary Bootstrap 5 CodeIgniter admin dashboard template. It is fully responsive, multipurpose, and easy to customize. This CodeIgniter admin panel template includes HTML elements and 60+ jQuery plugins. We have designed vertical and horizontal menus with both LTR and RTL layouts, having light, dark, transparent, and transparent background image styles.


After reading this article, you should understand what Codeigniter is and why it is so popular among PHP developers. Additionally, you should now have a good grasp of the various features that make up a top-notch Codeigniter admin panel. Finally, you should be able to identify the 8+ best Codeigniter admin templates for your next project.

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