10 Bold And Contemporary Fonts Architecture Website Creators Should Use


Architects and designers frequently use visual components as expressive techniques. The most popular are drawings, which come in a wide range of techniques, styles, and patterns. However, among the several components that make up the boards, panels, and drawings, as well as the techniques and models, there is one that aids in composition and identity: the font.

More about fonts 

Fonts are a set of systems that give the impression of types and are one of the pillars of Graphic Design. There are differences in the letters (light, italic, and bold), the kind of box (high – uppercase and lower – lowercase), and the source classification, which includes Sans – serif (without serif), Serif (with serif), Script (cursive), and Dingbat (ornamental), among other things. In order to make this more effective, the designers look for an Architect WordPress Theme that comes with modern and industry-approved fonts.

My Personal Favorite 

StudioArch – Best WordPress Theme for Architects

StudioArch – Best WordPress Theme for Architects | Iqonic Design

StudioArch – Best WordPress Theme for Architects is a feature-rich, cutting-edge WordPress theme for architects and interior designers. 

The premium-designed architect WordPress theme is scalable and adaptable to the needs of the website. The StudioArch – Best WordPress Theme for Architects gives a solid basis for creating complex and future-ready architect and interior design websites.

StudioArch –  Architect WordPress Theme is a unique blend of professionalism and creativity. The best Architecture WordPress theme for architects and online architecture design firms adds a new level of evolution and depth to the WordPress website.

The architect WordPress theme comes with three different home demos to choose from Main Home for commercial architectural projects and companies, Home two with a large video slider to influence and showcase luxury, and Home three with block style designs to attract modernized living and housing websites.

With its extremely impactful design and visual sections, StudioArch –  WordPress theme for Architects makes a striking statement.

 by Old Style Renaissance typefaces, but without the serifs for a cleaner, more flowing appearance. FontSquirrel has 12 weights of the font available for free download.

Some of the Hand picked Fonts Architecture Website Creators Should Use

1) Futura

This Futura font, designed by Paul Renner in the 1920s, is a classic example of Modern Graphic Design. It uses straight lines and curves in syntony, creating equilibrium in the textual set, and is inspired by Bauhaus principles. Despite the visual cleanliness, this font should not be used in long paragraphs because it causes visual fatigue. The architectural boards’ punctual texts, such as titles and subtitles, are indicated. It is widely employed in business buildings for aesthetic identity.

2) Brandon Grotesque

Hannes von Döhren’s Brandon Grotesque is based on the geometrical sans-serif style popular in the early 1990s. The font’s smaller width-to-height ratio makes it a clean yet attractive typeface for Architect WordPress Theme. The font can be spotted in business layouts like Comedy Central’s, Twitter designer Sean Thompson’s portfolio, and others.

3) Karla

Karla is a grotesque sans serif designed by Jonathan Pinhorn in the style of Helvetica and Futura. Karla is a versatile sans serif with a softly vintage flavor, with a distinct modernist Best Architecture WordPress Theme. Corbusier would be happy. The print typeface is available in four weights and may be downloaded from FontSquirrel.

Karla is now available as a web font on Google Fonts, allowing you to use the same typeface for both print and online architecture portfolios.

4) Consolas

Because of its clean aesthetics and proportion of lines, Consolas this typeface is suitable for contests and university boards, as well as text boxes in graphic detail. It allows for long readings without tiring the reader. Lucas deGroot’s typeface is also extensively used in books and specialized Architecture journals.

This typeface, along with the other five (Cambria, Constantia, Corbel, Candara, and Calibri) are among the most commonly used typographies on Windows, and they don’t require any external acquisition.

5) Helvetica

The majority of Best WordPress themes for Architects, even those with little or no graphic design experience, instinctively choose sans serif typefaces because of their simplicity and straight lines. Helvetica is well-known among professionals, as it is among the most widely used texts. It was designed in the twentieth century by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann and is firmly connected with modern graphic design. Its designer intended a neutral and compact design with its set of lines and layout.

6) D-DIN

D-DIN is modeled by the popular DIN architect font. DIN was widely used for traffic and administrative signage from the 1930s forward, taking its name from the Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization). Because the typeface was created for technical needs, it has a simple, ultra-legible style.

D-DIN is a true tribute to the classic typeface from the 1930s, and it looks just as good on the captions of architecture portfolios as it does for architectural brand identities.

7) Work Sans

Work Sans is a sturdy, stable, and ultra-legible sans serif typeface based on early grotesque sans serifs with broader letterforms than Futura or Universe. Work Sans is a free typeface family with 21 weights that has been optimized for screen displays (with larger diacritic markings, for example, to improve readability at tiny sizes), but it may also be used for print portfolios and presentations. Work Sans is a free typeface family designed by Wei Huang that you can download in its entirety.

8) Proza Libre

Proza Libre is another wonderful alternative for Architect WordPress Theme wanting for something a little different than the conventional Helvetica and Futura tributes, with a similar sculptural approach to Reforma. Proza Libre is an exquisite humanist sans serif that would be ideal for environmental architecture or organic architectural types.

Proenza Libre was designed by Jasper de Waard and is inspired by Old Style Renaissance typefaces, but without the serifs for a cleaner, more flowing appearance. FontSquirrel has 12 weights of the font available for free download.

9) Mammoth

Mammoth is a bold sans serif typeface that will make your projects stand out. You can use it for any project that requires a powerful, clear message because of its current look.

It’s suitable for a wide range of projects, including fashion, magazines, logos, branding, photography, invites, wedding invitations, quotes, blog headers, posters, commercials, postcards, books, and websites. Regular and outline variants, as well as lowercase letters, are included in this download. To create unique designs, mix & match the outline and regular versions.

10) IBM Plex

Designed by IBM’s Mike Abbink in partnership with Bold Monday, a Dutch-type foundry that describes itself as “the typographical equivalent of a so-called “indie” musical label.” The front of the card is dedicated to IBM’s brand values, beliefs, and design concepts. It is IBM’s worldwide corporate typeface. Plex, which contains Sans, Sans Condensed, Mono, and Serif, was released as an open-source project in 2017.


All the most popularly used fonts are at your disposal with StudioArch – Best WordPress theme for Architects and each font comes with its own unique charm. It is an individual designer’s personal choice and the requirement to choose any Architect WordPress Theme. My personal Favorite was StudioArch – Best WordPress theme for Architects and packs Google fonts that are sleek and stylish yet professional and elegant. Besides, the reason I chose this one is because it is totally responsive and retina-ready, thanks to the Redux framework.

This Architect WordPress theme excels in the details as well, with over 800+ Google fonts and UI components that may be tweaked.

StudioArch – Best WordPress theme for Architects can also be changed and customized without coding knowledge by using the popular Elementor page builder plugin.

The Best Architecture WordPress Theme for Architects also ensures that content is easily and quickly replaced with a one-click demo import.

And more importantly, it includes free theme updates for the rest of your life, as well as expert customer technical support and guidance. What else you need to make your work easy. 

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