5 Powerful Plugins For Visualizing Data In WordPress Website


WordPress is a popular content management system that enables users to create websites and blogs from scratch, or to improve the existing design and functionality of their website. 

As a result, there are millions of WordPress websites on the internet. While many of these sites are purely for information purposes, an increasing number are being used to display data visualizations. In this blog post, we will take a look at five plugins that can be used to create data visualizations in WordPress.

Below are the top 5 Powerful plugins for data Visualization in WordPress Websites – 

1) wpDatatables

wpDataTables is the perfect tool for you if you want to manage your data in a neat and well-organized way. With this handy tool, you will be able to create tables and charts, filter data, add new rows or columns, and perform many other actions with just a few clicks. 

wpDataTables comes with a powerful editor that makes working with data a breeze.

2) iList

iList is the perfect Plugins For Visualizing Data In WordPress to quickly create beautiful, elegant, and professional infographics or lists. 

With iList, you can easily add dynamic HTML5 charts and graphs to your posts or pages, making data visualization easy and fun. And because iList is fully responsive, your infographics will look great on any device. So why wait? Get started with iList today!

3) Graphina – WordPress charts and graphs

With Graphina, web developers can easily add awesome WordPress charts and graphs to their websites, making data presentations more user-friendly and appealing. 

This WordPress chart plugin offers a wide range of graph types and variations, as well as plenty of customization options, so you can create the perfect graph for your needs. And with Graphina’s easy-to-use interface, you’ll be able to create stunning visual displays for your data in no time!

To whom Graphina may be the most Helpful – 

  • Developer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Creative Agency 
  • Marketer
  • Designer
  • Data Visualizer
  • Anyone with a WordPress website

Graphina is an easy-to-use WordPress Chart Plugin that helps you to create beautiful and meaningful charts for your website. With over 1000 variations, 15 unique chart styles, and 100+ styling options, Graphina gives you the power to create the perfect chart for your website.

Whether you need to create a report or present statistics, Graphina makes it easy to visualize your data in a way that is both informative and engaging.

Want to go against the limitations, and unlock more features then Graphina is also available in the PRO version where you will find many other features which will ease your work and save your time. 

4) Embed Graphs

EmbedPress makes it easy for you to embed any engaging and interactive multimedia content into your WordPress site. With one click, you can add videos, images, posts, audio, maps, documents, and PDFs to your website and showcase them in a beautiful and engaging way.

EmbedPress is perfect for anyone who wants to tell a story with multimedia content, whether you’re using the Classic Editor, Gutenberg Charts and Graphs, Elementor,

EmbedPress is the ultimate content embedding plugin for WordPress. With EmbedPress, you can embed videos, images, audio files, posts, and maps from over 100 different websites with just a few clicks.

EmbedPress automatically formats the embedded content to match your website’s design, and it’s fully responsive so your content will look great on any device.

5) Visualizer

With Visualizer: Tables and Charts for WordPress, you can easily create beautiful, interactive charts and tables to spice up your WordPress posts and pages.

The plugin uses Google’s powerful Visualization API, DataTables.net, and ChartJS to add animated WordPress charts and graphs that are compatible with all browsers and look great on mobile devices.

You can customize every aspect of the charts and tables to make them perfect for your needs, and import data

With Visualizer: Tables and Charts for WordPress, you’ll be able to quickly create beautiful, responsive charts and tables that are perfect for displaying your data on your WordPress website.

Whether you need to create a simple bar chart or an intricate table with lots of data, this plugin has you covered. Plus, because it’s based on HTML5/SVG technology, it works on all devices, including old IE versions.


Modish plugins to look out for the Data Visualization which would assist you in showcasing raw data in an infographic way. Mentioned Above, will help you out exactly the way you need it to. 

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