Top 10 Best Vue Js Admin Dashboard Templates For Your Next Project


Vue Js is one of the highly popular front-end JavaScript frameworks and it has been gaining popularity as the Vue Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component come with the benefits of their simplicity, flexibility, and scalability. If you’re looking for a framework that will allow you to quickly create complex user interfaces, then Vue Js is worth considering.

Now for Designers and Developers, something we have researched and what caught our attention was some of the Vue dashboard templates available in the marketplace.

Below we have listed them and shared our take on each one individually: 

1) ArchitectUI Free Vue Admin Dashboard

This is a gorgeous and free Vuejs admin template stitched up with Vue and Bootstrap 5. It has 9 dashboards, 15 handpicked Vue Widgets, and 200+ customized components that are ready to boost web performance. Setting up the layout that is way too unique from others. 

With multiple layouts, it offers multiple layouts that are fully responsive, which means it works on any screen size with a similar design. It comes with 10 predefined color schemes which can be chosen from. 

2) Vue Material Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard

This dashboard is a beautiful and free resource built over Vue Material and Vue JS, instead of crafting an admin dashboard from scratch, this can take advantage of which is ready to use. With 16 components, 7 example pages, and 2 customized plugins that will develop your dashboards. 

Vue material dashboard is a magnificent resource developers can obtain for web app projects. But still, it requires a bit of coding knowledge like JavaScript, Vue Js, and Vue router. This template comes with a simple, straightforward, detailed profile, etc. It allows you to customize the background image of the sidebar and various color options. 

3) Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Most admin dashboard projects while opting for Vue light bootstrap dashboard. It is free-crafted with Bootstrap and Vue Js. If you want to start web apps then try this admin template which helps in developing with little effort. It contains 16 components, 2 customized plugins, and 4 pages. 

Elegant looking design of Vue Light allows customizing the color of the background of the dashboard and sidebar easily. It has an excellent user table list, maps, and many more features in this template. 

4) Vuetify Material Dashboard

Vuetify Material Dashboard

Grab a clean and minimalist template from these free Vue JS admin templates. It is a Kickstarter web application with ease and with the best tools. Vuetify Material Dashboard also comes with 16 components, 7 useful pages, and 2 customized plugins. 

It can easily personalize the look of your dashboard with style. It lets you easily customize the background of the sidebar with color options, It has a user profile, table list, maps, search, and notifications. 

5) Vue Paper Dashboard

Vue Paper Dashboard

It has a beautiful tool that assists in monitoring your web apps anytime, anywhere. Vue paper dashboard, one of the favorable Vue Js Admin templates can be an asset for your web application. Start building awesome with zero effort. 

16 components, 2 customized plugins, and 4 pages. These elements are precious and adaptively work with any web app. This dashboard will be ready for big tasks and with many more things

6) Hope UI Pro- Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component

Hope UI Pro- Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component | Iqonic Design

Now going with one of the best Vue Admin Dashboard Templates and UI Components which I find very interesting in this list. Because it has way too many unique features and unique ways that show effective results. 

Hope UI will ease down and take all the burden away from the designers and developers. It gives out an amazing pre-designed vue js dashboard with many options for customizing it. 

With all the things based lined up perfectly for the front-end and is filled with 

  • 100+ elements
  • 60+ styles of the menu and also the same for home pages and inner pages
  • 400+ components, 
  • animated icons.
  • 3 Modes ( Light, Dark, RTL) 

With this Vue js bootstrap admin template, you will quickly build an eye-catching, high-quality, highly pumped responsive front end of your site. 

Below are the few points that Hope UI brings to the table as no other Admin dashboard in the market does. 

Multiple versions Hope UI is available. 

(i) Bootstrap

(ii) Vue JS 

(iii) Laravel

(iiii) Tailwind 

(iv) React JS 

(v) Figma Design System 

Yes! This all you read earlier is Free. and it has many more things to it that a designer and web developer seeks.

Try it and be a part of the 10k+ adopters of Hope UI who used it for their projects and be part of the community. 

7) Material PRO 

Material PRO

It is pretty basic which does the trick of creating a hand admin dashboard. Everyone is looking for simplicity and minimalism within Vue js. It has over ten inner page layouts, material icons, and four integrated plugins. 

It is fluid and flexible for all devices and browsers if you are ready for a quick backend project fix. You need to keep the backlink intact and also get documentation. 

8) Vue White Dashboard

Vue White Dashboard

Sort out a neat and free Vue White admin dashboard. It features a light and eye-pleasing experience. It perfectly matches all modern devices and is responsive. 

It has a great collection of components, which is quick to start. Multiple elements at disposal with styling features and functions. Fix your project with this Admin template

9) Vue Notus

Vue Notus

It is another admin template that delivers useful materials. It is a full UI kit and an admin panel, which can be created for the entire project with the tools and front-end & back end. It is modish and minimal which gives a pleasant experience while surfing the site. 

It has multiple components and can be used according to your requirements and customization can be done. 

10) Vue Element Admin

Vue Element Admin

It is the most suitable component, for Vue Element admin. It is based on Vue and Ui toolkit elements. It is a front-end solution for admin user interfaces. 

It is a front-end solution for admin users’ interfaces. Moreover, it is free and has many features which help to build a large and complex single-page application. It has cross-browser compatibility and is accessible for dashboards in different browsers. 


10 of the Vue Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component for Your Next Project in 2022. Vuejs admin template and template have been shared which will give you an amazing pre-designed admin dashboard for your web applications. 

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