What is Figma UI library and Design System Overview?


To whom it may concern, if you are a web designer then let me tell you that you have spotted or may I say that you have landed on the perfect article on learning about Figma UI Library and the whole design system For Figma overview. 

Web Designers, you will find this familiar!

As we are talking about the web designer, and if you are a web designer reading this then let me tell you that I understand the pain of how much time and effort it takes to create a site or find a perfect Figma design system that is relevant and effective. 

Well, you can see that many UI Kits come by and pass by like a fly but, I found one of the highest potential Figma UI Kits, which is Hope UI.

Why Hope UI have 5 figures of Loyal holders? 

Well! You may think suddenly why it has come in favor of many, and just as it has surpassed 10,000+ Ecosystem adopters

Why? You may also wonder now what Hope UI brings to the table that no one else brings to the table. 

Below is the list of points that we will cover in this post – 

What is the Hope UI Figma system?

Why do you need a UI Kit?

Who is Hope UI meant for?

What do Designers like the most about Hope UI?

What is the Hope UI Figma system?

Hope UI - Figma UI kit | Iqonic Design

Hope UI is a hefty Design kit for Figma users. Being one of the most all-inclusive design systems, Hope UI- Figma UI kit is a single standalone bundle with multiple UI pre-designed layouts which can serve multiple business domains. 

Hope UI comes up with the new Figma components library and sections which are used for making modern, professional, and highly functional web apps in the least time using pre-builts and easy-to-customize UI elements. 

It is easy to say Hope UI – Design kit and dashboard is its evolution because we keep on updating the admin dashboard and design system to offer the most advanced version of UI UX in the marketplace. With Hope UI – Figma UI kit you will always be two steps ahead of the trend. 

Below are some of the distinguishing features that Hope UI comes with as no other Admin Dashboard and Design System has wrapped- 

  • 400+ UI Components 
  • 60+ Menu Styles Variations 
  • Clean-Coded Design System 
  • 3 Modes – Light, Dark, RTL 
  • Smooth Running Pages 
  • Superfast Customization

Hope UI- Figma UI kit is a massive bundle and gives room to build unlimited design projects and dashboard designs, merge individual UI elements, or mix and match components to create a unique UI UX solution every single time with just one Hope UI- Design kit. Aspiring as its name suggests, right? But are you the one who wonders whether you need a UI kit and if yes what would a clean-coded UI kit do for you? 

Why do you need a UI Kit?

The purpose of the Figma UI library is to bring a conclusion and stitch out an amazing design solution by using numerous UI elements in combinations. 

Let’s say, having a well-defined UI Kit would clear your base on the front end and bring out the results which would fulfill your expectations by maintaining the design harmony consistently. 

Ok! Let’s say the Figma UI Kit is like a Potato cutting chips machine. You will see how a normal potato goes into the machine and comes out finely cut potato chips – ready to be consumed. 

Just like Hope UI is, you put in your ideas and you will receive a neatly designed web app solution with the help of: 

  • Pre-made headers
  • Hero Sections
  • Featured Sections
  • Icon Boxes
  • Testimonials  
  • Blog Posts 
  • Footers
  • Colour Customization
  • Typography 

Top 5 Benefits of having Hope UI

  • Saved Time
  • Production-ready code
  • Unique Elements
  • Highly customizable
  • Responsive Design 

Who is Hope UI meant for?


Hope UI slacks all of your designing and coding work and helps you create a unique design for the Admin Dashboard or a Web App by saving hundreds of hours and weeks of development. Designers Hope UI is also available in the multiple versions of Figma + XD + Sketch. 


Hope UI is also developer-friendly and comes in multiple versions of Laravel, Bootstrap 5, Vue js, React, and Tailwind CSS which assist in getting you a ready-made Design kit of Web Applications that are high-quality, integration-friendly, unique, responsive, saves time, scalable, consistent, and comes with a user-friendly interface to boost productivity. 

Creative Agency

For multiple projects, multiple versions are needed and you will find all those versions in one Hope UI. Because of this whole ecosystem, you can try multiple versions for different types of projects for your clients. As mentioned above saving time, responsive, user-friendly interface, and unique front-end or pre-designs with Hope UI. 

Hope UI = Flawless UI UX Design 

What do Designers like the most about Hope UI?

Giving back to the community

Since last year we have been investigating the market and learning about what would ease for the Designers and Developers and, we come up with the Hope UI Pro version.

Continuous Updation 

As you would see some would make the Admin Dashboard and leave it as it was. They never come up with the new updation or maybe they come up with a new update but not as a peaky one. 

It’s not like with Hope UI – Design kit, we come up with continuous updation. Just like this time, we come up with. 

Universal Design 

Hope UI comes with a unique design itself, but let’s say you want to bring some of your more personal taste to this dashboard. 

But it’s not ended here Hope UI – Figma UI kit is flexible and you can customize it even from the header to the footer, from hero sections to home pages to inner pages, and many more.


Now create your website dashboard without any knowledge of coding and your front-end will be instantly ready and stand out as unique. The whole design system and Figma UI library have a definition of Hope UI

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