The Ultimate Chart and Graphs Solution For WordPress Elementor Themes (Without Coding) EXPOSED!


The Ultimate Chart and Graphs Solution For WordPress Elementor Themes Without Coding Just Happened As Magical As Cinderella Story. 

Of all the successful website tips, we think WordPress charts are the most underrated tool. People are quick to throw this WordPress chart plugin under the bus for not having any aesthetic values, but we beg to differ. Graphina – WordPress charts and graphs plugin is the answer to many questions for marketers who want to simplify data and numbers, entrepreneurs who want to execute action plans based on data, and website owners who want to display numbers to their audience in the most dynamic ways. 

With an itch to share a few pearls of wisdom, we present you with the most exquisitely built Graphina as the WordPress charts plugin.

Our objective To Create Graphina

Being experts at shaking things off, we constantly had web designers and developers breathing down our necks for adding data on the website in a visually appealing style and need for WordPress charts tool which is simple, faster, and easy to use surface. Imagine how happier these digital entrepreneurs and creators would be if they acquired the skill of turning boring data into booming WordPress charts and graphs that really sell. Yes, that’s the core objective.

We wanted to create a data visualization WordPress plugin to resolve the business owners’ dilemma about data visualization in the WordPress website. Supporting the main objective we tried to create a magic wand that could: 

  • Instantly build an interactive Business Report on a WordPress website without any coding chores and chaos.
  • Present data in crystal clear form to e-commerce website managers with a WordPress charts tool through the WordPress Chart plugin
  • Create an influential WordPress stats page using a simple yet highly efficient WordPress charts tool. 

How Graphina Exactly Happened (Magically and Methodically!)

WordPress charts and graphs plugin | Graphina | Iqonic Design

As love can happen when you least expect it, our dynamic WordPress charts tool too happened just when we least expected it. In the quest to develop a perfect data visualization WordPress plugin, this WordPress charts plugin was developed by our team of experts.

We didn’t want to launch the WordPress charts and graphs plugin but we wanted to simplify data and numbers for e-commerce website owners, marketers, and developers like us who are always struggling for clean coded Data Visualization in WordPress websites for their clients.

It’s okay to do things for ourselves right and that’s how Graphina – WordPress Charts and Graphs plugin happened magically to resolve, initially; our haunting task of database and then spell the magic of this WordPress charts tool to you all. 

Methodically, this WordPress charts tool is curated to represent any kind of data, figures, units, and numbers in the most beautiful WordPress charts, graphs, or kinds of graphs like Area charts, Mix Chart, Radar Chart, Line graphs, Column graphs, and counters. Backed with unique user and role-based Charts and Datatables, you can choose from multi-role selection, multi-user selection, and password protection. 

If we knew one thing, it was the value of good work ethics Graphina was built with the highest quality code making this WordPress charts tool a robust, dynamic, and ready-to-use WordPress chart plugin for new-age WordPress websites.

Pain Points Of An Entrepreneur/Startup Bud

All those who knew that they were more than what they’re currently recognized, took up their entrepreneurial journey and we decided to be their godmother like Cinderella’s with this WordPress charts tool. The moment we realized we could empower marketing analysts, financial data experts, data visualization officers, and data storytellers, we wanted each one of you to know what pain points this beautiful WordPress chart plugin can bust. 

A Day In The Life of Online Business Owners / Modern Marketers

Business | Graphina - WordPress Graph Plugin | Iqonic Design

Observing the daily activities of an online business owner or a website developer is a fun task so that we can see whether they really need WordPress Charts. We wanted to understand everything they feel witchy about as well as all things merry. Although their every day varies from one another and even their every day, here’s what we noticed remains constant:-

  • Website-related Emails and breakfast
  • Workout and listen to cool business podcast
  • Checking website and performance data 
  • Lunch and brainstorm customer pain points to kill 
  • Evening reports and wrapping up 
  • Have dinner, go on a walk, and wind down for the night 

Now that we know how their activities are lined up, we wanted to litmus test the magic potion of this WordPress charts tool Graphina, and whether it will affect their business.

Potential Problems Faced By Budding Business Owners and Marketers

Business | Graphina - WordPress Graph Plugin | Iqonic Design

Staying unflappable and strong like a Cinderella story isn’t always the case when you are a budding entrepreneur or a marketer who constantly has to ensure the next quarter of business performs better. Here are a few potential problems we saw that were faced by most of you. 

  • Managing Massive Data & Numbers: With the massive and cluttered data deluge, it becomes impossible for an online business owner to filter essential data without using any data visualization tool. 
  • Drawing Insights: Understanding the performance of the website is essential to get ROI as projected and analyzing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Sales, Inventory Turnover and Gross Margin are difficult for marketers. 
  • Website content optimization: Without a simplified version of the content, end users are not soaking up any information which clearly is alarming to website owners. 
  • Discovering Customer Pattern: It is a pain to recognize patterns in customer behavior without comparative data or information. Pattern identification leads to more informed decision-making for success and productivity.
  • Inter-team collaboration: Whether run by a small team of 3 or a bigger team of 300 or more, team collaboration is always a matter of concern because just like in fairy tales, discrepancies are inevitable when there is more than one head and brain involved.

Why Your Website Didn’t Work Out As Expected?

Not always do we achieve what we expect and it is okay but what is not okay is to give up on the dream expecting the best like Cinderella’s story. Find what you can do to fix what you believe could be the reason for initial failure.

As the field of data visualization is huge, the capability of linking storytelling and data-experience design through a WordPress Charts tool is becoming a reality. Here is what we found in the ambitious business owners that made/her website fail:

  • Poor selection of colors: The poor use of colors or gradients in the background fails to add anything but chaos to the data and information.  
  • Misuse of Charts: Usually when you try to squeeze too much information into WordPress charts, the bigger picture loses its charm. 
  • Overlooking data exploration: The weird-looking chart can make you lose the pluses of your end-users. Your charts and graphs make no sense in reports which can leave you overwhelmed to decide the next business plan of action.

Our Action Plan (Very Precisely!)

Well, let us ask you as a reader, what are some of the most common data visualizations we all see in newspapers (online newspapers), textbooks (eBooks), and corporate annual reports? Yes, you’re close to what our action plan looked like. WordPress charts plugin simply becomes the universal answer to break down all the horrendous data, numbers, and counters in the most gorgeous and visually pleasing look.

Graphina is powered with highly popular and handy visual resources to represent data visualization in WordPress websites impressively. 

Below are the simplest yet most popular data visualization formats that can magically fix any concerns relating to mountains of data. 

Column Chart: Highly effective and simple Column charts showcase data changes over a period of time. 

Column Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Donut Chart: Show the proportions of categorical data, where the size of each piece of donut represents the proportion of each category.

Donut Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Area Chart: Show the impact of a certain product on your overall revenue with an area chart

Area Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Radar Chart: Radar chart Compares two or more products or sets of various features or characteristics of a product line. 

Radar Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Bubble Chart: Use Bubble charts to visualize relationships between three or more numeric variables of your products. 

Bubble Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Candle Chart: Similar to the candlestick, use a candle chart to describe the price movements of a security, derivative, or currency exchange. 

Candle Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Heatmap Chart: Heatmap chart See the relationships between two variables of your product, one plotted on each axis. 

Heatmap Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Timeline Chart: Timeline comes in super handy when you want a visual rendition of a series of events. It can be created as a chart or a graph for your users to show milestones. 

Timeline Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Polar Chart: Popular in science and technology, Polar charts help you to represent multivariate observations in the form of a two-dimensional chart. 

Polar Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Pie Chart: Represent the part-to-whole relationship like the contribution of different digital media platforms to your overall online marketing goal using the most pleasing Pie Charts.

Line Chart: Compare two different sets of information over the same period of time with Line charts

Line Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Radial Chart: Radial charts are ideally designed for financial industries to calculate formulas for depreciation, home inflation, interest, etc.

Radial Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Mix Chart: Mix chart Combine two different graphs to show the information in a unique way.

Mix Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Counters: Website counters are essential for online business owners to analyze the number of hits or visitors as well as provide information in real time. 

Datatable: Datatables help marketers and entrepreneurs to search, sort, and check pagination without any configuration. 

Datatable | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Nested Column Chart: Nested or stacked column charts are a variation of column charts and can be used for the comparison of two products over a period of time. 

Nested Column Chart | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Takeaways From Creating WordPress Charts and Graphs Using Graphina 

There is great strength in kindness and just like the story of Cinderella left us with our hearts filled with content and pleasure, WordPress charts will find greater meaning in your data. Whether you wish to show comparisons, connections, or conclusions, this WordPress Chart Plugin offers analytical clarity.

WordPress Charts and graphs plugin Graphina is based on charts and graphs to help you see differences and similarities more clearly. Besides, this data visualization WordPress plugin also can let you understand relationships and behaviors more intimately so that you can predict future results with a greater level of certainty. 

  • There is no perfect WordPress charts tool, but just the right-fit WordPress chart plugin for people with certain goals regarding numbers and data. 
  • The flexibility of a tool is a sticking point for online business owners and Graphina WordPress charts and graphs plugin outperforms this. 
  • Writing code can be scary and even more, like a nightmare for a non-coder or someone with no experience so a WordPress charts tool like Graphina will require no expert coding skills to work with making it easily the most loved WordPress chart plugin
  • Bad Web Design: Having an effective data visualization in WordPress isn’t just about adding graphs to obsolete websites. Cluttered navigation fails you more time than you can ever wonder. 

Final Thoughts:

Everything ends on a happy note, in order to design impactful WordPress charts and get the best benefits of data visualizations in WordPress – Graphina WordPress charts and Graphs plugin is an animated and interactive online business solution for generating reports, exhibiting figures, databases, and counters for your ultimate end users.

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