5 Simple Steps To Create Infographics on a WordPress Website


The ever-increasing infographics-driven designs have given rise to the need to add WordPress Infographics Plugin to the WordPress website. The world is infused with data that are dynamic and ever-evolving and to create infographics in WordPress using these data will simplify and enhance the brand’s offering. Consuming these astrologically large amounts of data is not just difficult but even a big turn-off.

Infographics come into the picture to resolve this data dilemma. As said, a picture speaks a thousand words, creating infographics in a WordPress website speaks more than just a thousand words but also valuable decision-making and business planning. WordPress infographics plugin sounds like the ultimate answer to data visualization and infographics needs. 

Infographics on WordPress Website 

A combination of data, images, text, and animated charts and graphs that gives readers a quick and comprehensive glance at the huge data is called Infographics. As the use of visuals in marketing increased, online businesses started adopting infographics in WordPress websites dexterously.

A potential online business owner uses different formats of infographics for his decision-making as well as segmenting the data to improve marketing and promotional efforts. Infographics are used in website dashboards, social media posts, business reports, and so on to visually make data meaningful and insightful. 

5 Quick Steps To Create Infographics on a WordPress Website 

WordPress Infographics Plugin | Graphina | Iqonic Design

Step 1: Outline the aim

Start by setting an achievable aim for your infographic design. Put together the metrics in a cohesive manner so that the charts and WordPress graphs built with the data become highly meaningful.

Step 2: Collect the Data

Whether you aim to build a proposal or business presentation, the collection of the metrics data is an important step. Additionally, you will need to select an aspect ratio and final output format of the data visualization in WordPress so you can have a clear vision of how your infographics will look.  

Step 3: Visualization Tool

Not a designer or a data analyst? Fret not, there are a few WordPress Infographics Plugin that come in handy. Plugins like Graphina Pro -tables and charts WordPress plugin, Venngage, Visualize, Canva, etc can help create powerful WordPress charts and Graphs.

Besides being user-friendly, Graphina Pro- Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables come with dynamic data editing, embedding, and managing functionality which makes it favorable in the community.

Step 4: Add Infographics using Graphina Pro 

Start by adding the powerful Graphina plugin on your WordPress Elementor admin panel > Upload the plugin from the directory > Choose archive and press install > Continue by activating the plugin

Step 5: Customize Infographics Style 

And there you go, start adding any WordPress charts or WordPress Graphs and Datatables by dragging and dropping and adding dynamic data to build infographics and insightful business information. Customize color, fonts, icons, etc in just a click or two. 

Use Cases of Including Infographics Using Graphina Pro 

Umetric – WordPress Dashboard, Reporting, and Infographic Theme

Environment Study Demo:

Environment | Umetric - Reporting and Infographic WordPress Theme | Iqonic Design

The first-ever and state-of-the-art designed Umetric –  Reporting and Infographic WordPress Theme comes with an exceptionally coded and supreme quality designed demo page Environment Study. Using Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables plugin, the demo page features a Line graph, Pie chart, Column chart, and various UI widgets and elements to optimize data and figures for the website user. 

Cryptocurrency Demo Page:

Cryptocurrency | Umetric - Reporting and Infogtraphic WordPress Theme| Iqonic Design

Advancing with the dark-themed web page, Umetric –  Reporting and Infographic WordPress Theme also comes with a Cryptocurrency web demo that uses Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables plugin to add infographics in the form of counters, a diversified range of charts and graphs, Datatable, etc. 

School Reporting:

School Reporting | Umetric - Reporting and Infographic WordPress Theme | Iqonic Design

Analyzing the performance of an educational institute becomes super quick with a dashboard designed specially to maintain and track the data of the faculty. Ideally designed to do so, the Umetric- WordPress Dashboard, Reporting, and Infographic Theme includes a dedicated dashboard, with the highest quality code and powerful design.

Using Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables plugin, the data on attendance, recruitment, student admissions, enrollment of courses, age-wise segmentation, activities listing, and other details are analyzed and represented in infographics style. 

Hotel Report Dashboard:

Hotel Report dashboard | Umetric - Reporting and Infographic WordPress Theme | Iqonic Design

Using Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables plugin, Umteric – Reporting and Infographic WordPress Theme also includes a comprehensively designed Hotel Revenue dashboard report for Hotel managers and ultimate owners of the property.

Using multiple forms of charts, graphs, counters, data tables, and more, infographics beefed up by the pre-designed and efficiently coded dashboard ensure that the hotel is functioning at its optimum capacity. 

Xamin – Data Science and Analytics Saas WordPress Theme

Server Analytics Web page:

Server Analytics web page | Xamin - Data Science and Analytics Saas WordPress Theme | Iqonic Design

Servers need to be monitored and managed to ensure the system is working efficiently. Xamin- Data Science and Analytics SaaS WordPress Theme comes with a uniquely designed Server Analytics web page that features multiple types of infographics including charts and graphs, counters, Heatmap, and numerous UI elements created using the ultimate Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables plugin

E-commerce Analytics Web Page:

Ecommerce Analytics web page |  | Xamin - Data Science and Analytics Saas WordPress Theme | Iqonic Design

The dark-themed smart and pre-designed dashboard from Xamin – Biggest Data Science WordPress Theme features generous and influential use of infographics to roll out a highly intuitive dashboard for eCommerce-related business.

Using counters, various types of charts and graphs, smooth animation effects, Datatables, and more, the dashboard is clean-coded and instantly helps leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs optimize their planning and marketing activities. 


Making dry and dull-looking data instantly attractive with infographics in WordPress sites. Creating infographics in WordPress comes with a laundry list of benefits that cannot be overlooked. The visually pleasing appearance of infographics attracts both your potential audience as well as marketers and decision-making leaders.

If you’re new to designing Infographics, or not a data visualizer, then this Graphina course is designed for you. Take a look at all the video tutorials and Graph your destiny with Graphina

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