Beat The In-Store Experience Using AI in Your Woo-commerce Website


Artificial Intelligence is enveloping major industries and carving a fine road for e-commerce and e-marketers. This fine road is yet to be exploited by many online retailers for some other personal reasons. Irrespective of your personal thoughts on AI, the goal to create the best online user experience remains that is equivalent to a brick-and-mortar walk-in store.

AI WordPress plugins has the potential to surpass the in-store experience. As little as five years before, the idea of creating an online user experience more interactive than walk-in store ones sounded vague. E-marketers are now buckling up to take over the virtual world reality on their websites.

Beat The In-Store Experience Using AI in Your Woo-commerce Website

We’ve discussed the best AI WordPress plugins, now in this post, we shall talk about how you as a brand or e-marketer can use AI plugins in WordPress to outshine the traditional in-store experience. The working of AI looks like a mystery for many e-marketers. To steer clear of all assumptions, we are narrowing it down to your interest rather than showing you fine points of how it really works.

We’ve seen the peak in AI WordPress plugin development and an increasing number of websites are creating WP-friendly AI and machine learning tools. These AI-integrated e-commerce websites might look like the existing others but they are super powerful.

Beat The In-Store Experience Using AI in Your Woo-commerce Website

Here are ways you can utilize your e-commerce AI to improve your e-commerce brand and eventually beat the in-store experience.

1. Product Recommendations

Beat The In-Store Experience Using AI WordPress plugins in Your Woo-commerce Website | Product Recommendations

AI has given rise to personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home. The advancement is so strong that this AI-enabled prototype can also become your personal shopping assistant and guide a user to browse the entire website. Let’s start with the primary level by adding related product recommendations while you are shopping online. These are bot-generated recommendations and they are just so advanced now that they even bundle up products so that users can get influenced by a broader view of shopping.

WordPress plugin IBM Watson can be used to its full potential. For a small-scale e-marketer, Watson-level won’t look feasible, but there is Recomendo — a tool that uses AI to suggest content and other similar pages for your site visitors.

2. Chatbots


The auto-recorded calls are a thing of the past now. With modern chatbots, you can solve your customer’s query or calm down an angry customer in minutes. Dynamic answers are fed into these auto-programmed chatbots so you don’t ever feel neglected or treated the same monotonous way. e-Marketers can now use chatbots for customer support online.

There are multiple AI WordPress plugins available. The Acobot Web Assistant is a smart automated and powerful chatbot option. My Chatbot is widely used because of its overlays and customizable options. The chatbot manages to be prompt and precise with images, tutorials, and hyperlinks, and this way your online visitors are navigated. Also, with the shortcode widget, it becomes easy to add any specific page or sidebar on your woocommerce online store.

3. Customer Information

The term ‘big data’ is often heard when we use AI. However, AI and big data are entirely two different concepts. Big data is a collection of various information in points that are shared by visitors or customers. Big data makes use of already stored demographic information and statistics to fill up the void information and even draw some conclusions. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is mostly used to sort the data. AI’s core benefit is the ability to take information and make self-guided decisions based on it.

As an e-marketer, your focus is to dig into the data of your target audiences and customers so that you can sell them in a better and more efficient way. Entrepreneurs usually do it with some WordPress plugins like Google Analytics, but there are other AI options for WordPress that smartly use big data to give customer insights.

Customer Information

AFS Analytics allows you to customize your analytics so that you can get access to clear metrics that are important from your point of view. With the advanced machine learning tool, the prediction of keywords gets better with time, and with the help of this filtered information, you can make better marketing decisions and target specific keywords to drive more potential traffic.

Location-specific data can also be customized. An easy way to add this to your e-commerce website is with this plugin — Darwin Pricing Integration. This plugin uses data collected by Darwin Pricing so your website can compete sufficiently well with local in-store retailers. This helps e-marketers to geo-target discounts and promotional campaigns.

4. Spam and Fake Review

WordPress websites usually have been using artificial intelligence for quite a long time. However, the significance wasn’t highlighted much before. Every e-commerce entrepreneur has used this AI tool — Akismet Anti-spam. Almost each and every WordPress page uses Akismet (debated as one of the best spam plugins for WordPress) to catch spam bots from posting on your website. Akismet uses its AI to detect fake and spam comments by bots. With the help of AI, this plugin instantly figures out how spammers sound and flags the bad reviews/comments. Akismet might flag a review or comment made by humans and spammers who aren’t bots. This is perhaps because it recognizes content that has a dishonoring nature.

Spam and Fake Review

Akismet highlights the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI follows a set of rules and the actions are based on the information that is derived. Whereas, machine learning creates its own rules and extends on what it already knows. So, there may be this situation where the AI tool flags a comment with faulty grammar considering it as spam. However, a machine learning tool will understand and learn whether the grammar fault is from a spammer or a customer-type error.


So, to put it in a nutshell, AI is one compromised tool every entrepreneur and e-marketer should use in their e-commerce store website. With the help of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning capabilities, we are likely to leverage sales and beat the in-store experience that local retailers offer. Use these plugins with additional WordPress plugins and improve the overall customer e-commerce experience and eventually the bottom line.

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