Create an admin panel for a Multi-vendor Ecommerce Store


Building an online marketplace with multiple sellers on the platform is an up-and-coming business prospect. Setting up an online eCommerce store requires both frontends as well as a backend to be highly accurate and powerful enough to rule out branding and promotional bottlenecks. It is impossible to ignore designing and building an interactive backend of a multi-vendor eCommerce store. 

Marketers use an eCommerce dashboard that includes metrics, KPIs, and other data to highlight trends, anomalies, and relevant behavioral patterns of customers. 


For an online eCommerce store, the two main concerns that remain constant are: 

i) Provide the best user experience and 

ii) Attract new customers to their eCommerce store

In this case, we aim to achieve both objectives by easily managing the eCommerce admin dashboard.   


Complex admin panel dashboard with no room for customization of KPIs, resulting in poor productivity monitoring, low user experience, and a depleting number of new online visitors.  Solution: 

As the eCommerce Admin panel helps marketers and online entrepreneurs manage almost everything on their eCommerce Store, we will devise a personalized admin panel that fits a multi-vendor eCommerce business. We redesigned a single admin panel dashboard to manage sales, earnings, refunds, seller lists, and bestseller products, and review KPIs to ultimately increase user experience and attract new customers with segmented marketing activities. 

i) A finely designed dashboard, flexible enough to display data on Key Performance Indicators like Total earnings, Monthly earnings, Total Refunds, and Net Profit Margin can instantly put a performance in the spotlight which will help marketers to build better propositions to attract new customers.

ii) To increase customer user experience, categorizing the online visitor based on gender or demographics or age can help eCommerce owners and marketers devise promotional strategies to attract a significant type of online audience. With the influence of social proof among every age group, having a review and rating monitoring system has a far-reaching effect on offering a personalized customer user experience.  


With an improvised eCommerce admin panel, managing KPIs and optimizing the metrics become possible and efficient for multi-vendor marketplace owners and marketers. A user-friendly eCommerce backend admin panel can help and support front-end marketing and operations significantly which eventually brings a better user experience and magnetize new customers.  

Key Takeaway and Recommendation:  

Since there is no ‘one size fits all’ in the e-commerce admin panel, it boils down to which metrics a multi-vendor or e-commerce store wants to consider. Hope UI – is curated with a standard set of metrics for a multi-vendor eCommerce web project. Depending on the size and scale of the operation, you can change the metrics and KPIs using its powerful customization options.

Create a unique dashboard that dials in to show everything from website performance to ad performance and marketing and support activities from a single interface. 

“The process of building an eCommerce admin dashboard starts from identifying the key performance metrics and ends with a fully functioning admin panel which can help product managers and marketers to run a successful business from almost anywhere.” HOPE UI 

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