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View Restrictions, Password Protect, Role-Based Access all into WordPress Charts And Graphs


You have access to a robust chart generator in your WordPress admin thanks to the WP Charts and Graphs plugin. Additionally, it enables you to preview the chart on the admin right away before publishing it. A shortcode that you can use on any page or post is generated automatically by the plugin when you input the titles and values and select the type of chart.

How WordPress Users and Roles Can Benefit Your Site?

It’s imperative to comprehend this permissions-based structure if you wish to share your WordPress account with others. Guest bloggers and even outside consultants that work on the design, upkeep, or development of your WordPress website may fall under this category.

You could be worried about ceding control of your kingdom if you let someone else access your dashboard. However, you may contribute to the protection of your website and your data by limiting these people’s activity.

Additionally, when building or maintaining websites for clients, these rights can be useful. Some developers or designers grant their clients restricted access to their new sites because not everyone is an expert in WordPress.

Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables

Graphina Pro - Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables | Iqonic Design

With the high-performing and steroid-powered Graphina Pro – WordPress chart plugin, you can easily create, include, and enjoy eye-catching charts on your WordPress site. With the advent of Graphina Pro, the best data visualisation WordPress plugin, the days of making complicated or monotonous charts and graphs in WordPress are long gone.

These tables and charts WordPress plugin allows creating charts and graphs on WordPress much easier and more enjoyable without having to understand any lines of code or graphic design since it is configured to dynamically launch data in the most aesthetically pleasing and insightful way.

Without a doubt, the best WordPress charting plugin ever created is Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables plugin.

The greatest data visualisation WordPress plugin has over 1000 different versions and 14+ graph and chart options. The Graphina – Tables and Charts WordPress plugin, which is based on the well-liked Apex charts, has a tonne of features, a huge selection of charts, and excellent adaptability.

Your site speed won’t suffer thanks to the AJAX data loading. Dynamic charts will elevate your experience with charts and graphs to a whole new level. Yes, this top WordPress plugin for data visualization offers a solution for dynamic charts.

Check out these Graphina- based, Unbelievable immersive pages


  • Charts that change based on data from Google Sheets
  • Make charts using local and remote CSV files.
  • Make charts with APIs
  • FIREBASE charts can be made.
  • From SQL queries, create charts in the database.
  • automatic data reloading from source using AJAX
  • Data from API and SQL query based on user ID
  • Password Safeguard your charts.
  • Role-based alternatives for view restrictions
  • Options for view limitation depending on user ID
  • Chart data export as PNG, SVG, and CSV
  • Type of real-time change graph for the same data

An important feature of Graphina related to this topic

  • Apart from these features Graphina Pro also adds on features like View restriction, password protection, and Role-based access when you want this all at once. So that your project and Data are risk-free. 

Graphina – FREE Elementor Charts and Graphs

Graphina – FREE Elementor Charts and Graphs | Iqonic Design

A variety of distinctive charts and variations are produced with the free Graphina Elementor Charts & Graphs plugin. Processing a lot of data is annoying for presenters and spectators alike. For a site owner, data consumption and data visualisation are absolutely necessary. The finest WordPress chart plugin can make things much simpler and more attractive.

With the beautiful Graphina WordPress chart plugin, developers may display data in the most appealing way possible. The free Elementor charts and graphs plugin allows developers to make a variety of graphs and charts that are best suited for the website. It is flexible and extremely adaptable.

Using the free Elementor charts and graphs plugin, Apex charts, Graphina, and other contemporary charting libraries, developers may create interactive and incredibly engaging visualisation for web pages. The free WordPress Chart plugin offers a collection of vital charts for professionals, businesses, and presentations that can be used to create statistics and reports.

Create various chart styles using more than 1000 variations, 15 distinct chart styles, and more than 100+ stylistic options, all of which are easily adaptable to any website page.

To brand with data-driven information in clever, data visualization-friendly charts and graphs, download and enjoy Graphina, a free Elementor charting and graphing tool. This finest WordPress chart plugin is free and easy to use even for non-programmers without a background in coding.

Pro Features – We Really Mean IT when we sat it is powerful

  • Data from API and SQL queries depending on User ID Password Keep your charts safe. Demo
  • Role-based alternatives for view restrictions
  • Options for view limitation depending on user ID
  • Chart data export as PNG, SVG, and CSV
  • Change in real-time chart type for the same data
  • specialised scatter graph
  • Conditional Counter Colors


By importing data onto the website with just a few clicks, Graphina Pro WordPress Charts and Graphs Plugin guarantees hassle-free chart and graph development.

The top Data visualization WordPress plugin, Graphina Pro, makes it simple to switch between several graphs and charts kinds to suit the situation and provide the best possible data presentation.

Raw data, numbers, figures, and comparisons on the website are given a splash of visual appeal by Graphina’s free Elementor charts and graphs. With this free WordPress chart plugin, developers have the ability to turn even the most complicated data into insightful charts. It uses open web standards that enable cross-platform support.

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