10+ data visualization plugins that convert raw data into infographic manner


Data visualisation tools make it easier for everyone, from data scientists to marketers, to analyze raw data and present everything using charts, graphs, films, and other visual aids.

The human eye is naturally drawn to patterns and colors. In actuality, the brain receives 90% of its information visually.

You can analyze customer data and connect it to your backend database with the greatest data visualisation tools.

What is Data Visualisation ?

Google Analytics is a fantastic example because it uses visual representations of data as well. By merely looking at the line graph, you can quickly determine whether the amount of traffic to your site has decreased or increased.

It’s crucial to realize that data visualisation may make data easier for your audience to understand while also saving them a lot of time. Consequently, you may improve your blog posts using data visualisation, and you can do it by using one of the top WordPress data visualisation tools.

1) Graphina – Elementor Charts and Graphs plugin 

Graphina - Elementor Charts and Graphs plugin | Iqonic Design

The WordPress Chart Plugin with Firebase aids in understanding data presented in a graphic manner, such as graphs and charts. For marketers and business owners, the Firebase WordPress Plugin makes it easier to create an informative and dynamic categorization of information.

The popular Apex charts are the foundation of the flexible WordPress chart plugin with Firebase. This Firebase WordPress Plugin is the best solution if you want our statistics organized or want to generate reports.

It’s important to note that this plugin is an add-on and needs Graphina to be installed and active. 

We make it easier, quicker, more powerful, and more enjoyable with Graphina, which offers FREE Elementor Charts and Graphs. Utilizing the brutally efficient Charts & Graphs plugin, WordPress users can quickly develop data visualisation unlike any other. 

A variety of distinctive charts and variations are produced with the free Graphina Elementor Charts & Graphs plugin. Processing a lot of data is annoying for presenters and spectators alike. For a site owner, data consumption and data visualisation are absolutely necessary. The finest WordPress chart plugin can make things much simpler and more attractive.

2) Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

The most well-known BI tool on this list is arguably Zoho Analytics. You may upload your data securely to Zoho Analytics, which is one thing you can rely on. Additionally, you may organize your data into a simple format by using a range of charts, tables, and other components.

Large corporations including Bajaj Allianz, Maruti Suzuki, HP, Hyundai Motors, and HDFC use Zoho Analytics. But it also works for medium-sized firms.

3) Databox


Over 15,000 companies and marketing firms utilize the data visualisation application called Databox. Databox gathers your data in one location so you can track performance in real-time with eye-catching visualisations.

For marketing teams who want to quickly set up dashboards, Databox is the perfect option. It’s the simplest tool to use because it has more than 70 one-click integrations and doesn’t require any code.

One of the primary benefits that Databox provides its consumers is the ability to quickly develop a useful business dashboard.

You can quickly calculate metrics from many data sources using Databox, and you can gather all of your information in one easy location. This makes it simple to monitor your development and pinpoint areas that want work.

4) Tableau


Tableau is the best data visualisation solution if you want to see and visualize data quickly. You can use it to create charts, maps, and any other kind of expert graphics. Additionally, there is a desktop application that you may use to improve your visual representations.

Additionally, it offers a “lock the server” approach to help you view the reports online or with mobile applications if you have issues installing any third-party apps.

The best candidates for Tableau are corporate businesses searching for automated data visualisation solutions.

5) Infogram


A web-based platform for infographics and data visualisation is called Infogram. Gathering all the user data and transforming it into eye-catching images, it enables you to create and distribute infographics, maps, and charts.

The graphics can then be shared, embedded, or published anywhere you like. The tool is very simple to use and appropriate for government organisations, marketing teams, and even students. The good news is that you can start using Infogram right away without any coding experience or technical knowledge. 

6) ChartBlocks


With the help of the cutting-edge data visualisation tool ChartBlocks, you can quickly import your data. Additionally, you may immediately update your data and do the required imports in the ChartBlock app.

Additionally, it has a “chart builder” that enables you to make whatever kind of chart you choose. It features some sophisticated tools. The charts can then be easily added to your website or any other social media platform.

The technique is most effective in the travel, healthcare, insurance, and retail sectors.

7) Datawrapper


On this list, Datawrapper is another outstanding program for data visualisation. Whatever kind of chart you produce, it should be understandable to your target audience. Additionally, the screenshot of the excel document appears great on your PC but is barely readable on a mobile device.

And Datawrapper automatically resolves this problem. On any device, DataWrapper’s charts, tables, and maps are clearly visible. The good thing is that you can make charts without any coding knowledge.

Since Datawrapper is a non-commercial platform, small businesses and educational institutions that need simple data visualisation tools should use it.

8) Plotly


Plotly offers detailed analytical reports to help you keep track of the data in addition to assisting you with graphic creation. Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface.

Additionally, it makes exporting reports simple and excels in the business intelligence space.

Commercial products from Plotly include Dash Enterprise and Chart Studio Enterprise. As a result, it is better suited for business organizations that need data science and AI on a wide scale. Other than this, it’s ideal for both small enterprises and students.

9) Visually


A community site for infographics and data visualisation is called Visually. It enables users to look up different photographs using tags and descriptions. Additionally, you can upload and instantly integrate graphics into your social network profiles. Three easy steps make it work.

Similar to Zoho Analytics, Visually provides services to significant IT companies including KPMG, Tiger Analytics, and Xoriant. But it’s also appropriate for medium-sized businesses.

It aids in producing interesting infographics, films, eBooks, reports, and other materials for your business.

10) D3.js


D3.js is a Javascript-based data visualisation tool that is very flexible. It aids in document manipulation and promotes declarative programming. You may use it quite easily, and it supports enormous datasets.

In addition to this, it offers special features like code reuse, a range of curve-generating functions, assistance with associating data with an element in HTML pages, and more. It works best for businesses that need to build websites and web pages. With the aid of this data visualisation tool, you may also create top-notch apps.

11) Ember Charts

Ember Charts

The Ember Charts was created using the Ember.js and d3.js frameworks and is more akin to a charting library. You may create time series, scatter, pie, and bar charts using Ember Charts. Additionally, it makes it simple to expand and adjust the charts because of its excellent customizability possibilities.

If you need statistical graphs for your company frequently, Ember Charts is a good fit. Additionally, it’s a fantastic tool if you require graphics like a vertical bar, horizontal bar, pie, stacked bar, and scatter.


You get solutions to questions you had no idea you had thanks to visualisation.

Because data visualisation has such immense power, it’s important to know exactly what to look for when selecting a tool. Even though every firm is unique, some elements are required in all businesses and in all industries.

A powerful and incredibly user-friendly plugin that will assist you in creating, managing, and embedding highly interactive charts, graphs, and tables is called Graphina – Chart and Graph WordPress plugin with Firebase. Even on smaller screen sizes, the WordPress Chart Plugin with Firebase looks fantastic on your WordPress website. Thorough installation instruction is included in the WordPress Chart Plugin with Firebase bundle to help you get started with data visualisation.

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