How To Create a File Management System For Efficient Information Management In Companies


A study shows that small to midsize companies with annual revenue between $300k and $800 can save about $40k every year by switching to a digital File Management System

The need for digitalized workflow has increased multifold, pushing businesses to turn to File Management System solutions to streamline the collected information. A cloud-based File Management System stores all the company’s documents and files and retrieves them whenever we want. 

A well-defined File Management System Solution can help eradicate business hurdles like errors and misplacement of important files. With remote working teams, following the traditional File Management System becomes impossible. 


To create a File Management System that can easily store, arrange, and access files on a storage location to help in the seamless functioning of data and information management.


The main challenge was to organize digital files from multiple departments easily search the latest files and enhance usability with advanced file management. 


File Manager Dashboard

We were devising a File Manager admin dashboard with modules like Image, Video, and Document sections to manage, remove, and screen the content optimally. We curated a panel using the HOPE UI dashboard with a minimal and clean design and interface that can easily differentiate main files from navigation. To build a finer user experience for all departments.

We started with a file manager admin dashboard that considers a unique Folder featuring the number of Images, Video files, Audio, Assignment, UI Kit, design, Movies, and Documents. 

We added the following functionalities: 

  • Create subfolders
  • Monitor shared documents
  • Upload multiple files
  • Graphical presentation
  • Fully responsive dashboard layout 
  • Search for docs using keywords
  • Custom color options
  • Simplified user interface 

To boost productivity by recognizing recently added files, we added an indication UX with a Recently Added design block. Features the name of files, last modified date and time, size, and action. 

In terms of usability of a function, we used sleek and minimal icons which makes a massive distinguishing factor. 


The dashboard gives a clear vision making it easy to quickly locate desired files and streamline the work for better productivity and efficiency. With a highly flexible dashboard that allows drag-and-drop elements to customize the accessibility. We have worked to deliver the extensively designed File Management system that works for most small to mid-sized companies.

Key Takeaway and Recommendation: 

Avoid endless scrolling and have complete control over your files. Besides, Hope UI can allow subtle changes in buttons and icons which create an overall cohesive experience for the users. 

Hope UI is assembled by a team of passionate UI UX designers and developers to come up with an ultimate File Management System that can ditch boring Word and Doc files cluttered all over the system. You can switch to Hope UI with pre-designed and neatly coded pages and design sections. Expedite through all the files at once, check the uploading status of files, and storage, and go into details of recently opened, modified, and edited files in literally a few clicks. 

Get rid of clutter, access, and focus on the data that is relevant for you and your business from anywhere at any time. 

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