Online Appointment Booking Dashboard Recommendations In Healthcare Industry


Appointment scheduling systems for doctors, hospitals, and clinics help connect and integrate all the appointment channels efficiently. Whether your leads are coming from a website, mobile, or front desk, having a dynamic and easy-to-use online appointment booking system becomes the ultimate central calendar. 

Patient appointment management has started getting attention lately and one of the key areas that influence the overall patient experience is a well-planned strategy. An online appointment system saves time and reduces stress. Let us see what are some of the most influential features that make a robust Online Appointment Booking System

Online Appointment Booking System Key Features 

online appointment booking system key features

Availability assessment

An online appointment booking system that controls the availability of doctors for your patient makes a whole lot of difference. A unified Availability management system will empower the admin to stay up to date on the attainability of the doctors/medical staff.  

Switching appointments

Adding functionality to shift or switch the appointment is a great feature an online appointment booking system should consider. Notify your patients via email or SMS to save time and cost of losing patients over the unavailability of the doctors. 

Canceling appointments

Acknowledging patients on the status of appointments is a distinguishing criterion for clinics or doctors. Add an option to cancel appointments in the time window and inform patients via SMS or email to streamline communication and support. 

Reserving a time slot

Specifying slots as walk-in or advance appointment reservations makes the entire management system experience on point. A flexible online appointment booking system featuring reservation slots becomes effective time management and medical staff administration for any healthcare business vital addition. 

Multi-doctor or department support:

This feature is majorly applied to mid-sized hospitals where there are multiple medical departments. Allow admin to add multiple doctors and departments so that the patients can search and reserve the appointment by filtering through departments and respective doctors. 

Online Appointment Booking System Key Benefits

Real-time appointments

With constantly in flux working modes of medical staff and remote doctor and patient mix, having an online appointment booking will enable real-time appointment monitoring for the admin and doctors from anywhere, any time of the day. 

Central Shared Calendar

Having a central shared calendar where all appointments are in one place helps manage multiple doctors’ visits orderly. A central shared calendar will allow medical staff to examine the doctor’s availability and appointment timings right in front of them. 

Integrates Appointment Scheduling

As long as identifying the channel and source of patient booking is important, it is essential to integrate all the channels for better visibility of the doctor’s schedule. 

Automate Tasks

As cancellations of appointments or switching appointments are both time-consuming as well as prone to errors in manual appointment registration, having an online appointment system that can automate these repetitive tasks can optimally manage the time. 

Hope UI Pro – Online Appointment Booking System Version

Online Appointment Booking Dashboard | Iqonic Design

After rigorous research in multiple domains including healthcare, we curated a simplified Online Appointment Booking moduleHOPE UI PRO which can be applied to a versatile range of industries including healthcare

Hope UI Pro – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template and UI Components Library comes with a predefined Online Appointment Booking system with a pre-built dashboard to tab the overall performance of the clinic. The module is developed for marking doctors’ visits and booking appointments for patients and doctors’ appointments. 

Set up doctor’s visit appointments for the patient by keeping in check the availability, department selection drop-down, In and Out time setting, Doctor’s list, and an exclusive Signature plugin that can quickly allow doctors to Sign and Save the visit. 

The Book Appointment module comes with a digital calendar that gives an overview of appointments. Understanding the importance of doctor’s ratings, Hope UI – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component displays ratings of doctors and simplifies the appointments most coherently. 

Powered with the dominant Live Customizer plugin, Hope UI – Bootstrap Admin Template can be transformed into an infinite and unique style for any business domain. Select from the multiple color palette alternatives, opt for Light, Dark, or Auto display schemes, Edit the Name of the dashboard, change body fonts, and heading fonts, select from style appearance alternatives like Flat, Bordered, and Sharp, Opt for LTR or RTL directions, select the color of the sidebar, Sidebar types, Sidebar active style, Navbar style, Banner style, and so on. 

Check out the demo of the most magnificent Hope UI Pro – Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component and explore how a single system can manage all your Clinic workflows without any glitches! 


Whether you are a small medical clinic, a solo practitioner, a designer, or a developer agency scouting up an admin system for a clinic or a doctor’s appointment booking halted the project, Hope UI Pro – Bootstrap Admin Template is the most modernized version of managing clinical workflows. Because reducing the number of missed appointments number is vital for healthcare providers, the HOPE UI ProAdmin Dashboard Template and UI Component differentiates itself undoubtedly with its set of pre-defined modules, elements, UI components, pages, and plugins. 

Make a common interface to access information about patients and medical staff, and strengthen the care process of your patients significantly. 

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