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Top 8 ways to improve the booking system for your Patients Using Clinic Management Solution


Clinic and patient management system are one of the most important tools that you need to streamline your medical practice. It allows you to manage your patients, schedule appointments, and keep track of their medical history.

Multiple options at the same time, will only get you confused and won’t able to get which one is right? That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top ways to improve your booking system for  patients.

By following these ways, you can be sure that you’re providing your patients with the best possible experience from booking their appointment to checking in for their appointment.

1) Reminder Regarding Appointment

If you want to be really effective, let your clients know in advance that they have an appointment coming up. This way, they won’t forget or overlook it. The best way to do this is with a short call or email a day or two beforehand. Just bear in mind some best practices before you start doing this.

If you want the best clinic appointment booking system, you need a notification system that covers all the bases. SMS, email, and WhatsApp notifications features will ensure that customers are always in the know about upcoming and pending appointments. You can also send reminders before appointments so that patients never forget their reservation.

2) Cancelling and Rescheduling the Appointment

The appointment booking plugin will be very beneficial to patients. They will be able to easily schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments. This will be a great convenience for them and will make their lives much easier.

3) Manage Your Time

Even though some wait time is inevitable, you can review your office flow to make sure your customers aren’t kept waiting any longer than necessary. If customers have to wait for several minutes, they might feel like their time isn’t worth it.

It would be more challenging to get them to value yours if they don’t believe you deserve their time. But if the office staff greets them quickly and then allows them to be seen with a short wait time, they’ll be more likely to sacrifice time out of their busy day to hold their appointments.

4) Online Payment

If you want to make paying for appointments more convenient for your patients, you should start using appointment scheduling plugins that allow for electronic payments. The deposit payment method is also used in some appointment plugins and can be beneficial for both patients and providers.

5) Translating Multiple Languages

Most companies, however, only provide services to non-English speaking countries. This forces company owners to either implement a Multilingual Appointment Booking system on their websites or translate their existing plugins. If you own a clinic or hospital, you will occasionally have foreign patients. With this feature, they can translate the booking system into their language when scheduling an appointment.

6) Multiple Location

The Booknetic appointment booking system’s multiple location features will enable you to manage multiple dealers with your brand. This ensures that each location will be accurately mapped, and customers will receive updates that are specific to their reserved location. You can connect various personnel and resources to each location using the multiple locations feature. When customers make an appointment, they can order an appointment from the closest dealer.

7) Google ReCaptcha

Google reCAPTCHA is a service that secures your website from spam and abuse. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site. When you add reCAPTCHA to a site, you get a better idea of who is actually using your site and not some computer program.

8) Telemed (Video Conference)

Video conferencing is a key part of the telemedicine model that allows for efficient patient-doctor relations while also streamlining medical practice. Together with other telehealth solutions such as chats, video, and phone calls, this technology creates virtual spaces for remote patient diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment.

KiviCare - Complete Clinic Management Solution

KIviCare is a Whole ecosystem and comes with a complete clinic management solution. Below is the list of what is KiviCare’s ecosystem is holding – 

KiviCare comes with Plugins, a WordPress theme, and Flutter App. 

KiviCare - Medical Clinic & Patient Management WordPress Theme

KiviCare streamlines appointment scheduling, billing, and invoice creation processes, making it a well-constructed, new, and clean Medical and Patient Management WordPress Theme. You can book appointments using the WooCommerce Payment Gateway with the KiviCare – medical clinic WordPress theme, thanks to accessing the smart appointment booking plugin. This system comes with multiple customizable Widgets.

KiviCare Pro - Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add - On)

Kivicare - Complete clinic management solution | Iqonic Design

KiviCare Pro – Doctor Patient Clinic Appointment Plugin WordPress is packed with features like Multi-Language Support, Multi-Clinic Support, RTL-support, SMS Notifications (Twilio, Google Calendar, and much more. It was designed specifically for medical offices.

KiviCare Pro is WooCommerce compatible, so users can run a WordPress doctor-patient clinic appointment plugin and an online store selling medical supplies at the same time. With KiviCare Pro – Clinic and Patient Management System EHR (Add-on), users can change patient appointments, invoices, and medications. Patients can visit the existing WooCommerce-built online store, make appointments, and pay for services using the convenient payment channel.

KIviCare - Zoom Telemed and WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add - On)

KiviCare – Telemedicine plugin

KiviCare Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) is the first thing that comes to mind for anyone developing a medical or healthcare-related service online or through an app. KiviCare is a complete medical and healthcare management solution with a Telemed and WooCommerce Payment Gateway, a mobile app called KiviCare Flutter App – Clinic and Patient Management System, and a WordPress Theme called KiviCare – Medical Clinic and Patient Management.

The top-of-the-line Zoom Video Patient Consultancy Plugin, KiviCare, enhances patient satisfaction with doctors’ dedication and punctual appointment scheduling. Seamless communication between software using Telemed and hardware (with contemporary smart devices) is guaranteed when using the KiviCare Telemd And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on).

KiviCare Flutter 3.X App - Clinic and patient management system

The appointment scheduling function on the KiviCare Flutter 2.0 App – Clinic & Patient Management System is quick and easy to use. The KiviCare Flutter App has the potential to store critical data and essential information about patients, as the medical records app for doctors needs to supply useful information about patients. KiviCare can schedule a doctor-patient visit to a clinic for services such as DNA & Nutrition centers, video consulting doctor services, professional doctor online counseling, basic treatment with online support, and safe care coordination.

The Kivicare Flutter App is available in both Light and Dark modes to accommodate users with different preferences and boost productivity. By sharing information online as opposed to conventionally doing doctor-patient rounds of consultation in-person, Kivicare can significantly save patients’ and practitioners’ time.

KiviCare - Google Meet Telemed and WooCommer Payment Gateway (Add-On)

KiviCare – Google Meet Telemedicine of Clinic and Patient Management Plugin | Iqonic Design

You can manage clinics and patients with the KiviCare Clinic and Patient Management Plugin, which includes a Google Meet Telemedicine connection. The most sophisticated and popular Google Meet connection is included in the functionally designed Patient and Doctor Appointment Booking Plugin.

The WooCommerce Payment with Google Meet Plugin also allows you to schedule appointments, add holidays, have the front desk create appointment reminders, and email doctors–all while keeping each appointment confidential.


In conclusion, KiviCare’s complete clinic management solution improves the booking system for patients. KiviCare’s ecosystem includes plugins, a WordPress theme, and a Flutter App, which all work together to provide a better experience for your patients. By using KiviCare, you can streamline your clinic’s booking system and provide a better experience for your patients.

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